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Special Care Focus: Appreciating Our Earth

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Appreciating Our Earth Care Focus blog 4-20

Special Care Focus: Appreciating Our Earth – Earth Day 2021

Welcome to Appreciating Our Earth Care Focus – Earth Day 2021. In order for everyone around the world to participate in the synchronized Care Focus, April 22nd, we have chosen three convenient times: 4 a.m., 12 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 7 hours)*. Please join with others on the Global Coherence App. Thank you for joining with us.

April 22nd is Earth Day. Over the past half century there have been positive environmental milestones to celebrate, yet the disruptive effects of global climate change are on the increase. Rising sea levels, animals becoming extinct, loss of rain forests, environmental pollution, and more severe weather events are of great concern. Nations haven’t been able to address these challenges for humanity and for Earth.

During this past year, the "shelter at home" mandates throughout the world have caused many of us to pause and reconsider our priorities, including our respect for Earth and nature. Many nations due to the lockdown have led to air pollution falling noticeably, thus offering scientists an chance to study its links with climate and weather. People living in Northern India saw the Himalayas 100 miles away for the first time in ‘decades,’ as the lockdown eases air pollution.

Researchers have discovered that a resonant frequency from the Earth’s magnetic field vibrates at 0.1 HZ — the same frequency as our heart rhythm when we’re in a heart coherent state.

Increased love, kindness and cooperation with each other will do much to bridge our coherent alignment with Earth and nature. Increasing our love raises our vibration, which increases our harmonious interaction with Earth and each other, day-to-day.

Earth and nature are waiting for us to wake up to the realization that collective harmonious interaction is the solution to our environmental challenges, while providing us with alarm clock service.

Nature’s forewarnings for a change in our behavior patterns are getting increasingly bold and obviously disruptive. It feels good and appropriate to increase our love and care for each other during high-stress crises, such as hurricanes, earthquakes or the coronavirus pandemic. Now it’s time to ask ourselves why wouldn’t we care and connect this way when high stress isn’t driving it? The effectiveness of love and cooperation is especially needed when there isn’t a crisis. This is the missing piece and the reason peace is missing on Earth.

Many people sense that humanity is coming into the collective heart power to create a more harmonious relationship with nature, but first we need to practice more heart-centered care for each other.

During this present time of the pandemic, it would be hard to prove that there isn’t more love, care and compassion in the world theater all at one time than ever before. It would be sad if we didn’t take advantage of this moment and strive to continue it. It’s who we are at the core.

To love, care and cooperate with each other is advanced economic living. It would provide the baseline for the next-level intelligent awareness that humanity is evolving into Heart Intelligence.

The pandemic has served as a jump start for raising the baseline of our love and compassion. To sustain it will take more of us committing to bring love, compassion and kindness to the street in our day-to-day lives as we move forward.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day with a genuine commitment to continue this wave of love, compassion and cooperation we are experiencing at this time — each other, Earth and nature.

Care Focus: Appreciating Our Earth

  1. Breathe feelings of peace and love through your heart area for a few minutes to set a calm and genuine tone.
  2. Now connect in the heart with all people around the planet who are appreciating and caring for our Earth. Feel the collective heart power amplifying the effectiveness of our care.
  3. Hold a vision of a pristine restoration for all of nature — oceans, rivers, trees, plants and animals that live on our Earth.
  4. Now imagine a ring of compassionate heart energy surrounding our planet and see it dissipating humanity’s separation and lack of harmonious cooperation. See humanity awakening to next-level energetic connection with nature and understanding of how our feelings and behavior patterns affect Earth and our happiness.
  5. Take a few minutes each day if possible, to envision an increasing momentum of people opening their hearts and putting love and heart-felt connection into action.
  6. Let’s close by sending our compassionate care to all who are experiencing stress from the coronavirus pandemic, from the Earth changes, from social injustices, and other areas of stress, as your heart guides you.

Thank you for your participation in this Earth Day Care Focus.

GCI Steering Committee and Staff

You can participate in the collective Heart-Focused Care in the Global Coherence App.

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