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Matter and Sustain

HMI’s donors from around the world are supporting innovative research and programs that increase personal, social and global coherence and harmony. We are making a difference in the hearts and lives of all types of people, young, old and above all, those in need.

Caring from the Heart

Teaching, one and all, how to access the wisdom of the heart and its amazing capacity to transform lives has been HMI’s focus for 26 years.

26 Years

Join us in conducting research and providing programs to those in need.

Licensing and sales cover administration and fundraising costs so 100% of your donation supports projects to help people.

Monthly Giving Program

Choose a donation amount –
provide sustaining support all year.

We Always Use 100% of Your Donation
to Fund our Initiatives

How Your Donations Are Used

HMI is structured to use 100% of your contributions to fund initiatives and public programs including research projects.

We use product sales and licensing fees to cover overhead costs.

Interconnected Research Projects

We are conducting ground breaking research on the interconnectedness between our physical, mental and emotional health and behaviors and the earth’s energetic systems.


Your support will improve the capacity of human beings to improve their experience of life and increased resonance with each other.

The Adopted Scientist

Supporting Heather Connery, your Adopted Scientist, will accelerate the research on the interconnectedness between humanity and the earth and how we can work together to shape the world we live in.

The Adopted Scientist

Boys & Girls Clubs

Enable young people to reach their full potential by learning about their own heart wisdom.

Boys and Girls Clubs

First Responders Recognition Project

Services of first responders can touch us personally and in our communities. Show your gratitude by supporting these caring men and women.

Year-End Appeal

Stories We Love to Share

Educators use HeartMath in the regular classroom and with children who have special needs such as ADHD, autism and Asperger syndrome. Our programs help veterans, battered women, pregnant teens, a variety of support groups, parent groups, firefighters, senior care organizations, social services and other underserved populations. Here is what some of them are saying.

Expanding Heart Connections

Expanding Heart Connections

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