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You Can Change Your DNA

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You Can Change Your DNA

When we are born, the deoxyribonucleic acid/DNA in our bodies contains the blueprints for who we are and instructions for who we will become. For example, it can tell our eyes to eventually turn from blue at birth to hazel later on, our length to grow from 20 inches to 70 and direct a multitude of other changes over the course of our lives.

Many people have mistakenly believed that the DNA with which we are born is the sole determinant for who we are and will become, but scientists have understood for decades that this genetic determinism is a flawed theory.

The field of epigenetics refers to the science that studies how the development, functioning and evolution of biological systems are influenced by forces operating outside the DNA sequence, including intracellular, environmental and energetic influences.

You Can change Your DNA Epigentetics chart

Since the 1950s scientists have accepted that epigenetic influence is critical in our development. Epi – Greek for “besides” – combines with the word, genetics, to essentially mean “something more than genetics.” That “something more” is widely held today to refer to our environment – thus meaning that our genetic code and the environment in which we develop determine who and what we are.

Researchers have shown through studies that epigenetics entails even more than DNA and the places where we live, the climate around us and all the twists, turns and hard knocks of our lives.

HeartMath deems integral elements of the model for who we are and what we can be are the thoughts, feelings and intentions we have every day. After two decades of studies, HeartMath researchers say other factors such as the appreciation and love we have for someone or the anger and anxiety we feel also influence and can alter the outcomes of each individual’s DNA blueprint.

Stem cell biologist and bestselling author Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.,says the distinction between genetic determinism and epigenetics is important.

“The difference between these two is significant because this fundamental belief called genetic determinism literally means that our lives, which are defined as our physical, physiological and emotional behavioral traits, are controlled by the genetic code,” Lipton said in an interview with the online magazine, Superconsciousness. “This kind of belief system provides a visual picture of people being victims: If the genes control our life function, then our lives are being controlled by things outside of our ability to change them. This leads to victimization that the illnesses and diseases that run in families are propagated through the passing of genes associated with those attributes. Laboratory evidence shows this is not true.”

A Steady Diet of Quantum Nutrients

“When we have negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and dislike or hate, or think negative thoughts such as ‘I hate my job,’ ‘I don’t like so and so’ or ‘Who does he think he is?’, we experience stress and our energy reserves are redirected,” an article on HMI’s website explains. This causes a portion of our energy reserves, which otherwise would be put to work maintaining, repairing and regenerating our complex biological systems, to instead confront the stresses these negative thoughts and feelings create.

“In contrast,” the article continues, “when we activate the power of our hearts’ commitment and intentionally have sincere feelings such as appreciation, care and love, we allow our hearts’ electrical energy to work for us. Consciously choosing a core heart feeling over a negative one means instead of the drain and damage stress causes to our bodies’ systems, we are renewed mentally, physically and emotionally. The more we do this the better we’re able to ward off stress and energy drains in the future. Heartfelt positive feelings fortify our energy systems and nourish the body at the cellular level. At HeartMath we call these emotions quantum nutrients.”

In simple terms most people can relate to, what this means is that when we are having a bad day, going through a rough period such as dealing with the sickness of a loved one or coping with financial troubles, we can actually influence our bodies – all the way down to the cellular level – by intentionally thinking positive thoughts and focusing on positive emotions.

Changing DNA Through Intention

The power of intentional thoughts and emotions goes beyond theory at the HeartMath Institute. In a study, researchers have tested this idea and proven its veracity.

HeartMath researchers have gone so far as to show that physical aspects of DNA strands could be influenced by human intention. The article, Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention – McCraty, Atkinson, Tomasino, 2003 – describes experiments that achieved such results.

For example, an individual holding three DNA samples was directed to generate heart coherence – a beneficial state of mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony – with the aid of a HeartMath technique that utilizes heart breathing and intentional positive emotions. The individual succeeded, as instructed, to intentionally and simultaniously unwind two of the DNA samples to different extents and leave the third unchanged.

“The results provide experimental evidence to support the hypothesis that aspects of the DNA molecule can be altered through intentionality,” the article states. “The data indicate that when individuals are in a heart-focused, loving state and in a more coherent mode of physiological functioning, they have a greater ability to alter the conformation of DNA.

“Individuals capable of generating high ratios of heart coherence were able to alter DNA conformation according to their intention. … Control group participants showed low ratios of heart coherence and were unable to intentionally alter the conformation of DNA.”

Heart Intelligence, the Unifying Factor

The influence or control individuals can have on their DNA – who and what they are and will become – is further illuminated in HeartMath founder Doc Childre’s theory of heart intelligence. Childre postulates that “an energetic connection or coupling of information” occurs between the DNA in cells and higher dimensional structures – the higher self or spirit.

Childre further postulates, “The heart serves as a key access point through which information originating in the higher dimensional structures is coupled into the physical human system (including DNA), and that states of heart coherence generated through experiencing heartfelt positive emotions increase this coupling.”

The heart, which generates a much stronger electromagnetic field than the brain’s, provides the energetic field that binds together the higher dimensional structures and the body’s many systems as well as its DNA.

Childre’s theory of heart intelligence proposes that “individuals who are able to maintain states of heart coherence have increased coupling to the higher dimensional structures and would thus be more able to produce changes in the DNA.”

Read more about quantum nutrients at Solution for Energy.

  • James

    Might there be a “Metablueprint”, even above our individual consciousness? I call it God, some might call it a Universal Field of Intention, which determines not so much the small details of what we are to be, but which establishes a general direction for transformation. A good example for it in my mind would be the Arrow of Time which determines the general flow of things, but not necessarily the particulars of how to get there. One would have to factor in this concept of “direction of flow” as the blueprint if one is to keep the notion of free will!

    • CarnactheMagnificent

      Yes, Well stated, “direction of flow” riding atop the “arrow of time” toward joy or peace!!!

    • DNA(splicer)

      Could we just go with one article being created about science that God isn’t mentioned in on the comment section.

      We have no physical or visual proof of “god” and if he exist he is the worse parent Ever, he is a douchebag

      • Anti Liberalist

        No. Don’t be an intolerant bigot. We’re forced to learn evotardism in schools, so you can accept our comments about Jesus.

        • DNA(splicer)

          The universe has all the answers there we just don’t have all the mathematical formulas to answer them all. However in time we will find them and develop them in order to answer these questions. Science and technological advancements are increasing exponentially and we will have the ability to do marvelous things that our ancestors would have thought it was magic.

          Your god will never be proven ever, you may laugh at science but without my science you would have been dead by now. A simple cut, a simple flu would have wiped you from this planet during your first year if life. God didn’t save you, humans did with their creation of science never forget that and that is 100% solid proof that you cannot deny no matter how mentally insane or stupid you may be.

          That’s why Steve jobs died because he refused science instead of stupid remedies.

          • ReBalancingAct

            If you expand your reach through the scientific world out there, your limited concept of “scientific worldview’ will have to alter. Right now what you think of science is not the totality. Hygiene and a working immune system must not be confused with human-generated scientific creation. Once you are aware, you’ll be less likely to denounce what science has been busy proving.

  • Esteban Clouthier

    I think combining epigenetic and biocentrism can start a conscious revolution on earth.

    • Fausto Orazi

      This is the target of our Biocentrism, in action now in Italy. We are changing old civilization, based on biblic antrhopocentris to rational laical Biocentrism.
      We are already about 1 billion people on the Planet,
      If interested ask me contact on Fb.
      Avatar with Pit Bull Reia. <3

  • In cae you are interested, here are some resources about DNA and reprogramming on HMI’s site,

    DNA and Cell Reprogramming via Epigenetic Information Delivered by Magnetic Fields, Sound Vibrations and Coherent Water webinar and transcript with Dr. Carlo Ventura, M.D., and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

    Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention research paper by R. McCraty, M. Atkinson, D. Tomasino

    The Biology of Belief: Mind Over Genes Teleseminar with Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

  • Kathy Allen

    Jesus brought us new DNA, that is why he did not have an earthly father! Father in heaven, we are yours!

    • Cầm Nguyễn

      with your logic ,he also bought us ebola , HIV , and many other things

      • Kathy Allen

        Evidently you don’t “know” him. What a waste of your earthly time.

      • Sanura Moon

        Those diseases were caused my humans and so is cancer.

        • Fausto Orazi

          God, if exist, is the Absolute Criminal.
          No one would create life founded on the slaugthering of others lives.
          Dont U?

          • ReBalancingAct

            Wayward Humans create the problems, Fausto. And all they have to do to correct that problem is to let go of ego and attachments, as per the advocacy of every enlightened human that’s ever served on this planet.

    • J Logan

      Jesus set pure loving example of the way to the highest vibration of light between the “darkness” of hate & the “light” of real love ” fields” ..I ponder ..maybe..!

    • ReBalancingAct

      Ummm – if he brought new DNA, how does anyone make claim to inherit it if he fathered no children?

  • Is there physical evidence where the same person’s DNA was tested at a young age then again at an old age and the results were different?

    I think such a result would really help solidify your claim.

  • Hamza Khalid Khan

    So does that mean we can have the characters of a spider??
    To become a spider man??
    I mean can we interchange human DNA with tat of spider’s??

    • Hitesh Shakya

      Absolutely. Last statement isn’t appropriate. You must rather say, your dna can be altered in order to acquire any kind of super power of spiderman, superman, hanuman, krishna, jesus, hulk etc.

      • Stephen Richards

        You mean that people can transform into animals?

  • Our genetic code is just a blueprint that can be interpreted in millions of different ways.
    It’s not that we have a faulty DNA as traditional doctors want us to believe, it’s toxicity that alters the DNA.

    “Within each of us there’s a spark that can light the way to health. There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.” — Bernie Siegel, MD

  • kk rousseau

    Please tell me what HMI means. I’m snagged at that uncited reference. Thanks!

  • Lizzi McD

    This is AWEsome information and makes total sense.

  • Brent Brown

    Hello hearts of the world! This is wonderful information and I do not wish to have any debate about the information. Epigenetics makes a point about gene expression due to the environment of the blood and I am aware of the abilities of the heart and brain to alter that chemistry of the blood through or thoughts and intentions especially if backed by heart felt emotions. I feel very strongly about protecting the environment of the blood as an extra measure from all sources of toxins possible such as herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, aspartame, msg, vaccines, etc on and on. Does anyone believe that we could consume all this stuff and not have altered our gene expression?

  • Lucy Mae

    Quantum Nutrients? Oh puhleeze. We geeks puke over the trendy use of the word, quantum. Are there any references to all these claims? However, even as an atheist, I see some merit in embracing a positive attitude and the struggle with drinking the poison of negative thinking.

  • Philip McAuley

    I studied Philosophy for a number of years. Couldnt get my head around
    the concept of the human robot.

    Yet we are robots just organic robots and having f**ked up genes is one way of describing the human animal.

    I believe in the research of changing
    Ones D.N.A.

    • El lobo

      We are NOT robots…..thats just it. Thats what this article is saying, you can change your DNA……However, if you think you are, you are….beliefs are powerful things

  • Stephen Richards

    Does love, through changing people’s DNA identities, actually hide people from each other, causing relationship break-ups? If so, how do I stay lovingly together with my own lover?