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Heart Humility

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Heart Humility

Heart Humility

Heart humility – that is, knowing who we truly are and accepting our strengths with gratitude, our limitations without judgment and the world around us with appreciation – is a powerful and attainable quality. Heart humility can help us to walk through this world with confidence, integrity and wisdom.

Heart humility does not require reserve or timid postures in our interactions with others, but rather a quietness in our being, a quiet knowingness of who we are. Heart humility is being honest with ourselves and others, and expressing our gratitude and respect for all involved.

Often when people ponder humility, they think of monks, nuns or other religious figures who have dedicated their lives to being meek and self-effacing. It may be that way for those who elect that lifestyle, but today humility has taken on a different meaning. Few people in day-to-day life aspire to be considered humble because of its association with being weak and subservient, but that theory is changing. There are countless business articles that reference scientific studies showing that those who manage themselves and others best are those who manifest qualities of humility.

Humility is expressed this way in current business references:

  1. Admitting that you don’t have all the answers.
  2. Seeking advice or ideas from others.
  3. Engaging with and accepting different points of view.
  4. Being willing to admit one’s own imperfections.
  5. Laying aside ego and getting in the trenches.
  6. Being open to feedback from family, friends and colleagues.
  7. Listening without judging or interrupting.
  8. Making others feel valued, important and appreciated.

The benefits from practicing this form of humility are earning the respect of friends, family, and co-workers, along with more creativity and peace at the end of the day. Why? Because they have recognized that a self-centered ego is not what is needed to prosper in today’s rapidly changing environments, whether at work, social or home environment.

Our Heart’s Coaching

A note from Doc Childre, Founder of HeartMath Institute: "Our ego is not the boogie man, and with patience and inner guidance it can be transformed into its higher vibrational purpose. Qualifying life through the heart transforms the frequency of our ego nature and brings it into resonance with the vibration of our true self. For most of us, our ego in its lower vibration has created problems along the way that we’ve blamed on others and life. Our heart’s guidance can help to bring about a natural maturing process of our ego nature at each stage of our increased awareness.

"As we commit to making peace with our ego without condemning it, then our heart’s coaching will eventually transform it into the ways it serves our highest best, and in perfect timing. Don’t throw your ego out with the bath water. The ego becomes transformed as it advances through the stages of reducing self-centeredness. All aspects of our nature, including our ego, are part of our divinity and play important roles in learning to become our empowered best self."

Finding the balance between humility and self-security in our interactions with others is a way of life well worth cultivating. But just as important, is approaching your own self evaluations with humility and a compassionate heart. This means handling whatever’s going on inside you with non-judgment and acceptance. Anger, judgment, blame, resentment, etc.—these are all stressful feelings that can be softened, understood and dispelled, with a humble approach. Humility is a higher vibration that magnetizes intuitive clarity in our discernment processes and advances us towards our best outcomes.

Heart Humility Has A Proactive Element

Those who possess humility are easy-going, tolerant, accepting, gracious and caring. A humble-natured person serves a cause greater than their personal ambition. They do not see themselves as the hub of the universe but choose to use any influence they have for the greater good of others.

Every day millions of people actively engage in nurturing their desire to make a difference while contributing to a greater good. Many of the most notable leaders who facilitated some of the biggest social changes on the planet are those who have manifested true humility. Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and other greats, though mistreated in many ways, held their heart’s vision with humility, courage and poise.

Accessing our heart’s discernment and guidance enables us to create forward movement in personal growth and happiness. At times, when we get caught up in stress and drain energy, we can feel like we’re going backwards. As we practice putting more heart and conscious care into our interactions and keep our humility refreshed, then we advance with more ease, flow and much less stress.

HeartMath is dedicated to encouraging increased love, kindness, humility and compassion as a way of life to manifest peace and happiness in our personal, family and social life. We are firm believers that people will find their own directions to their purpose and increased fulfillment as they connect with their heart’s guiding wisdom when discerning choices, intentions and actions. We appreciate our alignment with you in our collective desires to create a better world. The individual part you play is equally as important as any other.

We would love to hear stories when you or someone you know experienced humility.

  • I admire Tom Kenyon greatly, just because he has this wonderful trait, amongst many others – humility, excellence and always credit to the Divine Feminine.
    He always tells us, he is just the pizza delivery man and he could do nothing without Judi his partner, Magdalen, Isis and many other female deities.

  • I have a deep friendship with a primordial tribe. When I would go to visit them every few years, I would always be struck by the overwhelming responsibility put on the shoulders of one young man,who was relatively new to this group of people. I criticized the chief many times and passed judgement, when I was with them, that too much was dependent on the ability of 1 person and it was not fair nor reasonable.
    When the chief passed away, as was their custom, they elected a new one, which had to be 100% vote of confidence. This young man was elected and I was totally humbled. He had to learn soooo much wisdom in such a short period of time. I was humbled by their ways and the Greater Intelligence of it all.

  • Kay Mitchell

    What you write, is so healing. Wonderful mind set, to live by and practice. It makes everything ok, for all of us. Everyone has access to it. So priceless. Thanks and blessings!! Kay

  • Mark Walch

    Hello Heartmath. I am feeling good about myself every day. Just by following your techniques and breathing


    Whoever possesses that profit, who has succeeded, the only creature different on earth is human, differs in perception and expression, from anything in any action, from the happiest people happier himself, that part of feeling and feeling comes from the heart, and the heart of human varies according to his life, Age, ideas, so the intentions vary by different issues between humans, they have one heart but they remain different

  • Lori T

    Hello! Got into Heartmath about a year ago and have been applying it to my animal communication work! It is thrilling to see the difference in the way animals respond when connecting to their hearts and minds! In trance animals heads droop, eyes half shut, they really get into it when they realize you’re seriously trying to communicate with them! It’s a very special experience and I am grateful to you folks for teaching the method! It has effected all aspects of my life and I am much happier when I stay in heart coherence!!

  • me

    This is beautiful, simple, and brings clarity to my heart. Love to you, HeartMath.

  • Sarah E Petty

    I’m interested in the topic of humility because I’ve been using it deliberately as a tool to improve what my law of attraction magnetizes. From studying AJ Miller’s material on humility (search YouTube for “divine truth humility”) I’ve accepted the definition of humility as “the desire to feel ALL my feelings, current daily ones and old suppressed ones from my childhood.” I’ve come to understand that there are only two categories of feelings: flowing ones (e-motions) or stuck ones. This commitment to humility includes locating stuck ones and turning them into flowing ones, not by discussing them but by experiencing them to the fullest as if I am at the age when they otiginally got suppressed. Every feeling that comes into our feeling self has a gift for us, but we only get the gift when the feeling is on the way out. The stuck feelings keep the gift locked up. Life is a lot happier and simpler now and my physical health has improved greatly.