HeartMath® Certified Trainer Program
— Helping People Build and Sustain Resilience

You can become certified to provide HeartMath resilience training — The Resilience Advantage — to groups anywhere in North America and many countries elsewhere in the world.

There are two types of licenses available:

1. Organizational trainer's license — for those who, in the course of their employment, provide training programs within or on behalf of their organizations.

2. Independent trainer's license — for those who wish to sell and deliver HeartMath resilience training in any market, including the corporate, education, nonprofit, government, law-enforcement, military, general public and health-care sectors.

When you complete the HeartMath Certified Trainer program, you also may elect to incorporate any of the Resilience Advantage™ modules, tools or techniques into your existing training programs.

The Resilience Advantage Training

The Resilience Advantage

Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

For the staff of nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies, including schools, universities, community and social-service agencies, government institutions, hospitals, clinics and health-care companies and agencies.

Numerous independent, peer-reviewed studies have validated significant and sustained improvements such as reduced stress, improved employee health, well-being and communication, lower health-care costs, shorter meeting times and increased productivity and resilience. Benefits of this training include better sleep, more creative decision-making, improved teamwork and morale and greater ability to effectively deal with difficult people, deadlines and other challenging situations.

Contact Jeff Goelitz at (831) 338-8713 or jgoelitz@heartmath.org

Law Enforcement testimonial

For law enforcement, fire services, other first responders and military, there is a special version of the Resilience Advantage program aimed at building stress resilience and optimizing performance.

Individuals learn to take charge of and self-regulate unnecessary energy expenditures that deplete resilience and diminish mental and physical performance. As a result, responders are able perform at their best and increase and sustain composure, clarity and flexibility while dealing with day-to-day challenges. Other important benefits include improved sleep, situational awareness, reaction time and decision-making, particularly under pressure.

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Contact Brian Kabaker at (831) 338-8759 or bkabaker@heartmath.org

Certification Program Overview

Certification to deliver the Resilience Advantage program is conducted via four individual telementoring sessions and four days of in-person immersive training. Once certified, trainers may conduct public workshops or train staff of nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies, including schools, universities, community and social-service agencies, government institutions, hospitals, clinics and health-care companies and government agencies throughout North America and in many countries elsewhere in the world.

Eligible Candidates Include:

  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Managers
  • Practitioners
  • Directors
  • HR Personnel
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors/Social Workers

"The overall training experience was powerful and outstanding in educating us for our work with elected leaders."

Elizabeth Emerson, Center for Civic Partnerships, Elected Leader's Resilience Program, Public Health Institute, Sonoma, Calif.

HeartMath Certification Training Dates:

Training Dates Location Registration Closes
June 4–8, 2015 West Coast May 7
July 23–27, 2015 West Coast June 10
Sept 10–13, 2015 Washington DC July 29
Oct 22–26, 2015 West Coast Sept 16
Dec 3–7, 2015 West Coast Oct 28
* All dates are for West Coast training locations, except where indicated.

HeartMath Certified Trainer Program Details

  1. The four-day, four-night Certification Training for the Resilience Advantage course includes:
    • Instruction on how to deliver the Resilience Advantage workshop or selected modules of your choice.
    • Instruction on how to teach program participants to use HeartMath’s emWave® and Inner Balance™ technology.
    • Ongoing support with a HeartMath facilitator.
    • Regular program updates, new developments and support materials.
  2. Training Materials Package
    • Resilience Advantage trainer manual
    • PowerPoint, including video and additional material
    • Sample copy of the program participant guidebook(s) and pocket guide
    • Links to Trainer Resources Website and Promotional Resources
    • Articles and Marketing information
  3. Telementoring Sessions
    Participants attend 4 private pre-certification tele-mentoring sessions with a Certified HeartMath Mentor and/or HeartMath faculty member to prepare for the in-person program. These sessions are mandatory and required to receive certification status.

*Note: Training materials are available in English

Complete Package — $4,995

Payment plans are now available, please ask us for more information.

Special discounts are available for educational organizations, nonprofits and government agencies. Call to see if you or your organization qualifies.

Registration Process and how to begin

  1. Complete the application form and click the “submit application” button.
  2. You will receive an immediate confirmation email that you will be contacted within two weeks.
  3. A 30- to-45-minute phone interview will conclude the approval process.
  4. Receive a confirmation email that includes a link to pre-instruction materials.
  5. Schedule and complete four phone appointments with designated tele-mentor prior to event.

Pre-Training Materials

Upon approved registration, participants will be sent a link to pre-certification training materials. Participants are expected to thoroughly familiarize themselves with this material and complete four tele-mentoring sessions in advance of the training program.

Training Support

All HeartMath Certified Trainers will receive regular email messages containing program updates, stories and strategies for their program deliveries. A representative will be appointed to support their efforts. They will have access to updated documents, articles, files, grant funding information, new materials, stories, etc. on our extranet trainer website.

Technology Requirements

  • Laptop recommended.
  • Minimum system requirements: PC: Windows Windows® 7 or newer; Mac: OS X v10.7 Lion or later.
  • emWave Pro.
  • Speakers
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  • Broadband access to download webinars or other materials as part of ongoing support.

Contact the Training Division for additional information:

Thank you for your interest in HeartMath training programs and services.