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Love as an Advanced Mode of Intelligence

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Love as an Advanced Mode of Intelligence Blog

Love as an Advanced Mode of Intelligence

What is love? It is a question sure to elicit a great many responses. Simply defined, love is an affection, attraction, admiration or other strong, positive feeling for another person, thing or idea. From a metaphysical or philosophical perspective, love is more of a complex interweaving of many emotions, behaviors and intangibles whose origin, influence and potential has been food for thought over thousands of years and likely will be for thousands more to come.

People the world over can at least agree on what some of the most cherished forms of love are: romantic love for another and the love shared by children and parents, siblings and friends. So, too do such loves as love of life, nature and country rank high on a very long list.

People today and perhaps in every generation likely would concur that love is something we all could use more of in our lives and throughout the world. And, in our heart of hearts, more than a few of us would concede to an inner desire to be more loving toward others.

Isn’t Love a Form of Intelligence?

One way of creating more love in ourselves and the world could be to have a greater understanding of what love is.

Love has been called the greatest force in the universe, the answer to all things and the stuff that makes the world go round. Certainly there are lots of good arguments to made for any of these.

But what of the notion that love is an actual form of intelligence, some would say an advanced mode of intelligence? How exactly would such an argument be framed? Because, after all, isn’t love merely a feeling that comes from within, albeit a strong or deeply held one?

For instance, a common way people express their love for one another, this thing or that thing is to do it “with all their heart,” not all their mind/brain (i.e. intelligence). Historically, this line of thought assumes, of course, that intelligence is purely within the realm of the brain in your head – until relatively recently.

Researchers at HeartMath Institute and many others around the world now believe, based on scientific studies, that a great deal of human intelligence is heart intelligence. As numerous as the studies demonstrating this are, for most people, it only takes one simple observation in their daily lives for a clear example of their hearts’ intelligence: How many times has the brain in your head told you to do one thing while your heart advised another? No doubt, experiencing an actual physical feeling in the heart when torn between one direction or another has left many a skeptic of listening to your heart at least somewhat skeptical of their skepticism.

How strong is the power or intelligence of love? Here is a scientific experiment HMI researchers who wondered about this conducted several years ago.

A boy, Josh, and his dog, Mabel, were placed in a room together. Then Josh moved to a separate room, the result of which was that the dog’s monitored heart rhythms were chaotic and incoherent, unlike with Josh in the room. Josh was instructed to use a coherence technique to consciously feel feelings of love and care for Mabel, which he did upon re-entering the room with her and while having no physical contact with her. Mabel’s heart rhythms quickly became smooth and stable, or coherent.

How many millions of people with pets throughout history can relate to that?

To Love and Be Loved

Whether we learn to love because of how we are raised, or we are loving at birth, the simple fact is that at some point in life, pretty much everyone has a desire to love and be loved.

Love indeed was the guiding ideal and purpose for the creation of organizations like HeartMath Institute. Twenty-five years ago HMI’s founders set out with a guiding principle that love should permeate everything the institute undertook – in its research of stress, heart intelligence, positive emotions and much more since then.

In the recently released HeartMath book, Heart Intelligence, the authors note in part, “As collective consciousness increases, this will eventually reveal that love is an advanced mode of intelligent living. People have just scratched the surface of awareness regarding the focused power of love and its capacity to create a heart- based environment; one where individuals can transcend fear and what it brings, while manifesting their undiscovered gifts and fulfillment.”

Discovering love and how to be more loving have been the topics of countless books, meditations, workshops, etc. HeartMath has always believed and advised a very active approach to achieving greater love. All of its tools and technologies developed through the years ultimately have been aimed at creating more love – personally, in our families, workplaces and communities and globally as well. This has been especially true with the Global Coherence Initiative.

One of the best examples of these is the Heart Lock-In Technique, a powerful tool included here not only to illustrate the point, but also in the spirit of love.

Heart Lock-In Technique†

Step 1. Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual.

Step 2. Activate and sustain a regenerative feeling such as love, appreciation, care or compassion.

Step 3. Radiate that renewing feeling to yourself and others.

From HeartMath’s Heart Intelligence book.

Consider this further thought from Heart Intelligence: “Unconditional love is the next vibration of love that humanity is transitioning into and this will eliminate much of the standard complications and problems that seem to form around love’s powerful transformational energy.”

The Benefits of Love

It makes perfect sense that one’s life might generally improve when love in any of its forms first enters. For instance in the case of romantic love for another, love for a newborn, etc. But research shows there are some pretty great benefits that accompany the experience of not only love, but also of appreciation, care, compassion and other positive emotions HeartMath calls qualities of the heart. Among them are:

  • Longer life span
  • Lower stress levels
  • Decreased incidence of a number of heart-related maladies.
  • Lower rates of diabetes.
  • Improved mental capacity, including clarity of thought.
  • Improved test-taking ability for students and overall academic success

    Here is a final thought as you contemplate the meaning of love in your life and how you can create more of it:

    “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” –Buddha

    We would love to hear your heart-felt perspectives on Love.

    Add a comment below.

    • Adrian

      Wonderful. Thank you. As a former soldier, I feel I disconnected my heart in order to deal with things better. Fortunately I realised and spent years studying NLP, therapies and coaching modalities. I coached pretty successfully with my brain and intuition. But when I started getting reconnected with my heart, things really flourished. My practice is just about full, referal’s mainly. Just bought 2 EmWave2’s. One to loan clients. thank you HeartMaths

    • nicollette ramirez

      I named my son Love because of all the research into the benefits (personal and on a global scale) of heart connections. I think if we all called each other love there would be more right actions

    • Hilu Gander-Ludlow

      I’ve begun to think of Love as a force at some point; something one can use or work with. Not only does it make one happy, “it” facilitates healing, shifts awareness and thus changes minds /thinking. if our heart is “in” something, we better want it to be a good thing!

    • Sam

      Love has many nuances and the ancient Greeks described them according to the object toward which love was directed. But the ultimate love that goes beyond, and is above all, is unconditional love. This is love that comes from “being love” and it is given merely for the sake of loving. This love does not hold on, has no needs or expectations, and requires nothing in return.
      This is contrary to the familiar love of most people today who love only while they are receiving love or something in return, and are heart broken, angry or depressed when that love is no longer available. This is an emotionally dependent love that is given with the expectation of some return.
      Unconditional love can be given only through inner peace. It is given with a heart that does not judge or cling, is open to acceptance, patience and tolerance, regardless of circumstances. Unconditional love is the recognition of Unity and Wholeness without separation of self and others. Unconditional love is the ability to have compassion and tolerance for the despicable, the ability to love the unlovable. This is the love that is called “God” by some. Unconditional Love is what we are at the core of our being – we just have to find it within us through a feeling of oneness and peace.

      • Sue

        It is love without an object(ive)

    • Simon Esler

      Love is beyond emotions. It is the space that allows us to be multi-emotional beings. It is what allows us to be in the depths of sadness and then, as we surrender to our sadness, it is what allows us to honor and appreciate those very depths with deep gratitude even as the sadness continues. It is what allows us to feel the loss of a loved one who has struggled with illness for years while also feeling awe and appreciation at the expansiveness of their release from pain. When we forget we are multi-emotional beings we allow singular emotions to reduce our experience forgetting that each experience can blossom into a space of love that we learn to hold.

    • Michele

      “All we need is love” I regarded with obvious skepticism, I mean love doesn’t pay the bills right? But when love is a feeling of appreciation, encouragement, natural cooperation, and a deep feeling of well being – then everything is alright and works out, even the bills.

    • Anna H. (Anima Mundi)

      A very practical and do-able perspective on how to “be” Love. Thank you.

    • Love is an attitude, the emotion is the reward. Unconditional love gives the greates reward. Aren’t love and coherence related when we think of what might happen with our brainwaves and our personal charisma/aura/radiance when we are compassionate and empathic. So for me empathy is the ability to modulate myself towards same wavelengths with others.

    • Debra Martin

      Love is such a huge topic. There is not just the what we love, but the who, how, why and where we love too. And then each of these is a whole topic in itself. I don’t believe we can love anything more than the love we hold for ourselves and even the love we hold for ourselves is a massive subject because we’re multidimensional beings. As an example, we could love ourselves emotionally by removing obstructions we’ve accumulated throughout our lifetime, or by helping the inner child to mature so we’re not stuck in the past at an age where we couldn’t digest something that happened. We could love ourselves physically by investing time, money and attention into building our bodies into the best we can be. We could build our spirituality through meditation, grounding, and spiritual exercise. And then we look at how we love others. Do we nurture, empathise, assist, or just reflect others pain to them. There’s the love of Nature, animals, trees, oceans, sunsets/sunrises, rain, cold, warmth, and so much more. Love is such an expansive topic, it could take a lifetime just to comprehend how much it could cover. And when we hold a high intention for love, we invite commodious demonstration of its extensive capacity for expansion through our perspective and begin to see that love is ubiquitous.

    • Tabatha Novikov Do Amaral

      To Love is a action verb! Create a perception to practice in every action…

    • Valerie Anne

      Thanks so much for this insightful article. Not unsurprisingly, since everything and everyone is connected, but certainly unknowingly until I read this article, I have been practising the Heart Lock-In technique for some time. In fact I do it so many times a day so it ‘s incredible for me to find a description of it here ! Such wonderful synchronicity !

    • JOHN

      I one hundred percent agree with this article. It is no surprise. Besides, the bible clearly stated: God is love.
      (1 John 4:8). It also says: God has a vast dynamic of energy. ( Isaiah 40:26). The universe is under one principle or “law”. LOVE GOD AND LOVE YOUR NEIGBOR. ( Mat 22:37-39). No wonder LOVE can make the “UNIVERSE GO AROUND.”

    • Maria Monika Altpaß

      Love is the ultimate power, the lonely power in the Universe, but humanity hasn`t yet take it but what is comfortable, nice and smooth of it. The try to describe love just like you see it goes wrong. Like it is said in Zen. Every sentence, every word does say only something about the person who says it and nothing about love. It`s more and else as everything told about. It`s also exactly the same we wish it to be.If somebody says a word about love ,though to be right, there `ll be thousands to abuse it for their own purposes. It is the greatest power which mankind can reach but their are too many whose interest goes only to the power. it`s the right opposite of fear but all of them to reach only the power wants to seed fear. Love makes fear to all which don`t understand this power and specially to all which wants only power.

    • Yes! One way of creating more love in ourselves and the world could be to have a greater understanding of what love is.

      Love has been called the greatest force in the universe, yet still so mysterious. There is still a lot to discover.

    • Paola Diaz

      When you let go fear!…LOVE starts to happen.
      Trust yourself, because we are the creator, and our creator is the purest and raw manifestation of this magical miracle energy. It irradiates from our hearts.

      • Trisha Mewhinney


    • Trisha Mewhinney

      Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Sending you (((hugs))). ❤️