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Tree Research Phase 2 with Sensor

Global Tree Monitoring Network

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Global Tree Monitoring Network

Tree Research Project: Phase 2

Something about trees. … a walk in the forest, the spiritual experience of planting a tree, settling down against just about any kind of tree with book in hand. Can these "other beings" sense how humans feel about them? Do trees feel and are they affected by our emotions?

When the HeartMath Research Center launched its tree research project last year, we asked the question, "Why are we so in awe of the old oak and the ancient redwood?" In 2017, we will further explore the mysteries of trees in Phase II of what is now called the Global Tree Monitoring Network. We will expand the number and types of trees and varieties we monitor.

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Sunshine Secret e-Learning Program

New, Sunshine Secret e-Learning Program

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Omni Awards - Bronze

New, Sunshine Secret e-Learning Program

The Sunshine Secret™ is a new e-learning program for children ages 3-7 that features the wonderful story and transformative adventures of Gloria the glowworm and Leon the chameleon. It is a fun way children learn about their emotions, and you can feel good about giving children screen time.

Omni Awards - Bronze

Sunshine Secret is a highly interactive program that uses technology to engage children on multiple levels to teach them how to recognize, express and self-regulate their emotions and behavior.

Featuring a variety of interactive activities that are as fun as they are educational, this innovative program gently challenges children. The Heart Shine™ technique and Heart Breathing Pacer™ help children build a solid emotional foundation, positive relationships with family, friends and classmates and self-awareness. Scientific research shows the social-emotional skills the Sunshine Secret teaches are essential for achieving success in school, work and life.

This e-Learning Program is applicable for children in the home or school classroom. Sunshine Secret is child friendly, so once an adult logs in, even young children can easily navigate the program by themselves.

Sunshine Secret e-Learning Program Sunshine Secret e-Learning Program

Program highlights:

  • Complete Sunshine Secret Parent and Educator Guide
  • Sunshine Secret story and video
  • Audio and onscreen instructions for children
  • Interactive activities in every chapter
  • Five age appropriate science units
  • Journey map track to your progress
  • Playground, child-friendly access to all activities
  • Parent/Teacher Directory
  • Student certificate of completion

Come and Explore the Sunshine Secret!

Sunshine Secret e-Learning Program

As children follow the wonderful story of Gloria the glowworm and Leon the Chameleon’s delightful world in the forest, they must complete support activities that encourage positive emotional outcomes.

Among these are putting together virtual puzzles, coloring exercises with the Sunshine Secret story’s characters and learning emotion vocabulary words.

Children love practicing the easy-to-learn Heart Shine self-regulation tool. It teaches them how to replace negative emotions such anger or hurt with positive ones like understanding, compassion and hope. Heart Shine is a wonderful way for children to learn that relying on their natural uplifting qualities of the heart can guide them through any situation.

Other interactive activities include:

  • Identifying and matching emotion faces of children to emotion faces of Leon and Gloria.
  • Heart Shine technique, a guided self-regulation tool.
  • Promoting positive attitudes and feelings with the Appreciation Board.
  • Singing along with three wonderful songs to reinforce key program concepts and skills.
  • Animated videos with fun, age-appropriate science content, including a frog’s life cycle, the sun and more.
  • Heart-Breathing Pacer, practice a self-guided technique while using a simple tool that helps regulate their breathing.

Interconnectivity Tree Research Project

Interconnectivity Tree Research Project

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Interconnectivity Tree Research Project

Why are we so in awe of the old oak and the ancient redwood tree? Why does sitting beneath a spreading sycamore feel like a spiritual experience?

HeartMath’s scientists have focused especially on oak and redwood trees as they seek answers to a number of questions. For instance, given our close relationship to trees through the millennia, can electrical responses in multiple trees correlate to events that trigger huge emotional outpouring in large numbers of people?

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Heart Intelligence Book What People Are Saying

What Readers Are Saying About Heart Intelligence

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What Readers Are Saying About…

NEW Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart Book

— By Doc Childre, Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman Ph.D. and Rollin McCraty Ph.D.

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“For centuries the world’s greatest teachers have been advising us to follow our heart. Finally we have a simple but powerful book that shows us exactly how to do it. Impeccable scientific research inspired by Doc Childre’s deep wisdom about the truth of who we are proves that a few simple heart-centered techniques done consistently over time can transform not only our own lives, but the whole world. I’m not exaggerating when I say Heart Intelligence should be required reading for everybody on the planet.” – Jack Canfield, Coauthor of The Success Principles™ and the New York Times #1 bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series
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Heart Intelligence Book

NEW! Heart Intelligence Book

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NEW! Heart Intelligence Book

Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart by Doc Childre, Deborah Rozman, Rollin McCraty, and Howard Martin, is a timely new book from HeartMath, the first in nearly ten years.

“Picture heart intelligence as the flow of awareness, understanding and intuitive guidance we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart. This intelligence steps down the power of love from universal source into our life’s interactions in practical, approachable ways which inform us of a straighter path to our fulfillment.” Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO
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