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Special Care Focus Taking Care of Yourself and Others blog

Special Care Focus – Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other

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Special Care Focus: Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other

Welcome to the Special Care Focus – Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other. In order for everyone around the world to participate in a synchronized Care Focus, on Wednesday, August 5th, we have chosen three convenient times: 4 a.m., 12:00 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 7 hours)*. Please join with others on the Global Coherence App. We will do a special care focus every Wednesday until the Coronavirus pandemic subsides. Thank you for joining with us.

Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other

We won’t repeat the latest news on the coronavirus here, as most of us know that while it’s declining or under control in many countries, it’s spreading faster than ever in other countries. Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and exhausted, hospitals are running short on ICUs and supplies, and stress levels are high.

Many of us have a hard time with face masks or find ourselves in situations that make it difficult to maintain social distancing. It’s understandably challenging when precautions are inconvenient and a lockdown affects jobs and families. Still, it would be helpful for the wholeness if we found it in our hearts to practice safety precautions to help prevent others from getting infected. Shelter at home restrictions and limiting social gatherings exacerbate loneliness, anxiety and depression. A lift in spirit and resilience can be renewed with the practice of radiating love and compassion for a minute or so throughout the day (each time we think of it). Doing this for a week can help significantly. Also, many of you have already experienced the lift that comes from the practice of doing something kind for another.

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The Cares of the World –Overcare into Balanced Care boy blog

The Cares of the World – How to Transform Your Overcare into Balanced Care

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The Cares of the World – How to Transform Your Overcare into Balanced Care

The world needs our care now more than ever, and these days there is so much to care for – a pet, work, or our family, health and the planet. But, how do we deeply care without depleting our energy? What does it really mean to have balanced care? What happens when that care turns to overcare – when we excessively worry, over-identify or have anxiety about the object of our care? Overcare is easy to fall into because of its stealthy way of making us feel that we are caring more when worry is added. This is not the case.

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Overcare: Make sure Your Care is Helping Not Hurting

Overcare – Make Sure Your Care is Helping, Not Hurting

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"Care is love in action," HeartMath Institute founder Doc Childre once said. The capacity to care in human beings and other living creatures is an expression of love that is marvelous to behold.

HMI has cautioned for many years about the importance of balancing the care we feel or experience for family, friends and others in our lives, at the workplace and in issues related to our communities and the world.

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