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Physical, Emotional and Mental Resources For Law Enforcement and First Responders

Each day the challenges of being a first responder can take a serious toll on health, well-being and performance.

That’s why the ability to build and sustain physical, emotional and mental resilience is so critical.

At HeartMath we’re committed to helping individuals from all walks of life build and sustain this capacity.

It’s the reason we created the Resilience Advantage™ – Building Stress Resilience and Optimizing Performance training and mentoring programs, especially for law enforcement and other first responders just like you.

Watch the two videos below, and you’ll see the benefits of these evidence-based programs include improvements in:

  • Sleep
  • Ability to maintain composure in challenging environments
  • Quick judgment and adaptive thinking
  • Capacity to reset after tough experiences

34,000 Police Officers in the Netherlands receive Resilience Advantage Training

Watch Overview Video on the Importance of Resilience

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Originally developed for the Naval Combat Expeditionary Command, over 70,000 first responders in countries around the world have now been taught.

The Resilience Advantage

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Please Visit Our Alliance Partner

Blue Courage: Founded by law enforcement professionals, their transformational process focuses on the human development of police officers. Blue Courage addresses personal challenges many officers face, such as cynicism, identity, judgment, integrity, leadership and stress resilience.

Blue Courage