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Finding Our True Self and Life’s Purpose

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Finding Our True Self and Life’s Purpose

In a world that can be chaotic, noisy, and full of distractions, it’s common to lose sight of who we truly are. Deep down inside ourselves, we all have a true self, a core essence that is unique and authentic. Finding our true self requires us to slow down, quiet our minds, and tune in to our heart’s inner voice.

One way to reconnect with our true self is to spend time in nature; it has a way of calming our minds and reminding us of the beauty and simplicity of life. Another way to find our true self is to engage in activities that bring us joy. This could be anything from writing or playing music to volunteering or helping others in need. When we do things that align with our true selves, we feel a sense of purpose and meaning.

Finding our true self is a lifelong journey that requires ongoing effort and self-reflection. But when we are able to connect with our heart’s intuitive guidance, we are getting the feel and field of increased information from our true self. As we practice stepping into the guidance from our deeper heart-speak, we increasingly get better at navigating the ups and downs of life while finding more meaning and purpose along with deeper discernment and clearer choices. As more of humanity deepens the connection with their heart’s guidance, this will inform and awaken people to realize the intelligence and energy economy of getting along with each other. (The missing piece which is generating most of the stress in our present collective experience.)

The Answers Lie Within Our Hearts.

The heart is more than just a physical organ; it’s also a source of intelligence and wisdom that can guide us and bring out the best of who we are, which is contagious.

Finding our vocational purpose often comes easier as we first realize that serving others is part of our innate collective purpose for being on earth.

Some people grow up connected with their sense of purpose. Others have searched far and wide for teachers or signs to point the way, while many others are not presently concerned with purpose. Early on, our sense of purpose can bounce around and shape-shift at times. This is because, as our heart’s intuition starts to increase, this raises our spiritual awareness, which often changes the course of our desires and directions. Our minds can search endlessly for confirmation of purpose. Yet, as we begin to care more for each other, this starts to ‘draw’ more intuitive guidance for understanding the deeper wisdom and effectiveness of our purpose. If you ever feel without purpose, start loving and caring for others and yourself with heartfelt kindness, compassion, forgiveness and other effective qualities of the heart. This advances you into a Purpose spelled with a big P. Then, you benefit anyway, regardless of how your vocational choices play out in life. There’s nothing wrong with searcing for purpose, and there is nothing wrong with knowing you can step into an advanced level of purpose wherever you are, whatever your vocation or your life situation.

How do we merge with the essence of our true self?

Let go of old patterns and beliefs.

Our true self is the essence of who we are beyond our personality, ego, and external circumstances. To merge with it, we need to let go of old patterns and beliefs that may be holding us back. This requires true self-reflection and introspection to identify these patterns and beliefs and a willingness to release them with practice. (This is just a topical answer as this short article wouldn’t be the place and time to cover such an in-depth subject.) It is the connection with our heart’s guidance that patiently guides us through the merger with our true self.

Align with the greater good.

In the last few years, more people have begun to realize that purpose is not just about ourselves but also about serving the greater good. When our hearts align with the greater good for the whole, we’ll find a sense of adventure, along with joy and fulfillment in serving others. Our love will expand past our small circle to include the greater whole, which is not only an aspect of our purpose but our collective mission.

Learning to listen to our heart’s intuitive guidance ultimately becomes our straightest line to manifesting the peace and happiness we really want. Establishing more trust in our heart’s wisdom creates a baseline that makes it easier for our internal and external purpose to create harmonious alignment with each other and earth. This will unfold collective healing of many things that seemed impossible and will release solutions that have been hidden in the open, waiting for love, kindness and compassion to precede our request.

HeartMath provides practical tools and exercises for enabling us to access the wisdom and insights needed to connect with and live our larger purpose starting the next moment. It’s the heart’s care in our interactions that draws the fulfillment aspect of our purpose and mission. We are here first, to love and care for each other.

We would love to hear about your heart journey to finding your true self and purpose.