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Our Featured Projects

HMI’s donors from around the world are supporting innovative research and programs that increase personal, social and global coherence and harmony.

We are making a difference in the hearts and lives of all types of people, young, old and above all, those in need.

Four Special Projects

HeartMath Institute has four special projects it cares deeply about. This section of our website will introduce you to these four projects and invite you to participate in any form that you can.

Interconnectedness Research Projects

After the surprising results of a 2011 study, HeartMath Institute and Global Coherence Initiative scientists are expanding their research of the interconnectedness of human beings globally in a new project which started 2015.

Our scientists discovered that the heart rate variability, or HRV rhythms of 10 participants in different locations synchronized with one another during this 2011 study in California. Now they’re exploring whether this synchronization occurs on a global scale. Verifying global synchronization, they say, would help confirm HeartMath’s hypothesis that human attitudes, emotions and intentions affect both our personal environment and the global field environment.

Donate to the 2016 Interconnectedness Research Project

HeartMath research shows the magnetic field each of us generates can be detected by nearby people and animals. Therefore, they believe, the "information" each individual feeds into field environment is capable of influencing others. In turn, the researchers strongly suspect geomagnetic and solar activity influence human health and behavior and Earth’s magnetic field is a carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems.

HeartMath Trauma Recovery Project

Each and every day thousands of children and adults in the United States and around the world experience trauma from natural disasters, civil strife, torture, PTSD, flight from home and country, human sex trafficking and slave labor, school shootings, loss of loved ones and in so many other ways. HeartMath has the skill and training to provide relief and restore hope by enabling trauma victims to learn coherence skills like heart-focusing and emotion self-regulation tools.

Support the HeartMath Trauma Recovery Project

HeartMath Institute needs your support to develop the pilot program and eventually distribute this program to caregivers who are working with children and adult victims of trauma. With your generous contribution, these caregivers will receive the necessary training in HeartMath tools and technology, support materials and sponsorship assistance for those who need assistance in providing aid to their clients.

Our Adopted Scientist

HeartMath scientists have been exploring the relationship between human health and behavior and geomagnetic and solar activity for a number of years. Recently, they’ve analyzed a lot of data collected from the Global Coherence Initiative’s (GCI) magnetic sensor sites around the world and have been preparing the results for publication in a professional scientific journal.

A lot of this work has fallen to Heather Connery. She is the expert data analyst hired in early 2014 following HeartMath Institute’s (HMI) successful Adopt a Scientist campaign supported by so many generous people.

Support our Adopted Scientist

Connery is committed to her role in this exciting quest of what we know ultimately will be a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things. To help ensure the future of this important work, HMI and GCI have established the ongoing Adopt a Scientist Fund. We hope you’ll remain a connected and committed supporter now and in the future.

First Responders Recognition Project

At some time in our lives each us inevitably will have some contact with a first responder. Whether it’s a firefighter, police officer, emergency medical technician or the National Guard, the vital services of first responders will touch us personally or through a family member, friend or neighbor.

First responders are caring and valorous. They make each of us and society as a whole feel protected and little safer. Like you, HeartMath Institute is grateful for the nation’s first responders, and we have made special scholarships and training available to them for a number of years.

Support the HeartMath First Responders Recognition Project

Now HMI will do more: For 2016, we will begin honoring these very special members of society by establishing the donor-supported First Responders Recognition Project (FRRP). HMI will award scholarships to first responders for HeartMath’s science-based tools, technology, services and selected programs, including the Resilience Advantage™ program.

One-time gifts of even $10 can help a firefighter, EMT or other first responder begin learning energy- and resilience-building skills. These are critical in the life-saving, community-aid and other important assistance they provide.

Stories We Love to Share

Educators use HeartMath in the regular classroom and with children who have special needs such as ADHD, autism and Asperger syndrome. Our programs help veterans, battered women, pregnant teens, a variety of support groups, parent groups, firefighters, senior care organizations, social services and other underserved populations. Here is what some of them are saying.

Expanding Heart Connections

Expanding Heart Connections

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Every purchase supports the work of HMI’s outreach programs.