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A Field View of Reality to Explain Human Interconnectedness

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A Field View of Reality to Explain Human Interconnectedness Blog
“It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man.” –Henry David Thoreau

A Field View of Reality to Explain Human Interconnectedness

Is it true the physical world we see with our eyes is the essence or nature of reality? For much of human history, this is what scientists and most people around the world have believed. More recently, however, another view of reality has emerged, one the authors of HeartMath’s new e-book, the Science of Interconnectivity, † contrast with the historic view.

“Classical physics conceived of reality as elementary building blocks made up of solid objects, separated by empty space,” the authors explain. “This view continues to be most people’s view of reality, including scientists.”

In contrast, they write, “Physical objects cannot be understood, or observed in isolation, but rather must be viewed as part of a holistic web of interconnectedness in which fields and relationships are pivotal.”

This new view, which HeartMath Institute’s Dr. Rollin McCraty and Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. refer to in their e-book as the “field view of reality,” is shared by a growing number of scientists around the world who are engaged in actively researching it.

The understanding of the world we live in profoundly shifted,” McCraty stated for this article, “after the discovery of electromagnetic fields and the experimental validation of modern quantum physics.” These have helped to give rise to the field view of reality.

“We can no longer think of reality as little building blocks separated by an empty space,” he said. “We now know there is no such thing as empty space and that physical objects, including us, do not exist in isolation, but are part of this holistic web of interconnectedness in which fields and relationships are primary.”

HeartMath and the Field View of Reality

The field view ties in closely with research at HeartMath Institute (HMI). The institute has conducted experiments for a number of years to demonstrate the ways in which people are connected with one another through their own individual magnetic fields, which are generated primarily by the brain and, although much more so, the heart.

Examples of these experiments include measurements of an infant’s heart rhythm registering in the brain waves of its mother, and the heart-rhythm coherence of a boy corresponding to an increase in his dog’s heart-rhythm coherence.

In the latter example, a boy and dog were placed in a room together. Then the boy moved to a separate room, which resulted in the dog experiencing chaotic and incoherent heart rhythms, in contrast to when it and the boy were in the same room. The boy was instructed to use a coherence technique to consciously feel feelings of love and care for his dog, which he did after re-entering the room with the dog, while having no physical contact with it. The dog’s heart-rhythm coherence increased significantly.

Through its Global Coherence Initiative, HeartMath also has had success in demonstrating some of the health and behavioral effects of activity in Earth’s magnetic fields.

Other scientists have studied solar and geomagnetic activity and correlated it to changes in blood pressure, blood composition and the physical and chemical state of humans. There are many documented cases in which researchers have attributed increased rates of depression, heart attacks and debilitating conditions to solar and Earth magnetic field activity. (You can learn more about the Global Coherence Initiative and its work at GCI Research.)

Field View of Reality and A Theory of Everything

Besides being the title of the popular 2014 film about physicist Stephen Hawking, a “theory of everything” also arguably is the Holy Grail of modern physics. Simply explained, physicists hope such a theory, which is more formally referred to as a grand unified theory, would fully explain and link together all physical aspects of the universe.

Now, such an ambitious endeavor, which many physicists project may actually be successful within decades, naturally is far more complicated than the brief description above. The notion of a link, or connection between everything, however, suffices to convey one of its primary purposes, which happens to be a shared purpose with HeartMath’s own research.

Connectedness, or what HMI calls interconnectedness, is an important and primary area of interest today at HeartMath and its Global Coherence Initiative (GCI). This interest has led their scientists in several directions as they explore and seek to validate the central hypotheses they have formulated in their interconnectedness studies.

1. Human and animal health, cognitive functions, emotions and behavior are affected by planetary magnetic and energetic fields.

2. The earth’s magnetic fields are carriers of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems.

3. Each individual affects the global information field.

4. Large numbers of people creating heart-centered states of care, love and compassion will generate a more coherent field environment that can benefit others and help offset the current planetwide discord and incoherence.

As today’s physicists pursue a unified theory that would explain and link together all physical aspects of our universe, HeartMath will continue expanding on its work in the realm of a field view of reality and the interconnectedness of all living things.

“New perspectives are emerging that suggest nonmaterial fields organize and in-form all organisms, including key aspects of our thoughts, emotions and intuitions,” McCraty said. “It is exciting to see new data coming out of our research that shows that we really are deeply connected with each other and with fields of the earth.”

The Science of Interconnectivity e-book is expected to be released around mid-July and will be available for purchase in HeartMath Institute’s online bookstore. Contributors to the current Tree Research Project, which is part of HMI’s ongoing interconnectedness research, can receive a free copy of the e-book. Learn how.

  • Hello from beautiful Montana, thanks so much for caring and sharing this amazing truth. When we read or see this,our hearts resonate.
    Judy Helm Wright, Intuitive Wise Woman

  • Here is the enlgish translation :
    Hello good morning, my most sincere signs of gratitude for this wonderful work and dedication in so laudable work, is rewarding and valuable information obtained in their studies, as a supporter of you makes about 2 years for the particular interest of how each of us can influence the improvement of our behavior and how we relate to the environment. It is clear that our emotions and attitudes influence the environment that surrounds us, impacting our health and that of other persons. I’d like to be able to continue to count on you. Thank you very much, that the blessings of the Holy Spirit always accompany them and them the inspiration and the strength to achieve their goals for the good of humanity. Luis Armando

  • MichaelAngemeer

    I like a particular type of music, called Trance. The community that listens to this music seems to be more connected to each than other groups that listen to other genres of music Is it possible that the composition and bpm of this music is enhancing this connection?

    • Rose Corrêa

      Ive heard that eletronic music seems like the heart beating, that is why we connect more with it…and usually it makes us shake/dance naturally

  • Loreto E. Torres

    I had just been watching a new Gaia series titled “Missing Link” by Greg Braden. The first video presents the idea that human life is connected to the confluence of three natural massive cycles of change — climate, economy, human conflict; all of which, in turn, has direct correlation to the natural movement of earth and incidence of sunspots.

    This is fascinating! I have not heard, until now, how these ideas are correlated based on the scientific data presented.

    On a global scale, that video supports the “interconnectedness” and the “field view of reality”.

  • Rose Corrêa

    Amazing the way we are all trully connected with the universe, and how it affects it in both ways..I do believe in the power of the heart, emotions and instinct, all much more genuine than this system values we all try to adapt ourselves called capitalism, society, religion and things the science could test and confirm…

  • Explore the numerous free resources, coherence tools and techniques to share with others. There are tools for adults and children of all ages.

    As far as science, you could print and show people The Mysteries of the Heart Info-graphic:

    Thank you for asking and sharing.