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Researching the human heart and brain.

The HeartMath Institute (HMI) researches heart-brain communication and its relationship to managing stress, increasing coherence and deepening our connection to self and others. HMI’s scientists also explore the electrophysiology of intuition and how all things are interconnected.

Our Research is Transforming Lives

Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has researched and developed reliable, scientifically validated tools and technologies that help people improve their emotional balance, health and performance. HMI also has conducted intriguing research on how the heart's magnetic field radiates outside the body and can affect other people.

Research Sections

  • Research Library

    Research Library

    Browse many HeartMath Institute and independent research studies here, including on stress reduction, improving health, heart-rate variability, intuition and energetic communication.

  • Featured Research

    Featured Research

    HeartMath Institute’s extensive research and findings on stress, heart intelligence, coherence and the energetic connection between all things are featured.

  • Science of the Heart

    Science of the Heart

    A comprehensive look at the HeartMath Institute’s findings on the science of heart-brain communication, intuitive intelligence and optimal functioning.

  • Global Coherence Initiative

    Global Coherence™ Research

    HeartMath’s Global Coherence Monitoring System monitors geomagnetic fields and how solar and cosmic influences affect the earth’s fields and human health and behavior.

HeartMath Research


HRV Services

New low-cost HRV recording solutions and analysis services for health-care, research and wellness professionals.

Bodyguard 2 with Electrode Bodyguard 2 Detailed Reports

HMI offers a variety of analysis services ranging from large-scale research projects to low-cost Autonomic Assessment Reports for clinics and physicians.