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Heart Hologramming Who You Want to Be

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Heart Hologramming Who You Want to Be blog article

ho-lo-gram — a three-dimensional image created by directing two coherent light sources such as a lazer, a source beam and reference beam, through a two-dimensional image.

Heart Ho-lo-gram-ming — a practice in which an individual sincerely focuses/directs spirit and heart intelligence to the heart's true intent — likened to a hologram — to actualize it.

Would any of the following be desirable in your life? a. Wake up each morning knowing that when this day is done, I will be happier, healthier and smarter? b. No matter what happens in my life, I will see the good in everything and everyone? c. I will do one beautiful thing to help our planet each day for the rest of my life?

There actually are people among us whose lives are like this. You may even know one of them. Are you one of them? Would you like to be? Imagine carrying a hologram of your heart's true intent everywhere, not that your eyes can see, but that you visualize, feel and sense in your deepest heart and entire being.

Create the person you want to be, who you truly are.

Heart Hologramming is a personal transformation practice developed by HeartMath. It's designed to help you sincerely focus on and create what you desire your heart's intent to be. Whether that is to be kinder or more spiritual, healthier or compassionate, the principles and practices of Heart Hologramming are a pathway to these and more.

Unlocking Your Creative Intelligence at Point 0

The perfect entryway of the journey to your heart's true intent using Heart Hologramming is a state HeartMath calls Point 0. A great deal of energy is released at Point 0 that helps to activate the creative intelligence of your heart.

Point 0 helps to increase heart warmth and coherence. The energy it releases helps accelerate the actualization of your heart's intent. This energy enters the electromagnetic field generated by the human heart and interacts with and can influence whatever is in close proximity to it, including people and other fields. Researchers with the HeartMath Institute's Global Coherence Initiative say our personal fields carry quantum-level information that is distributed in and influences the greater "global field environment."

Point Zero Technique™†

This tool helps entrain the heart, mind and emotions to work in synergistic cooperation and increase the connection with our intuitive guidance in day-to-day choices.

Step 1: Go to a place of inner ease deep in your heart. Still your mental and emotional energy. Feel love radiating from your heart as you breathe quietly in the stillness. Don’t seek out any experience. Just be.

Step 2: Radiate love to any judgments about you, others or situations to help neutralize the energy and clear out roadblocks that hinder spirit.

Step 3: Stay focused on the inner stillness while consciously breathing love and peace into the environment. Gently excuse any positive or negative thoughts that come up, knowing you can entertain them another time.

Step 4: Imagine Point 0 as a circle of pristine peace in which you are sitting. If thoughts do come up, don't push against them. Casually refocus on breathing love and peace into the stillness.

Heart Hologramming Technique™††

Just as creating a hologram requires coherent light sources that won't spread or diffuse, bringing love and appreciation to your Heart Hologramming practice increases coherence between spirit and your mind and emotions. Critical to the success of your practice is releasing all judgment and blame, which can diffuse the coherent "light sources" in your heart and mind.

Step 1: While soaking in the warmth and peace of Point 0, breathe love and appreciation, for 30 seconds or more, through the heart and breathe out tension, discomfort, resistance and any negativity.

Step 2: To hologram, relax in Point 0 and radiate whatever your heart's intent is into the field environment. Imagine and feel your desired outcome, calling on the spirit of love to unfold your heart's intent, but only if it's the highest best for you and the whole.

Step 3: From Point 0, have a desire to see different situations in your life. View them objectively and without being attached. In this holographic review of your life's situations, allow your intuition to offer options for clearing and balancing energies related to them and encourage healing.

Step 4: From the stillness of Point 0, select the options you intuitively feel would be your highest best choices, and with feeling, imagine yourself anchoring in your commitment to these choices. Take some time, because anchoring is important; it creates a holographic blueprint that can become manifest as authentic clearing of energetic roadblocks takes place.

Step 5: Repeat this anchoring daily for a while to continually renew the force of your commitment, and maintain a heartfelt desire for the highest best outcome for you and the whole.

† Abbreviated version of HeartMath's Point 0 Technique.
†† Abbreviated version of HeartMath's Heart Hologramming Technique.

Heart Hologramming: Practical applications

Here is a small list of the many ideas for how you can use your practice.

  • Being present.
  • Being responsive, not reactive.
  • Being forgiving and compassionate.
  • Finding inspiration when you are stuck.
  • Helping to actualize the highest best for someone or something you care for.
  • Helping areas of need around the planet.
  • Creating a heart-based world.

Practicing Heart Hologramming for Healing

If you direct your practice at mental, emotional or physical healing, breath in the feeling of love to raise the vibratory rate of your mental, emotional and physical systems and to release any accrued stress. It is not necessary to think about specific stresses you may be experiencing such as anxiety, fear or blame, etc. Simply know that your practice is helping to release them.

A remarkable property of the hologram is that every part of it, even when isolated from the whole image, contains a picture of the whole. Likewise, the intelligent DNA in each cell of the human body contains information about the whole body.

On a larger scale, HeartMath theorizes, each individual is a holographic piece of the whole of existence. A higher purpose of the Heart Hologramming Technique™ is bringing the world together by melding what is best for you with the whole. Ultimately, your practice will help to create a future we all desire in the depths of our collective human heart.

What other positive outcomes do you feel Heart Hologramming can produce that will be beneficial to you, those you care about or the world? We would love to hear your comments.