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Thank you for your interest in HeartMath training programs and services.

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HeartMath Training Programs – Be a Positive Force in the Lives of Others

Our certification and training programs combine the latest science of heart intelligence with practical energy self-regulation techniques.

Those certified are able to help others experience greater mental and emotional balance, composure and intuitive flow.

Numerous independent, peer-reviewed studies have shown statistically significant and sustained improvements such as reduced stress, improved employee health, lowered healthcare costs, increased productivity and resilience.

Choose the program that’s right for you based on your interest and skill set.

Be a Trainer

Resilience Trainer Certification

Teach others HeartMath’s science-based skill set of resilience-building tools and practices.

Team Coherence Certification

Guide teams to increase connectedness, harmony, and more intuitive approaches to solving problems and making decisions.

Building Personal Resilience The Resilience Advantage

30 Years of Dedicated Research Informs Our Training Programs

At the core of the program are evidence-based tools designed to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment – essential for personal and professional effectiveness and well-being.

Science-based, peer-reviewed. Learn More

Mentor or Coach Individuals

Certification in Building Personal Resilience™ is for those who work closely with individuals over an extended period.

You will gain expertise in helping clients learn and apply practical resilience and energy-regulation skills – a process that ultimately helps people unfold more of "who they truly are."

Benefits of HeartMath Training

Statistically significant improvements in mental and emotional well-being have been demonstrated in over 11,500 people after 6-9 weeks of HeartMath training. HeartMath trained individuals learn to take charge of their mental, emotional and physical systems.

*N= 11,903

Percent of individuals responding as often or always on normed and vallidated pre and post Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA-R).

Certification for Clinicians – For Rapid and Sustained Behavioral Change

Two HeartMath certification courses are designed for licensed counselors, psychologists, therapists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

The Resilient Heart

For professionals working in a therapeutic relationship with individuals who have experienced traumatic stress.

HeartMath Interventions

Use HRV Coherence technology, along with evidence-based HeartMath methods to help clients who present with a wide variety of clinical conditions.

Personal Development Courses

Be an Add Heart Facilitator

This introductory course enables you to share HeartMath with others.

From this course, you will access more of your own inner balance and heart’s guidance and learn how to teach others to do the same. A perfect first step toward becoming certified to professionally teach others HeartMath tools and technology.

Add Heart Facilitator Program

The HeartMath Experience


Learn from an inspiring experiential program that offers new insights and practical techniques to help you respond to day-to-day challenges with more ease and composure.

Why Now?

It’s easy to ignore that inner voice that prods us to get out and lend a helping hand. What do I have that’s special or unique? HMI Training Programs help unfold in-depth insights in how a person can thrive with less friction, more joy and compassion and live that more meaningful life that we all seek.

Our programs give you the expertise that puts you in a leadership role as a teacher of the heart.

"Consciously integrating the wisdom and support from our soul into our life’s interactions releases the unconditional love, compassion, and heart intelligence that we already own. We become more inclusive of the whole of humanity, with whom we are engertically connected."

Doc Childre, Founder of HeartMath

From the Book: Heart Intelligence

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