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Inner Peace Through Inner Ease

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Inner Peace Through Inner Ease Blog

Inner Peace Through Inner Ease

We hope and pray to find peace in our lives when we are challenged by the trials that come our way. We seek to reach agreements for lasting peace between people and nations. We desire peace for ourselves and between all people and all nations.

We can help co-create an energetic field of peace as we choose peace within our own hearts. People around the world are joining together online to concentrate their efforts for world peace. The Global Care Room anonline room is a place to take a little extra time to become more peaceful within and radiate it out to the world.

Creating and expanding peace is an inside job.

There are many solutions, or paths to attainment each of these types of peace, which arguably are more valuable than all the world’s gold and the greatest palace ever constructed. You can sum up these solutions in two words, inner peace, or, as we often refer to it at HeartMath, inner ease. Inner peace/inner ease is there, not for the finding but rather for the creating.

The HeartMath Institute was founded in part on the principle that all individuals, groups and organizations are capable of creating their own peace from within. This is simply a matter of practicing simple easy-to-learn tools that take only a tiny fraction of the time that many of us spend on stressful responses to challenges in our daily lives.

Inner Peace through the State of Ease

There are, as we know, innumerable methods people have utilized through the millennia to create inner peace/inner ease. At HeartMath, one that we have found highly effective and which is based on our scientific research involves accessing what we call the state of ease.

The state of ease, as HeartMath founder Doc Childre explains in his booklet, The State of Ease, is a balance, alignment and cooperation between the heart, mind and emotions. This balance is known as coherence and it “promotes more intuitive connection with our highest potential for effective reasoning, discernment and interactions (with others).”

When there is coherent alignment between the heart, mind and emotions, Childre explains, “It’s easier to choose less stressful perceptions and attitudes and re-create ‘flow’ in our daily routines.”

How can we access the state of ease to create inner peace and inner ease? Again, people have tried and succeeded with many methods for this. HeartMath developed a tool called the Inner-Ease Technique that also has enjoyed great success with many people. Here are its four abbreviated steps and benefits, followed by a link for the complete text and details of the technique and its benefits.

Inner-Ease™ Technique

(abbreviated version)
1. When you are stressed, acknowledge your feelings.
2. Take a short time-out to do Heart-Focused Breathing.
3. Imagine with each breath that you are drawing in a feeling of inner-ease.
4. When the stressful feelings have calmed, affirm with a heartfelt commitment that you want to anchor and maintain the state of ease throughout your projects, challenges and daily interactions.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” –Dalai Lama

Benefits of inner ease/inner peace

1. Create flow in your day by helping to regulate the balance and cooperation between our heart, mind and emotions.
2. Attune your mental and emotional nature to the most reasonable and effective way for responding to situations in your life.
3. Helps prevent and eliminate much personal stress and promote faster recovery from stressful occurrences.
4. Very helpful and effective if used as a “prep” before engaging in potentially stressful situations.
5. Creates much easier navigation through challenges and resistances at their onset.
6. Enables using the heart’s intelligence in all interactions.

Find your inner peace/inner ease in whatever method you choose that works best for you. It is our fervent wish at HeartMath Institute that every individual, group and organization succeed in this. We believe the peace and ease we experience within is our greatest hope for peace without.

If you would like to practice the Inner-Ease Technique, here is a link with complete information about it and much more: The State of Ease booklet.

What are your experiences as you practice Inner Ease? Do you feel more peaceful? I would love to hear your comments.