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The Importance of Anchoring Your Insights

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Importance of Anchoring Your Insights man

The Importance of Anchoring Your Insights Acting on Intuitive Inspirations and Insights Before the Initial Energy Fades

Global stress is on the rise. Waves of emotional turbulence modulate throughout the planet, resulting from our collective emotional responses to droughts, floods, hunger, world stage instability and on. These stress waves get powerfully stirred and amplified by the media, which sustains a collective uneasiness that can dampen how we think, feel, and respond to life’s interactions – especially on the emotional level. The internal turbulence caused by these waves of stress can be offset.

We can help with this by getting into a quiet space and asking our heart daily to draw to us inspirations, tools and common-sense insights for reducing our stress. We often get inspirations and intentions to use certain techniques we already know that could help prevent and reduce our stress load. Yet it is easy to fall short of grounding them via practice.

Heart Commitment

Sometimes our intuitive inspiration suggests to us new tools or information that could help us reduce and manage energy-draining habits, such as impatience, frustration, anger, or the struggle with choices. However, our initial inspirations can soon fade unless we learn how to anchor them into our memory recall for when we need them. The trick to anchoring is to consciously practice new tools several times a day for a week so that they begin to show up automatically when needed.

Inspiration is a packet of free energetic initiative – but with a timer on it. As we act on the first nudge of inspiration, we can beat the human tendency to waste that gift of free initiative from our heart’s intuition. Sometimes it’s many moons before an important inspiration returns if we miss it on the first pass.

The internet offers many simple techniques that can help us with the obvious energy drains, such as anxiety, impatience, anger, frustration, overload, and more. But we have to put our heart into our commitment to bring our inspirations to the street.

Important Steps to Remember for Anchoring Inspirations and Insights

  • Act on your inspirations and insights soon after experiencing them. Procrastination allows the free energy boost from inspiration to fade – which makes your intentions increasingly harder.

    Go beyond "I know I should" and make it happen – because you experience the energy savings, and especially the benefits from stress reduction.

  • Revisit your commitment to practicing new intentions throughout the day and occasionally breathe in the feeling and memory associated with it. This will increase the strength and resilience of your intention.
  • Remember: Using any new tool each day for a week (or more) anchors in your new habit, which will soon become an automatic response.
  • Appreciate any positive benefits, as reinforcement lifts the spirit of your commitment.

Let’s close with a helpful tool, especially for these times of change.

A Practice for Reducing Anxiety

Practice radiating love and care to others, to nature, quietly in meetings, to pets, etc. This calms and softens your mental and emotional energy, which reduces types of anxiety and brain fog caused by pressured thinking. The increase of pressured thinking makes up a large part of our stress deficit. This tool can help with this and much more.