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Attitude Replacements

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Attitude Replacements

Most people have attitudes they want to change. These include being judgmental, impatience, edginess with others and getting down on yourself. When you have an attitude habit that you want to change, learn to replace it with a new one.

First, it takes heart integrity to find the deeper truth about what you are really feeling underneath the attitude and what your resistances are to changing the attitude. Go to your heart, be vulnerable and have a business talk with yourself. Once you find the underlying insecurity or motive for the resistant attitude, make a commitment to clear it with meaningful heart intent. Clearing resistance requires a shift to your deeper heart's truth. Ask your intuitive heart intelligence for a replacement attitude.

If your habit is being edgy with people, the replacement might be practicing kindness toward them with genuine intent. Instate the higher principle and integrity of your replacement attitude. Once you have committed to your replacement attitude, allow the feeling of the new attitude to come in until the resistance to losing the old one clears.

Here's an example: Ted thought Joe wasn't good enough to be engaged to his daughter Susie. Ted felt this the first time he met Joe and has harbored that judgmental attitude ever since. Whenever Joe went over to the house, a heavy gloom hung in the air. Susie truly loved Joe and they were very compatible.

Ted realized he had to do something. He asked his heart why he was so obstinate and what was underneath his judgment of Joe. His heart told him that no one would ever be good enough for Susie. Having a business talk with himself, Ted knew if he didn't try to change his engrained attitude, he could push his daughter away.

Sincerely wanting to change, Ted asked his heart for a replacement attitude. The replacement was to not to judge a book by its cover and give the boy a chance. Ted made a genuine effort to anchor in this new attitude during the week. The next time he was in the same room with Joe, he recalled his commitment and new replacement attitude. The air cleared and Susie was very moved and appreciative of her father's efforts.

As you go about your day, breathe in the feeling of your replacement attitude to anchor it in your system. Do this out of intelligence, knowing that you will feel better, save energy and create better relationships. When old attitude perceptions, thoughts or feelings try to come back in say, “No!” and reanchor your commitment and attitude replacement. Tell yourself you're in your new attitude and bring in the feeling of that new attitude. Welcome your new attitude.