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Category Archives: General

Empowering Coherent Groups webinar

Empowering Coherent Groups: New Frontiers in Social Coherence Research and Development Webinar

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Empowering Coherent Groups: New Frontiers in Social Coherence Research and Development Webinar

Join Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Empowering Coherent Groups: New Frontiers in Social Coherence Research and Development on Nov. 11, 2017. In this webinar, McCraty will discuss new techniques and technologies for improving team performance and group harmony.

Anyone who has experienced an exceptional sports team or music concert recognizes that something extraordinary can take place when the group’s members are resonating in-sync – past their normal performance levels. When groups are in coherence together, this translates into mental, emotional and physical benefits which lift performance levels into higher states of flow.

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Tree Research Phase 2 with Sensor

Global Tree Monitoring Network

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Global Tree Monitoring Network

Tree Research Project: Phase 2

Something about trees. … a walk in the forest, the spiritual experience of planting a tree, settling down against just about any kind of tree with book in hand. Can these "other beings" sense how humans feel about them? Do trees feel and are they affected by our emotions?

When the HeartMath Research Center launched its tree research project last year, we asked the question, "Why are we so in awe of the old oak and the ancient redwood?" In 2017, we will further explore the mysteries of trees in Phase II of what is now called the Global Tree Monitoring Network. We will expand the number and types of trees and varieties we monitor.

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Humanitarian Heart Awards blog-white line

Humanitarian Heart Award Honors Good Works

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Humanitarian Heart Award Honors Good Works

Every day, there are compassionate and caring people around the world giving aid, comfort, shelter and hope to millions who are sick, impoverished, homeless, afraid and desperate. Mostly, their good works go unheralded. HeartMath Institute decided recently to recognize several who have been improving people’s lives for many years.

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