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Heart Coherence

Heart Coherence is a state of cooperative alignment between the heart, mind, emotions and physical systems. This expands into personal, social and global coherence, and at HeartMath Institute we have the tools and technologies to learn coherence and its benefit, based on the rigors of over 30 years of scientific research.

Learning to activate qualities of the heart such as care, kindness and acceptance increases our Personal Coherence™. This results in less mental and emotional pressure, more effective choices and increased resilience. Because our personal coherence is communicated through our energetic field, it has an uplifting impact on others. The proven benefits of coherence also extend to our social and global communities. Social Coherence™ accesses a collective heart intelligence that helps lift group effectiveness, facilitating authentic communications and easier access to solutions for more harmonious outcomes. As individuals and groups practice increasing their heart coherence, it paves the way for a collective momentum that has the potential to transform and uplift consciousness on a global scale – Global Coherence™.

Personal Coherence

In the flow of wellness and resilience.

Global Coherence

Lending your energetic field to the planet.

Science of Coherence

Over 30 years of research on heart coherence.

Coherence Technology

A full range of technologies for all people.

Add Heart There’s no wrong place to start on the journy of expansion. Simply let your heart guide you on the starting point, and begin.