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The Resilient Heart™New! Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath® Certification

For professionals working in a therapeutic relationship with individuals who have experienced trauma

This certification course was especially designed by trauma specialists for professionals who provide, or would like to provide, trauma-informed care.

This trauma-sensitive certification course contains 12 hours of trauma-focused video content, parsed into 48 brief episodes. Practitioners learn how to incorporate the HeartMath skill set in a trauma-sensitive manner to build their client’s capacities for resilience, emotional regulation and reconnection with their sense of self-security and well-being.

The tools, techniques and overall HeartMath skill set are taught to be used as an adjunct to support and facilitate a variety of trauma-focused therapies to improve client symptoms associated with trauma. It is not meant to replace or be used in isolation for trauma processing.

Watch highlight video below

Beautifully filmed, this docuseries style, course combines masterful knowledge, intuitive wisdom and powerfully emotional stories from trauma practitioners from around the world, woven together with compelling cinematic moments to create a distinctly unique and engaging course that is both educational and heart-warming to watch.

Self-Paced Learning with Live Q&A Sessions

Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Certification

Upon successful competion of the final exam, your certificate will read: Trauma‑Sensitive HeartMath® Certified Practitioner.

While enrollment is open to all, certification is only for those holding a current mental health or health care license or related certification.

12 hours of
12 hours of
Skills Set
6 Techniques
Skills Set
6 Techniques
Monthly Q&A
with HeartMath
Certified Trauma
Monthly Q&A
with HeartMath
Certified Trauma
Practice and
and Self-
12 hours of Self‑Paced Videos Comprehensive trauma‑informed knowledge, wisdom and practical tips from 20 practitioners experienced in treating trauma.
HeartMath Skills Set Including 6 Techniques Learn and teach 6 evidence‑based HeartMath self‑regulation techniques in a trauma‑sensitive manner.
Monthly Q&A with HeartMath Certified Trauma Specialists Join monthly Q&A sessions with trauma specialists experienced in integrating HeartMath techniques into different trauma treatment modalities.
Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Certification * While enrollment is open to all, certification is only for those holding a current mental health or health care license or related certification.
Personal Practice and Self‑Reflection Key to your own well‑being is the ability to self‑regulate and connect more deeply with your own heart.
Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Certification Upon successful competion of the final exam, your certificate will read: Trauma‑Sensitive HeartMath® Certified Practitioner.*

Included with this Course:

  • 12 hours of self-paced videos This beautifully filmed, docuseries style course includes knowledge, wisdom and practical tips from 20 trauma specialists.
  • HeartMath skill set including 6 techniques Learn and teach 6 evidence-based HeartMath self-regulation techniques in a trauma-sensitive manner.
  • Monthly Q&A with HeartMath Certified Trauma Specialists Join monthly online Q&A sessions with trauma specialists who are experienced in integrating HeartMath techniques into several different treatment modalities. Join in with a community of trauma-sensitive specialists.
  • Personal practice and self-reflection A key to your success as a practitioner is your own ability to self-regulate and connect more deeply with your heart and the hearts of your clients.
  • Comprehensive Resource Library Resource Library includes client handouts, manual with course notes and relevant publications.
  • Certification Your certificate will read: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner.

In this Course, You Will:

  • Learn practical tools to use "in the moment" that build resilience and improve the capacity for emotional regulation for yourself and your clients or patients.
  • Learn about heart rate variability (HRV) as a measure of physiological regulation, and how to use HRV biofeedback as an additional tool for self-regulation.
  • Learn to use and teach the HeartMath skill set in a trauma-sensitive manner.
  • Gain foundational, up-to-date knowledge about the neurophysiology of trauma, attachment, developmental trauma, intergenerational trauma and collective trauma.
  • Discover how to integrate HeartMath with other trauma-focused therapies including EMDR, Brainspotting, somatic-based practices, exposure and wilderness therapy.
  • Learn new and powerful perspectives of how the intelligence of the heart can help to address some of the most challenging aspects of trauma’s impact on the mind and body.

Over a Century of Trauma Therapy Experience

Learn from highly skilled practitioners specializing in a wide variety of trauma-focused therapies including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Brainspotting, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Wilderness Therapy, Acupuncture and Polarity Therapy.

Your Core Trainers

Steve Sawyer Dr. Sara Gilman Susann von Meijenfeldt Sheva Carr

Steve Sawyer, LCSW, CSAC, Dr. Sara Gilman, Psy.D., LMFT, Susann von Meijenfeldt, RSW, CPCC, CHT and Sheva Carr, MA, L.Ac., BCPP, RPP, RPE.

Learn from medical and science experts about the neurophysiology of trauma, the neurophysiology of emotions and heart-brain interactions:

Dr. Jorina Elbers Rollin McCraty

Dr. Jorina Elbers, MD, MS.c. and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Special Guest Interviews:

Dr. Daniel Siegel Drs. John and Julie Gottman Thomas Huble

Dr. Daniel Siegel, MD, John Gottman, Ph.D. and Julie Gottman, Ph.D., and Thomas Huble

From the Front Lines

Nine long-time HeartMath Certified Practitioners share in-depth, revealing their successful, yet simple methods of integrating the HeartMath techniques into their trauma-focused therapies.

Populations covered include:

  • Refugees
  • Veterans
  • At-Promis Youth
  • Perpetrators
  • Survivors of human trafficking
  • Incarcerated women
  • Children and teens
  • And others
HeartMath Certified Practitioners

In total, you will receive comprehensive trauma-informed knowledge from a diverse group of 20 health professionals experienced in treating trauma, providing a rich expanse of information and expertise across topics, including the neurophysiology of trauma, developmental trauma, collective trauma and the different modalities used to treat trauma.

Course Content – 8 Parts

  • Part One: Heart-Focused Care for the Caregiver

    Full Description

    Your capacity to care for others depends on how you care for yourself. Part One includes heart-focused tools for building your own resilience and introduces the concept of "HeartSpace", which facilitates co-regulation and attunement between you and your client/patient.

  • Part Two: Understanding the Impact of Trauma

    Full Description

    The impact of trauma is psychological, physiological and relational, interfering with our health, our well-being, and our ability to relate to others. Part Two reviews the neurophysiology of trauma and how to introduce HeartMath tools and techniques to clients for emotional self-regulation.

  • Part Three: Resetting a New Pattern for the Nervous System

    Full Description

    Regular practice of techniques for emotional and physiological regulation widens our "Window of Tolerance" and increases our resilience. Part Three discusses the concepts of bottom-up processing, heart rate variability and coherence to create a new physiological baseline for the nervous system.

  • Part Four: From Chaos to Coherence

    Full Description

    Coherence is an optimal physiological state arising from integration and enables greater access to the intuitive self. Part Four discusses how integration of trauma creates coherence and how this can be utilized to increase our wisdom and access to our inner guidance system.

  • Part Five: Integrating the Heart, Mind and Body for Trauma Healing

    Full Description

    HeartMath tools and techniques can be used as an adjunctive skill for the treatment of trauma. Part Five discusses how to integrate the HeartMath skill set into a variety of trauma-focused therapies and across different client populations.

  • Part Six: Rebuilding Trust and Relationships

    Full Description

    Trauma interferes with our relationship with others and with ourselves. Part Six deals with the relational impact of trauma and how HeartMath techniques can be used to create a bridge for trauma survivors to safely reconnect with themselves and with others to foster trust and relationships.

  • Part Seven: Teaching a Child to Love Again

    Full Description

    Whether you work with children or with adults who used to be children, knowledge about childhood trauma and attachment is essential. Part Seven discusses the signs of trauma in children, how attachment patterns influence their response to traumatic events, how to use HeartMath with children and parents, and how to help communities heal inter-generational trauma.

  • Part Eight: The Collective Experience of Trauma and Healing

    Full Description

    Trauma is a collective experience with shadows that affect us all. Part Eight discusses the impact of collective trauma, how to facilitate and use HeartMath for group trauma processing, and the concept of post-traumatic growth and resilience.

Eligibility for Certification

While anyone may enroll in this course, certification is available to:

  1. Practitioners with training, certification or licensure within a related health care field:
    • Mental health professionals
    • Medical professionals
    • Alternative health practitioners
    • Health professional students and interns
  2. Practitioners working within a therapeutic relationship with clients, but may not have a professional license:
    • Chaplains
    • Clergy
    • Peer-to-peer counselors

    View Complete List

    • Addiction counselors
    • Ayurvedic practitioners
    • BodyTalk practitioners
    • Brain Gym practitioners
    • Brainspotting practioners
    • Brennan Healing Science practioner
    • Craniosacral therapists
    • Eden Energy Medicine practitioner
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioners
    • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy graduates
    • Hakomi therapist
    • Healing Touch practitioners
    • Health coaches
    • Hypnotherapists
    • Integrative lawyers
    • Iridologists
    • Massage therapists
    • NLP practitioners
    • Nutritionists
    • Polarity therapists
    • PYCH-K practitioners
    • Quantum University graduates
    • Reflexologists
    • Reiki practitioners
    • Shamans
    • Therapudic Play Practitioner
    • Therapeutic Touch practitioners
    • Theta Healing practitioners
    • Thought Field Therapy (TFT) practitioners
    • Wellness coaches
    • Yoga teachers and therapists
  3. Professionals working in a trauma-related field with clientele who are likely to have experienced trauma:
    • Social service professionals (working in homeless shelters, correctional facilities etc.)

Enrollment Fee:

$495 Sale Price $245

(The enrollment fee has been reduced because of the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Attend Live Q&A Sessions

Join monthly online Q&A sessions with trauma specialists experienced in integrating HeartMath techniques into several different treatment modalities.

Join in with a community of trauma-sensitive specialists. Sessions are held the 1st Wednesday of each month between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Additional Info

  1. This course includes our 60-day, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.
  2. This special Covid period discount price may change without notice.
  3. The course does not provide Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

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