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3-Year-Old Shines With Children and Adults

A Field View of Reality to Explain Human Interconnectedness


An Appreciative Heart is Good Medicine


Anchor Your Insights in Four Steps for Sustained Positive Change

Article Explains Importance of Heart Rate Variability for Your Health


Attitude Replacements


Be Generous, Do for Others: You’ll Be Happier


Be Healthy and Happy: Forgive


Childhood Obesity and Emotional Eating


Children and Media Technology




Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social and Global Health


Doctoral Research Project Explores Healing with Heart-Focused Prayer/Compassion Meditation


Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment

Early HeartSmarts Study

Earth’s Atmosphere, Schumann Resonance and the Ionosphere


Effectiveness With Diverse Groups of Youth


Effects of Geomagnetic, Solar and Other Factors on Humans


emWave Technology Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum


Establishing the New Paradigm 2013 and Ongoing Global Earth Changes


Experience the Planetary Shift on an Uptilt


Finding Social and Global Coherence


From Milwaukee to Toronto to Guadalajara, Humanitarian Heart Care


From the Mouths of Babes

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Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal


Global Coherence Initiative


Global Tree Monitoring Network


Heart Coherence Increases Order of Crystallization Patterns in Dried Saliva

Heart Hologramming Who You Want to Be


Heart Humility


Heart Intelligence


Heart Qualities For Re-Setting Our Lives


Heart Rate Variability


Heart-Based Living


Heart-Brain Interactions


Heart-Focused Breathing

HeartMath Converges With South African Tradition


HeartMath Helping Students at StarShine Academy


HeartMath Research Projects in 2010

HeartMath Technique Helps Canadian Rider Become Champion

HeartMath Techniques, Technology Aid Military Couple

How A Pause Can Save The Day


Humanitarian Heart Award Honors Good Works


Increase Your Self-Compassion


Increasing Connected Communication


Independent European Studies Show Promise for Coherence Training in New Areas of Mental Illnesses


Influence of Geomagnetism and Schumann Resonances on Human Health and Behavior

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Inner Dignity: Yours to Nurture


Inner Ease, Inner Monitoring and Self-Talk


Inner Peace Through Inner Ease


Inner Stillness and Silence


Inroads In Trauma Treatment: Self-Regulating Emotions


Instinct for Compassion




Interconnection Between the Sun and the Earth


Interconnectivity Tree Research Project


Journal Cites, Importance of and Strategies For Social Coherence


Just Right or Perfectly Wrong?

Life According to Your ‘Heart Blueprint’

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Love as an Advanced Mode of Intelligence


Lunar Phases and their Effects on Life on Earth and Earth Processes

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Making Life’s Deepest Connection


Meet Annette Deyhle, GCI Research Team Member

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Mother-Baby Study Supports Heart-Brain Interactions

Navy Gets The Coherence Advantage

Negative Response Pattern


New Study Further Supports Intuition


NEW! Heart Intelligence Book


New, Sunshine Secret e-Learning Program


Nine Ways to Ease Your Money Worries


Overcare – Make Sure Your Care is Helping, Not Hurting


Patience, Art of Intelligent Waiting


Personality and Heart Rate Variability


Pets: Making a Connection That’s Healthy for Humans


Police Officers: In Search of Coherence and Resilience


Properties of Water – Does Water Have Memory or Consciousness?

PTSD May Be Greatest Injury of War Today


Raising Our Vibration Through Compassion and Unconditional Love


Resilience Picks You Up, Keeps You Going


Results from the Global Coherence Monitoring System – A Case Example from the Middle East


Returning Combat Veterans Use HeartMath Technology


Shift and Shine Prepares Children For Life


Smart Brain Wise Heart e-Learning, Boys & Girls Clubs


Solar Activity During 2012

Solar Activity, Global Coherence Monitoring System and Saudi Arabia HRV Study


Solar Cycle News; DNA, Magnetic Fields and Biological Information Transfer


Stopping the Bullying


Stress and Cognitive Decline


Stress and Military Families


Stress Got You Down on the Job?

Stress Is on the Rise: Take Action!


Study Finds a Little Quick Coherence Good for College Students


Study Looks at Coherence and Feeling States


Study Shows Geomagnetic Fields and Solar Activity Affect Human Autonomic Nervous System Functions


Study Shows HeartMath Techniques Help Improve Memory


Study, New Analysis Technique Support Group Synchronization With Magnetic Fields


Surfing the Energetic Wave of Solar Cycle 24: An Opportune Time to Leverage Personal and Global Transformation

Syrian Refugees Find Emotional Ease Amid Chaos


Take a Wild Ride to the Heart


Take the Significance Out

The Connection Between Solar Activity, Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes, Weather and Cycles on Earth


The Energetic Heart Is Unfolding

The Heart – An Agent of Transformation


The Heart of Grinnell: What Makes a Healthy Community?

The Impact of Magnetic Pulsations on Humans and Animals

The Making of Emotions


The State of Ease

Try a Little Kindness


Webinar Explains Coherence, How to Rewire Brain


Weight-Loss Program Participants Learn Self-Management Techniques


What is Intuition?


What Readers Are Saying About Heart Intelligence


When the Heart Leads to Wise Reasoning


Whisper Thoughts and Feelings


Women’s Volleyball Team Serves Up Court Lock-In


You Can Change Your DNA


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  123. Schizophrenia

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  125. Schumann Resonance

  126. Science of the Heart

  127. self-regulation

  128. Self-Regulation Skills

  129. Shift and Shine Technique

  130. SHISO African

  131. Silence

  132. Social Coherence

  133. Solar Activity

  134. State of Ease

  135. Stress

  136. Structure of Water

  137. Syrian Refugees

  138. Tips and Tools

  139. Training Programs

  140. trauma

  141. Tree

  142. Tree Research

  143. Unconditional Love

  144. Unified Field

  145. Vibration Levels

  146. Weight-Loss

  147. Whisper Thoughts

  148. Wild Ride to the Heart Board Game

  149. World Aid

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