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Unveiling the Global Consciousness Project 2.0: A Journey Towards Unity and Understanding

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Unveiling the Global Consciousness Project 2.0: A Journey Towards Unity and Understanding

What is the Global Consciousness Project 2.0?

The Global Consciousness Project 2.0 (GCP 2.0) is a research-based journey into understanding the depths of our connection with the world around us. By delving into the intricate relationship between individual and global consciousness, the project seeks to explain how our shared experiences and intentions can shape our world – even helping to bridge divides and promote greater care and well-being globally.

As we examine the impacts of large-scale emotional events and collective heart-focused meditations on the global consciousness field, it encourages us to ponder our own capacity to influence positive change on a grand scale and inspires us to envision a world where our collective heart-based intentions pave the way for a brighter future for humanity.

Why do we need GCP 2.0?

As humans, we are "see it to believe it" creatures. We often want tangible evidence to believe in the unseen. While scientific evidence suggests we live in an ever-changing, interconnected field of global consciousness, there is currently no way for us to "see" this incredible field – or understand the effects our individual intentions, emotions, and actions have on each other and on the field. When people truly begin to understand the potential of our unseen yet powerful interconnectivity, humanity can start to heal and thrive.

Understanding Global Interconnectedness

HeartMath Institute (HMI) research has revealed some profound insights into the interconnected nature of human consciousness. Through studies on the heart’s magnetic field, we have discovered that this field extends beyond the body, influencing others in its vicinity. This occurrence suggests a deeper level of connection that transcends individual boundaries.

Ongoing investigations into the Earth’s magnetic field have revealed its potential role as a carrier of vital information, linking all living systems. This research exploration can deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness that unites humans, nature, and the planet.

Unveiling the Power of Human Consciousness

GCP 2.0 aims to demystify interconnectivity by using specialized technology to measure the impact of shared human experiences on global consciousness. By measuring shifts in a network of random number generators (RNGs) hosted by citizen scientists worldwide, researchers are beginning to uncover the true impact of individual and collective consciousness on the world.

Global Consciousness Project 2.0

This research isn’t just about scientific data; it’s about understanding the true power of the human heart, brain, and consciousness. By studying the correlations between human experiences and shifts in global consciousness, we can gain valuable insights into our interconnected nature and the potential we all possess for creating positive change.

Opportunities for Participation

Wondering how you can actively engage in this pioneering research? There are several ways you can participate in the Global Consciousness Project 2.0:

  • Become a Citizen Scientist: Host an RNG or help us complete the global network by funding a cluster of RNGs that will allow new research questions to be answered. We have chosen 25 large cities and areas of spiritual significance in which to deploy clusters of 20 RNGs.
  • Help Fund the Research: Support the project financially to ensure its continued success.
  • Participate in Heart-Coherence Meditations: Join small groups or larger global groups doing heart-coherence meditations to add love and compassion to the global consciousness field.
  • Stay Connected: Sign up to receive invitations for group meditations or community updates by Registering here.

Measuring The Real-Time Effect of Major Events on Global Consciousness

One of the most compelling aspects of GCP 2.0 is its ability to view the impact of significant global events on global consciousness. For example, researchers observed distinct shifts in the GCP 2.0 network during the Israel-Hamas conflict corresponding to the escalation of hostilities. By analyzing data from the RNGs, they were able to demonstrate how human experiences influenced the collective consciousness on a global scale. Watching such tragic events unfold has been heartbreaking for millions around the world, and the RNG data reflects the significant global impact these events had on collective consciousness.

Middle East Conflict - Oct 7, 0223

Hamas attack on Israel began at sunrise on the 7th of October, about 06:30 local time. Israel countered with airstrikes on Gaza on the same day. This graph shows 24 hours beginning at 06:00.

The Power of Heart-Centered Intentions

In addition to studying major global events, GCP 2.0 explores how our heart-centered intentions may affect global consciousness. Through data collected from heart-coherent individuals, our researchers have observed the profound impact of love, compassion, and unity on global coherence. This highlights the transformative potential of positive intentions in fostering peace and harmony worldwide.

In one study, Next Gen Random Number Generators in the GCP 2.0 network were used to measure around 2,000 individuals radiating heart-coherent love and compassion with the intention to raise the baseline consciousness of humanity. HMI’s Director of Research, Rollin McCraty, led everyone in a Heart Coherence Meditation during the event. This and similar experiments found that relatively small, heart-coherent groups appeared to positively affect the global field.

The 1 Field and HeartMath Experiment

Network Coherence significantly increases, starting with the meditation.

To answer research questions such as: "How do large scale shared emotional experiences such as tragedies or mass meditations impact humanity and nature?" and "Could our caring collective intentions shift the global consciousness field enough to create a better world for all of humanity?" – GCP 2.0 will deploy a total of 1,000 new RNGs, half of which will be located in clusters of 20 RNG devices in 25 of the world’s larger cities. The other half will be un-clustered, spread around the world in smaller cities, towns, and rural locations.

We invite you to apply to become a citizen scientist and host a NextGen RNG device! As there will only be 1,000 RNG devices around the planet, we are managing distribution through an application process. To find out more and how to apply, click here.

Please note we only have a few slots left in the United States and can only accept U.S. applications for hosting an RNG in any of the following locations:

  • The greater Los Angeles area, including Burbank, Pasadena, Alhambra, Downey, Compton, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Culver City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Glendale.
  • New York City, including the five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, plus West Long Island and the surrounding New Jersey area of Jersey City and Newark.
  • We also need a few more in the central U.S. (Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri, or Arkansas).

As a number of cluster cities are located in areas of the world where many people cannot afford a device, we invite those who can to fund a cluster of 20 RNG devices, or to fund one or more RNG devices in any country of your choice.

Cluster Cities

If you’re inspired to be part of this heart-centered movement, please visit the GCP 2.0 beta site. Together, we can plant seeds of coherence throughout the world.

Join the Movement Toward Unity

As we navigate the complexities of our modern world, initiatives like the Global Consciousness Project 2.0 remind us that we are all connected at the deepest levels. By understanding the ripple effects of our intentions, emotions, and actions, we can work toward a more peaceful, unified planet.

For over three decades, HeartMath Institute has embraced the understanding that developing a higher level of consciousness through scientific insight and heart-centered tools can open the door to deep, lasting solutions that truly make a difference. We are committed to using our resources and knowledge to enhance the well-being of all.

In 2024, we are focusing on furthering the Global Consciousness Project 2.0. This project is essential in today’s divided world. It can help bridge separation and promote care and well-being globally. We believe it can lead to a shift toward a more compassionate, sustainable, and peaceful planet.

Your support today will directly help HMI scientists complete the GCP 2.0 network and advance this important research.

Your involvement is a symbol of hope and a facilitator for personal and global change. If you wish to contribute to the advancement of GCP 2.0,

Join us as we work together to increase heart coherence in our lives and in our world.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Global Consciousness Project 2.0, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Please contact Jackie Waterman at

We look forward to hearing from you!