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HeartMath Institute
Solution for Energy

HeartMath Institute’s long years of scientific research and clinical trials have helped improve thousands of people’s lives worldwide.

Whether you, a friend, or loved one is seeking help for job stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness or another stressful condition, you will find proven, easy-to-use and free solutions here.

Beyond taking care of yourself through diet, exercise and proper rest, are you also paying mind to your quantum nutrients? These are what HeartMath Institute calls the heartfelt positive feelings that fortify our energy systems and nourish our bodies at the cellular level.

Many researchers say our thoughts and feelings are as important as the food and drink we consume, that our mental and emotional diets determine our energy levels, health and well-being more than we realize.

We know you want to wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energized and to feel great at the end of the day too. So, start nourishing your life with more of those quantum nutrients. It’s easy and HeartMath can help.

Researching Your Energy System

Your body is an amazing energy system, constantly expending, replenishing and storing energy. Ideally, you want lots of it – for the things you have to do and the things you want to do. What you’ll need is a well-maintained energy system.

Again diet, exercise and rest are critical, but HMI research shows you can take your energy system to a new level of efficiency by taking control of your emotions and creating heart-rhythm coherence. Our studies in which participants’ heart-rhythm patterns are monitored while they intentionally feel negative versus positive emotions reveal striking contrasts in their patterns.

Negative emotions such as anger and anxiety or negative thoughts such as "I hate working" caused erratic or imbalanced heart-rhythm patterns. The patterns of participants who activated positive, sincere feelings like compassion, appreciation or love quickly became smooth and balanced. They were actually raising their heart coherence, an optimal mental, emotional and physical state.

All those negative thoughts and feelings drain our energy, sometimes severely. Most people can relate to how worn out prolonged negative thoughts and feelings make them feel. That’s because they sap the energy out of so many of the bodies’ processes, especially the immune system, thus putting your health at risk.

Compare that to how a simple act of compassion, performing a kindness for someone in need, or appreciating a loved one makes you feel. You can practically feel the new energy building inside. These emotions along with care, love and courage among others are called the heart emotions. The positive energy they create can be exhilarating. Scientists and doctors today even are amazed by their healing qualities.

Psychophysiological Correlates of Spiritual Experience

Read what researchers say about the effects of heartfelt positive emotions on spiritual energy and experiences. Click to read.

A HeartMath Tip

An easy way to ensure a well-maintained energy system is to take an inventory of where you’re spending yours. Here’s a scientifically tested HeartMath tool you can use.

Asset/Deficit Balance Sheet
  1. On the top half of a sheet of paper, write "Assets." On the bottom half, write "Deficits." As you make your lists, be prepared to consider the effects on family, work and personal balance, and the negative consequences of each event.
  2. Under Assets, list the positive events, conversations and interactions of the last few days, things that made you happy and gave you energy. Write how each asset, including ongoing ones – the quality of interactions with your friends, family, working environment, etc. – made you feel.
  3. Under Deficits, list issues, conflicts and events in the period that were negative or draining, including conversations and events that turned from good to bad, for whatever reason, and how they made you feel.
  4. Now, step back and, from you heart, note which deficits could have been neutralized or turned into assets at the time and still could be turned into assets, look for repeating patterns and write your insights and conclusions.
Benefits of Positive Energy
  • Energy used for positive purposes replenishes itself.
  • Look and feel mentally, physically, emotionally healthier.
  • Slows the effects of aging.


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Learn how the emWave Pro can help you increase heart coherence and energy.

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