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The Genius of Empathy and Compassion

May 21, 2024 Episode #76 Guest: Judith Orloff, M.D.

The world can feel so uncertain these days. The stress can leave us drained, worried, or even hopeless. But what if there is a healthier way to navigate through this?

This episode explores the power of empathy and compassion with Dr. Judith Orloff, a bestselling author and UCLA psychiatrist. Her book, "The Genius of Empathy," explains how cultivating these heart qualities isn’t just noble, it’s a smart way to process our challenges.

Judith addresses important questions like how can we begin to feel empathy for someone if we don’t like them. She and our host Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., talk about the science of why empathy and compassion offer powerful healing effects and are regenerative for you, the people you interact with, as well as the greater world.

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They explain why compassion can be misunderstood as a cover-all word for pity, excessive worry, or unmanaged empathy when we get sucked into other’s problems and drain our energy. Many people listening will appreciate Judith and Deborah for addressing the question, how can we learn to have empathy without absorbing someone else’s pain?

They also discuss how empathy and compassion work in tandem to combat polarization and blame. Judith and Deborah agree, it’s empathy and compassion that will finally bridge our societal divides and create real solutions. Hear what they say about this.

The episode concludes with a guided meditation led by Deborah to help you connect with your heart and cultivate balanced empathy and compassion. Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and practical wisdom for moving through our world with a more hopeful outlook.

About Our Guest

Judith Orloff, M.D., is a psychiatrist, an empath, and author of the new book, The Genius of Empathy (with a foreword by the Dalai Lama), which offers powerful skills to tap into empathy as a daily healing practice in your life and relationships. She also wrote The Empath’s Survival Guide and Emotional Freedom. Dr. Orloff is a New York Times bestselling author and a UCLA clinical faculty member. She synthesizes the pearls of conventional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. Dr. Orloff specializes in treating highly sensitive people in her private practice. She has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Oprah Magazine, and the New York Times.

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Can Love & Compassion Literally Change the World?

Join Our Global Heart Experiment & Find Out

April 16, 2024 Episode #75 Guest: Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Are we truly interconnected? Can our thoughts and emotions impact the world around us?

In this episode, our host, Deborah Rozman, talks with Rollin McCraty, Director of Research for the HeartMath Institute. Rollin and Deborah discuss exciting research that’s exploring the link between heart rhythm coherence, the Earth’s magnetic field, and humanity’s collective energy.

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Rollin talks about a new citizen science project and inviting people around the world (including our podcast listeners) to participate in a collective heart focused meditation experiment radiating love and compassion into the Earth’s magnetic field that will be happening in May 2024. You’ll hear about how this groundbreaking citizen science experiment will utilize a global network of sensors to detect subtle shifts in the Earth’s magnetic field and how these shifts may contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious planet. Rollin explains how this experiment is part of HeartMath’s Institute’s Global Consciousness Project 2.0 and the hypothesis that shifts in Earth’s magnetic field may be linked to human consciousness.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the world situation, be sure to listen in and experience the hope that this new research provides. The podcast closes with a guided collective heart meditation to cultivate more heart coherence in yourself and co-create a reservoir of coherent heart energy that we can all tap into when we need an uplift.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who believes in the power of love and compassion to create positive change in our world.

About Our Guest

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Director of Research at HeartMath, pioneers the heart’s impact on well-being. His research redefines health, behavior, and quality of life, extending to the Global Coherence Initiative, promoting interconnectedness. Rollin’s media presence inspires deeper connections within ourselves and the world.

Rollin McCraty will explore our interconnectedness with the Earth’s magnetic field, the significance of love and compassion, and the Global Consciousness Project 2.0 and its potential benefits to humanity.

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Join the 30‑Day Coherence Challenge

March 19, 2024 Episode #74 Guests: Kyle Boyd and Leah Rush

Be inspired as Kyle Boyd and Leah Rush share their remarkable story to heart coherence. Motivated by his deep desire to overcome intense anxiety, Kyle stumbled upon a life-changing solution. While exploring YouTube, he discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza talking about something called "heart coherence" to tap into our heart’s power and potential to shift out of anxiety and into a life of gratitude and peace.

Deeply wanting that for himself, Kyle looked into how he could commit to practicing heart coherence for 30 days straight to help change his chronic anxiety. Leah joined him for support, thinking, "I can commit to something for 30 days…Let’s see if this works." What started as their personal quest for more inner peace quickly snowballed into something much greater. Little did they know that their experience would start a momentum, inspiring over 50,000 individuals to join them in 30-day heart coherence challenges to release unwanted habits and open their hearts to joy and fulfillment.

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Join us as Kyle and Leah recount their transformative experiences and talk about the next 30-Day Heart Coherence Challenge, where we can join with others to build heart momentum in our own lives.

Listen in and learn how you can be part of this groundbreaking initiative and embark on your own journey toward greater coherence, well-being, and connection. Join the movement and transform your life from the inside out!

This episode concludes with a guided heart coherence meditation to amplify the heart energy flowing through your system.

About Our Guests

Kyle Boyd and Leah Rush are the creators of the growing 30-Day Heart Coherence Challenge on Facebook and YouTube and the Heart Coherence Collaborative on YouTube. Kyle is also a HeartMath® certified trainer. He creates heart-focused fellowships, facilitates men’s circles, and focuses on using the heart for reality, creation, recovery, relation, improvement, and igniting purpose, all the things that the heart can empower. Leah is a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner helping women with trauma, anxiety, habit changes, and learning to self-love and trust their femininity.

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The Viral Potential of Heart and How You Can Help

February 20, 2024 Episode #73 Guests: Howard Martin and Owen Ward

In this inspiring dialogue led by Deborah Rozman, HeartMath executives Howard Martin and Owen Ward discuss the potential of love and the need for heart intelligence amidst the turbulence of our modern world. They navigate the evolving collective consciousness, recognizing humanity’s growing desire for connection and the guidance of love in daily life.

Amidst the escalating chaos and stress, they emphasize the pivotal role of HeartMath in promoting heart coherence and amplifying the essence of love through both scientific and practical approaches. Also, they delve into how stress is fueling a keen desire for the intelligence of love.

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Owen discusses the ripple effect of heartful moments, demonstrating how individual acts of love can lead to transformative life changes and how collective practices can shift the direction of our planet. Millions are awakening to the need of manifesting more love in their lives, relationships, communities, and the global sphere.

Concluding with a heart-centered meditation led by Deborah, the episode encourages practices to cultivate love within our mental, emotional, and physical realms, serving as a reservoir of heart energy for moments of overwhelm or when heart guidance is needed.

This conversation explores how nurturing a deeper connection with the heart within ourselves and others can spread virally, creating healing and unity essential for sustainable global progress.

About Our Guests

Howard Martin is Executive Vice President of HeartMath Inc. He’s been instrumental in assisting Doc Childre in the development and teaching of HeartMath’s programs since its inception. Howard speaks internationally on the HeartMath approach to advancing human awareness based on compelling scientific research linking heart function with health, emotional well-being and intelligence. Howard is the co-author with Doc Childre of The HeartMath Solution, and co-author of the book, Heart Intelligence.

Owen Ward serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at HeartMath Inc., where his journey of personal transformation through HeartMath practices has ignited a deep-hearted passion to empower people worldwide to harness the intelligence of their hearts. Owen is one of the principal architects behind the innovative HeartMath app, and oversees HeartMath’s strategic direction and marketing initiatives. Prior to joining HeartMath, Owen’s career was marked by a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures and investments.

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Meeting the World with Courage, Clarity and Compassion

January 16, 2024 Episode #72 Guest: Oren Jay Sofer

Our guest, Oren Jay Sofer, is a former Buddhist monk and author of the newly released book, Your Heart Was Made for This; Contemplative Practices for Meeting a World in Crisis with Courage, Integrity, and Love. Oren talks with us about the crucial importance of awakening the natural and powerful capacities for transformation that reside within each person’s heart, especially during this very tumultuous time in our world.

Oren opens up to Deborah Rozman, our host, about how Buddhist teachings talk about qualities of the heart as resources that empower a different and more enlightened consciousness. Oren shares the heart qualities that were access points to his own transformation and how he practiced them.

A seasoned teacher in mindfulness, meditation, and Nonviolent Communication, Oren conveys insightful wisdom in a warm and engaging manner. He encourages us to practice and fortify our own connection to heart qualities, so they become an underlying foundation for how we live and engage with the world.

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Deborah and Oren explore how each quality of the heart possesses unique attributes that empower us to better handle life’s situations, fostering a deeper connection with our purpose, inner courage, strength, and clarity.

In his conversation with Deborah, Oren shares a vision of transformative potential by merging activism and heart. Together, they explore how this union has the power to reshape society, paving the way for collaborative models that honor our shared humanity.

The episode closes with a heart-inspired meditation to energize the growing heart momentum unfolding on the planet, and seeing more people connect with their true heart’s purpose and desire to co-create a world that awakens humanity’s collective heart.

About Our Guest

Oren Jay Sofer teaches meditation and communication internationally. He holds a degree in comparative religion from Columbia University and is a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for the healing of trauma. Oren is also the author of several books, including the best-seller, Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication and his latest book, Your Heart Was Made for This: Contemplative Practices to Meet a World In Crisis with Courage, Integrity, and Love. His teaching has reached people around the world through his online communication courses and guided meditations.

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How to Love the Unlovable

December 19, 2023 Episode #71 Guest: Matt Kahn

In this episode, we’re talking about how to put love into action in practical ways in challenging areas of our lives to activate its transformative power.

Matt Kahn, our guest, is a teacher, healer, speaker, and author of the highly acclaimed books Whatever Arises, Love That and Everything Is Here to Help You. His newest book, All for Love: The Transformative Power of Holding Space, won a Gold IPPY Award (Independent Publishers Award) and an Ommie Award (World Vision category), and is topping bestsellers lists with its heart-centered messages and solutions.

Loving ourselves can be one of the hardest things to do and Matt shares how we can learn to dialogue with the parts of ourselves that don’t feel worthy of self-love and heal what we see in ourselves as bad, undesirable, or unworthy.

Matt suggests that when our ego plays less of a role of being in charge of what we love and don’t love, then love becomes how we deliver healing to interrupt and transform patterns.

Expanding on love as a transformative power, Matt, and our host, Deborah Rozman, talk about how pain and suffering are a call for love and some of the intricacies of choosing love. They help us understand how we can still put love and care into action even when we don’t like or don’t agree with someone or something. They share how to remain aligned with our highest truths and values while we hold space for hearing the experiences of others – and why this is needed to heal the profound separations and pain that people are experiencing around the world.

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They help us understand how love’s power to transform moves beyond the linear and rational mind that judges, and they encourage us to connect with our heart’s intuitive intelligence for guidance in putting love into action in our own life.

This episode closes with a heart meditation to help us deepen our love and compassionate latitude for ourselves and for others. We are all going through transitional times where old structures and beliefs are breaking down and new possibilities and structures have yet to take place. This meditation guides us to radiate compassion and care towards people and world situations that need more love in action.

About Our Guest

Matt Kahn is a renowned spiritual teacher, highly acclaimed empath, and bestselling author, known for his transformative insights into the journey of awakening. His teachings focus on love as the ultimate path to self-realization, emphasizing the importance of emotional freedom and the power of self-awareness. Kahn’s approach blends deep spiritual wisdom with practical guidance, offering tools for navigating life’s challenges with grace and humor. His books, including the spiritual classic ‘Whatever Arises, Love That’ and his other recorded teachings have inspired millions, earning him a dedicated following worldwide. Kahn’s message is simple yet profound: embrace every moment with love and kindness to unveil the divine within.

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Navigating a New Mental Health Landscape

November 21, 2023 Episode #70 Guest: Kristina Furia

In this insightful broadcast, we talk with Kristina Furia, a 30-something mental health counselor who guides other millennials and Gen Z’s on how to discover their "true north" and lean into their purpose through listening to their heart.

Kristina shares that the increased anxiety and depression that so many in the younger generations are experiencing these days stems, in part, from a disconnection with the heart. Many find themselves trapped in a state of hopelessness about their future, leading to loneliness and feelings of despair. Kristina helps them realize this can be a gift, that loneliness and despair can help us go deeper inside our heart – asking that there has to be something else – and becoming more receptive to draw help.

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Through her thriving Instagram community, "YourNewFrequency," and as a clinical psychologist and nationally certified transformational coach, Kristina helps people to self-empower and break free from the grip of a harsh inner critic to connect with their heart’s fresh perspective and intuitive direction. Kristina and host Deborah Rozman discuss how we each can learn to sense and know our heart’s voice and discern its guidance. They discuss hope, community, and the positive role that social media could play in building meaningful connections.

Kristina shares her transformational journey from living in her mind to awakening to her real heart and realizing that we are all meant to live in a higher frequency, resulting in more love and aliveness. The episode concludes with a heart exercise and meditation to lift our frequency whenever we feel stuck or disconnected from others and connect with the higher vibration of our true self.

About Our Guest

Over the past 14 years, Kristina Furia has supported thousands of people on the journey to become the next, more fulfilled version of themselves. With a master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology, Kristina began her career supporting individuals on the path beyond trauma and addiction, working in both individual and group formats. Then, in 2013, she began her private practice which was later named Best Therapy Practice by Philadelphia Magazine. In 2019, after experiencing a major spiritual awakening, Kristina made the decision to hang her therapist hat and became nationally certified as a Transformational Coach. Kristina’s ongoing mission is to guide people to release the limitations caused by the past, to enjoy the beauty of the present, and consciously create a soul-aligned new future.

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Activism with Heart

An 18 Year Old’s Heartfelt Message

October 17, 2023 Episode #69 Guest: Sarah Syed

Don’t miss this wonderful episode with our guest, Sarah Syed, a globally recognized 18 year old technology inventor, climate activist, and founder of You Are the Change, an international youth-led organization focusing on youth mobilizing action and mindsets to become sustainability leaders. Sarah has been recognized as a Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalist in Canada and named one of the Top 20 Under 20 in the World by Diversity in Action.

This is a truly inspiring conversation as Sarah shares her passion for taking action to make a difference and how on her journey she uncovered a profound truth – that the heart is essential for real change and progress. She has spoken at the United Nations to world leaders about the importance of leading with the heart and that the world has reached a critical juncture where our heart must be the captain of our ship of activism to guide us towards sustainable solutions, not just surface-level actions. As a passionate advocate for climate change, she astutely observes a disconnection between humanity and nature, emphasizing the need for the heart’s wisdom to reconnect us with each other and with our planet.

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She talks with Deborah Rozman, our host, about the changes that young people she works with are committed to and how the compassionate power of the heart is what will enable us to all work together to create the changes we want to see.

The episode closes with a heart meditation creating a reservoir of energy we can each draw from to bring more heart to positive change initiatives we are involved in or passionate about.

About Our Guest

Sarah is an 18 year old activist and the founder of You Are the Change, an international youth-led organization focusing on youth mobilizing action and mindsets to become sustainability leaders. Sarah has been named a Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalist in Canada by Starfish Canada, Top 20 Under 20 in the World by Diversity in Action, and an Ontario Junior Citizen. Combining her interest in the climate tech space with climate activism, Sarah has done research on biodegradable plastics made from food scraps, polymers to aid in cleaning up oil spills compared to bioremediation, and worked on a biomass bio-sorbent made from orange and pomegranate peels with an additional polysaccharide aerogel component to remove 98% of oils, heavy metals, and organic compounds from water. She has also worked on increasing solar energy output using nanomaterials and to decrease water loss in agriculture. Some of her current projects revolve around cellular agriculture and carbon capture.

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Unlocking Brain Resilience with Longevity Expert

September 19, 2023 Episode #68 Guest: Scott Noorda

Dive into an enlightening conversation, as we sit down with Dr. Scott Noorda, a dedicated Longevity Physician who draws on Functional Medicine’s approach to cultivating resilient brain health.

Drawing from his extensive experience working closely with Alzheimer’s patients in memory care, Dr. Noorda sheds light on a topic close to many hearts: Alzheimer’s Disease and brain health. Amidst the shadows of uncertainty, he shares hope, revealing there’s more we can do than we might think to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Through personal anecdotes and professional insights, Dr. Noorda dismantles the notion of accepting brain decline as inevitable. Having witnessed a family member’s battle with Alzheimer’s, he embarked on a mission to specialize in brain health, arming himself with knowledge and strategies to empower everyone to take charge of their brain’s vitality.

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In an intimate heart-to-heart with our host, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., Dr. Noorda unveils his own daily rituals, painting a vivid picture of how each of us can craft a routine that fuels our brain’s resilience. The discussion delves into the profound impact of stress on brain health and showcases the transformative potential lying within our very own hearts. With wisdom and simplicity, he offers practical suggestions on unlocking these benefits and integrating them into our lives.

The episode closes with a heart meditation to help us align with our heart’s guidance about the areas we need to give more care and attention to for improved wellness, and energize our commitment to follow through on it.

About Our Guest

Dr. Scott Noorda, D.O., believes that health is not one-size-fits-all and each individual’s unique personal history, genetics, biological systems, stressors, toxic load, diet, and overall lifestyle must be considered when formulating disease prevention and treatment protocols. Dr. Noorda spent several years working with Alzheimer’s patients in memory care units before setting up a functional medicine clinic and developing a step-by-step program to improve brain health called the Brainlift Program. He is also the creator of the Brainlift Neuroprotective Program.

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Authentic Power – Aligning Personality With Soul

August 15, 2023 Episode #67 Guest: Gary Zukav

Gary Zukav, author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers, including the widely popular, The Seat of the Soul, shares his wisdom on the topic of aligning your personality with your soul or higher self, embracing your authentic power, and stepping into a vibrant life of purpose and love.

Gary and podcast host, Deborah Rozman, talk about authentic heart power that is fueling a transformational consciousness emerging in millions of people. Through the episode, Gary discusses evolving from perception through our five senses to multisensory perception and the significant role our heart plays in this awakening.

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Gary and Deborah explore why it’s important to recognize the parts of our personalities rooted in love and the insecure or fear-based parts that prevent us from accessing our authentic soul-self. Gary offers genuine encouragement about how we can direct our attention towards nurturing the loving aspects while compassionately challenging the fear-based aspects.

They encourage us to embrace our authentic heart power, granting us greater agency over life experiences and inspiring responsible, heart-directed choices in our actions and interactions.

This deeply inspiring episode closes with a heart meditation to help us connect more with our authentic power and ask our heart’s guidance for clarity or direction in our next steps for living a more authentic life.

About Our Guest

Gary’s gentle presence and wisdom have inspired millions. He is a teacher and author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including the globally popular Seat of the Soul. Gary has been a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show with over 30 appearances. Conveying complex insights in a language all can understand, Gary is dedicated to an unprecedented transformation in human consciousness. He is a Harvard graduate with a degree in International Relations.

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You’ve Done Everything Right, But Something’s Missing

July 18, 2023 Episode #66 Guest: Leah Smart

Picture a time when everything seems to be in place—job, home, and a loving relationship—it should be the recipe for a fulfilling life, right? But what if there’s an unexplainable sense of something missing? A feeling that lingers and leaves you questioning why.

In this captivating episode our guest, Leah Smart, author and host of the "In the Arena" podcast on LinkedIn, takes us on her personal journey through this mysterious terrain. Together with our insightful host, Deborah Rozman, they unravel the enigma of what’s behind a nagging sense of emptiness.

Leah shares her "something’s missing" experience and a pivotal realization that led her to an unexpected path of transformation. Leah’s mission now is empowering women to create more fulfillment for themselves.

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In this conversation, Leah and Deborah talk about the hyper-individualistic society that surrounds us and its role in perpetuating a feeling of longing for something more.

This episode is particularly relevant for the millions of millennials seeking their way amidst a cacophony of societal pressures and expectations. As a millennial herself, Leah’s inspiring story and profound insights from her inward journey to the heart will surely ignite a spark in your own heart, no matter your age.

To close the episode, Deborah guides us through a heart meditation—a powerful tool to infuse heart energy into the missing pieces of our lives and illuminate our next steps.

About Our Guest

Leah is an author and the host of "In the Arena" podcast on LinkedIn News. Leah works to empower millennial women who are feeling a bit lost, helping them to tap into their authentic power so they can author the life they truly want. Leah studies positive psychology – blending what we know scientifically about the experience of being human with the metaphysical understandings that have surrounded us all along.

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Abdul’s Journey from NFL Athlete to Self‑Care Advocate

June 20, 2023 Episode #65 Guest: Abdul‑Karim al‑Jabbar

In a world where "tough it up" is often praised above all else, our guest Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar, a former football player for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, courageously challenged the status quo that said, "If you’re injured, we’ll take care of you; if you’re just hurt, keep on going."

Guided by the intelligence of his heart, he embarked on a self-discovery journey and uncovered the power of heart vulnerability and the healing it brings as a key to health and fitness.

In this episode, released during Men’s Health Month, Karim talks talks with host Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., about the outdated narrative so many athletes are taught: "Don’t complain, suck it up," and its effect on mental and physical health.

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Karim reveals his profound wake-up moments that shattered self-denial and illuminated the value of heart vulnerability and following his heart, and shares his story of how he discovered that real strength involves identifying what you really feel and having the courage to share it – to be self-honest first and then honest with others.

Hear why Karim learned to listen to his heart’s intelligence and the profound impact it had on his life. This episode will inspire you to reconsider societal expectations and embrace your own heart-directed journey of fitness, health and true self-care.

The episode closes with a heart meditation to help us hear our own heart’s promptings of our next steps to better mental, emotional and physical fitness.

About Our Guest

Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar is a ‘wholistic’ coach certified in personal training, precision nutrition, and HeartMath®. A former NFL professional football player, now works with executives and their families, (children, parents, and grandparents). He founded the National Center for Wholistic Coaching, where he teaches trainers to become wholistic coaches. This National Center is designed to empower coaches and their clients with tools to achieve wholistic health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, covering three primary objectives: excellence, wellness, and character.

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Dare to Love

May 16, 2023 Episode #64 Guest: Patricia Van Pelt

At this time on the planet, there is increased separation, polarization, and emotional reactivity. Imagine being a congresswoman and having to navigate all the political maneuvering. How would you handle opposing political and social views from yours?

This episode is an eye-opening conversation about what can happen when we choose the power of love, compassion, and justice instead of suspicion and fear, even in the face of being misinterpreted.

In this episode, our guest, Illinois State Senator Patricia Van Pelt (Dr. Pat), talks with host Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., and shares how she faced a showdown – being shouted down on the senate chamber floor – and had to make another choice.

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Hear what happened when she chose non-judgment and sincere listening. Dr. Pat describes how she had to learn to appeal to the humanity in others first – to uncover ways they could collaborate on new ideas. She offers us practical advice on how to better handle separation and polarization in society, perhaps even in our own families.

Her story is dynamic and inspiring: If we want to change the divided world around us, we must have compassion, release judgment and sincerely listen.

The episode closes with a heart meditation that we can use anytime to step into our heart’s intention for guidance on how we can dare to love more.

About Our Guest

Dr. Patricia Van Pelt is an Illinois State Senator, a serial entrepreneur, an author, real estate developer, certified public accountant, and founder of The Season For Love Inc and Diamond VII Enterprises LLC, and co-founder and past-president of WaKanna For Life LLC.

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Adding Heart to Becoming Your Best Self

You are More Than You Think You Are

April 18, 2023 Episode #63 Guest: Kimberly Snyder

We hear more people talking about "becoming your best self" or your "true self" but what does this really mean, and how do we get there?

In this episode, our guest, Kimberly Snyder, author of "You Are More Than You Think You Are" delves into what it means to become our true self and why our heart is the connection point.

Our host, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., and Kimberly discuss some of the common blocks that prevent us from becoming our best self, and Kimberly shares what she considers the 4 cornerstones of true health that can work together to open the heart to connect more with who we truly are.

(more…)Read more

Kimberly Snyder is a multiple-time New York Times Bestselling author, meditation teacher, international speaker, nutritionist, and wellness expert. Kimberly hosts the top-rated Feel Good podcast and is the founder of Solluna®, a holistic lifestyle brand. She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The Wall Street Journal.

The episode closes with a guided heart meditation to support becoming your best self.

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Exploring the Stress‑Hormone Connection

March 21, 2023 Episode #62 Guest: Dr. Tara Scott

Is there a link between stress and endocrine imbalances in insulin, glucose, thyroid or cortisol levels? Should physicians do more to include stress assessments during hormone balance evaluations?  

In this episode, guest Dr. Tara Scott, known on Instagram and TikTok as Hormone Guru and founder of Revitalize Med, talks with our host Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., about the connection between today’s stress and hormones.

Dr. Scott first became involved with hormone and integrative medicine while practicing as an OB/GYN. She is passionate about educating the medical community on the advances in evidence-based hormone therapy. She is a national speaker on the subject and has an extensive list of credentials which include being a member of the Fellowship of The American Congress of Obstetricians (FACOG) and a member of the Fellowship in Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine (FAAFM).

She addresses important questions, like is stress accumulation contributing to hormonal imbalances and depression in teenage girls, infertility and menopausal problems in women, or causing low testosterone in men?Is there a link between stress and endocrine imbalances in insulin, glucose, thyroid or cortisol levels? Should physicians do more to include stress assessments during hormone balance evaluations?

Dr. Scott offers suggestions for better protecting yourself now from stress-related diseases you could otherwise face later in life, and why heart-based techniques such as HeartMath are a key part of her practice. She also shares how she works with patients to get the right tools to help them rebalance their hormones. She wants people listening to hear that addressing stress and hormonal health is a priority.

(more…)Read more

The episode closes with a heart meditation to help increase our heart rhythm coherence and synchronize the rhythms of our heart and brain by radiating love throughout the body. This can support our awareness of self-care, health, and self-empowerment.

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Could the Heart Be the Access Point for Intuition?

February 21, 2023 Episode #61 Guest: Neale Donald Walsch

What’s the difference between the heart and the soul? Is the heart the coupling between our human self and our soul self?  

In this episode, our guest Neale Donald Walsch, globally acclaimed speaker and best-selling author of the Conversations with God book series, joins us for an extraordinary conversation about the heart. Neale and our host, Deborah Rozman, explore questions such as what’s the difference between the heart and the soul? Is the heart the coupling between our human self and our soul self?

Neale describes people as 3-part beings; the mind, the body and the soul. However, in this exploration, Neale and Deborah discuss the heart as part of this equation and the conversation expands our understanding to include the energetic or spiritual heart – making us all 4-part beings. The heart is how we connect with something greater than ourselves.

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As science is trying to better understand this connection, what we do know is that the body is a kind of receiver of energetic information. And at the core, it is the heart that is helping us to understand and decode the information we receive energetically – which we call the heart’s intuitive guidance. Since the heart is also capable of broadcasting energetic information, the question is asked, what information are we broadcasting and to whom?

We broadcast our feelings and emotions through the heart’s energetic field. That’s how we pick up on each other’s vibes (vibrations). We broadcast higher heart feelings such as love, care, compassion and kindness, as well as feelings of heartache, anxiety, fear, resentment, etc.

To get our heart and mind aligned and receive intuitive guidance from soul/spirit/God, do we have to choose to open our heart, to love and care and have compassion for each other? This question is discussed.

The conversation wraps up with an exercise and a heart meditation we can each use to invite our mind to align more deeply with our heart and intuitive guidance.

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Adding Heart to Parenting

Why It’s so Important Now

January 20, 2023 Episode #60 Guest: Dr. Jorina Elbers

Today’s stressful world and all its unpredictable changes often create challenges in our home life. Many of today’s issues are adding mental and emotional strain on parents. Our’children and grandchildren feel these stressors too, which can lead to an increase in undesirable behaviors – such as acting out, talking back, not listening, etc. As patience is tested, many parents try to correct and control their kids’ attitudes and actions, without a lot of success.

In this episode, Dr. Jorina Elbers, Pediatric Neurologist, Trauma and Parenting Specialists, and Program Director for the Trauma Recovery Project at the HeartMath Institute, shares with host Deborah Rozman how she and her husband Owen have found that by focusing first on their own emotional self-regulation then tuning to their heart for intuitive direction, their communications with their boys has become much more effective.

Jorina also shares a couple of powerful heart tools she uses to manage her personal energy and shift into a heart coherent place which enables her to reduce over-reacting to their undesirable behaviors. She says many parents are told to just breathe to avoid reacting, however if we don’t add heart coherence to a situation, we often end up lecturing a child which shuts down communication. Learning how to shift into heart coherence is key for increasing a parent’s or grandparent’s ability to respond in a way that empowers them in adverse situations – and kids do take notice.

Jorina and Deborah discuss how we can allow children to experience intense emotions in a healthy way. Rather than scolding their behavior, using heart-directed practices can validate their emotions, which helps to defuse their energy and allows for a deeper heart connection and communication to unfold – uncovering what’s really going on.

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Jorina says, "When we elevate our personal energy first, get into a heart coherent space, we can then also help our kids to elevate their energy. When you have kids and parents working together in this way, the connection and communication can be very deep and rewarding."

The episode closes with a guided heart meditation to help us energize our commitment to elevate our own energy first and better help our children.

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Finding Fulfillment in a Purpose Larger Than Yourself

December 13, 2022 Episode #59 Guest: Lynne Twist

What is fulfillment and how do we find it and nurture it?

In this episode, Lynne Twist joins host Deborah Rozman to discuss how having a purpose larger than yourself is what leads to deep fulfillment. Lynne says that when we get "off our self-centered focus, we open to new possibilities" that reward us.

We’re in a time when many societal structures and ways of thinking and being are giving way to something new and as yet unformed, which can leave us feeling uncertain, without direction. In her new book, Finding Fulfillment in a Purpose Larger than Yourself, Lynne explains why it’s so important that we listen deeply to our hearts to find and unfold our larger purpose.

Lynne is a recognized global visionary, who has dedicated her life to serving a greater good. She has been an advisor to the Desmond Tutu Foundation and is the recipient of the prestigious "Woman of Distinction’’ award from the United Nations. She helped found the World Hunger Project and the Pachamama Alliance. She sees the time we’re in now as a re-birthing process for humanity and a grand opportunity to find a new vision and purpose in serving a greater whole.

Lynne and Deborah talk about why vision and purpose are essential for personal fulfillment. Their conversation explores the difference between taking a ‘heart-stand’ that unifies people rather than a "mind stance" that separates. Lynne explains how holding a fixed position on issues is what creates judgments and polarization, blocking our ability to see or consider other perspectives.

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Deborah and Lynne offer hopeful insights and next steps in finding or unfolding a larger purpose. Listening to and following the heart’s inclusive guidance is what will ultimately bring people together, leading to solutions that serve the greater good, and that is love.

The episode closes with a heart-meditation to energize your purpose and vision.

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Amplifying Gratitude

November 15, 2022 Episode #58 Guest: Jacqueline Way

Gratitude is an amplifier of heart energy and one of the quickest ways to offset stress and lift our mood. With the overwhelming stress so many people are experiencing, gratitude and appreciation count more than ever right now. The greater our capacity for genuine gratitude and appreciation, the deeper the connection to our heart – which is where intuitive guidance, inspiration and new possibilities emerge.

In this episode, Jacqueline Way, founder of 365give, a nonprofit inspired by her discovery of the power of gratitude, joins Deborah Rozman to talk about "Change the World 1 Give, 1 Day at a Time." An adoptive mother of three, Jacqueline shares her inspiring story about how waking up to the power of gratitude moved her to do a yearlong experiment with her young son to give something back to the world every day for an entire year.

Jacqueline and Deborah discuss how gratitude and appreciation aren’t just nice gestures, but are powerful emotions that activate the brain’s reward pathways, feel-good hormones and endorphins that can greatly improve our outlook on life. They also share how scientists have been studying the "Helper’s High" that comes from giving gratitude. When we do something authentic and meaningful for others, it opens our heart and provides us with uplift, spirit renewal and health benefits.

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The HeartMath research lab also discovered that when we sincerely feel gratitude or appreciation for family, friends, nature, or the convenient things in life, a profound change occurs in our heart rhythms. They become more synchronized and coherent, which increases mental clarity, resilience and well-being needed for discernment and better choices, especially in today’s stressful environment.

Jacqueline and Deborah provide simple suggestions on how each of us can amplify gratitude and appreciation in our own lives to quickly uplift our thoughts, feelings and outlook.

The episode closes with beautiful heart meditation to amplify gratitude and appreciation to see new possibilities.

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Become a Heart Citizen Scientist

October 18, 2022 Episode #57 Guest: Dillon Brooks

Many Gen Z’s and millennials have lost trust in humanity and hope for the future. Most will tell you they’re stressed much of the time, according to a Deloitte 2022 survey. Driving their stress are feelings of being financially insecure and mentally burned out, fears over climate change, and world unrest.

In this episode, Dillon Brooks, a TikTok channel creator who has established a sizable community for Gen Z’s and millennials called "Citizen Scientists," and our host, Deborah Rozman, discuss what becoming a citizen scientist means and why it’s important for empowerment and creating the positive change we desire personally and collectively.

Dillon and Deborah discuss heart intelligence, its power to transform and lift perception, and why Dillon believes this is, in part, what the younger population is searching for.

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After struggling with health challenges and seeing how many systems are failing people, Dillon started a journey of learning and becoming what he calls a "citizen scientist." As a citizen scientist, rather than listening to handed-down dogma, you are empowering yourself to research, experiment, listen to your heart, and learn what really works for you.

Dillon appreciates how HeartMath® research and techniques have challenged outdated mindsets about the heart, mind, and emotions. HeartMath shows how these systems can work together to create lasting behavior change and a life that is aligned with purpose.

Gen Z’s and millennials need to connect more deeply to their own heart’s direction, according to Dillon, and become citizen scientists in all aspects of their lives: diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, mental health, and spiritual growth.

The insightful episode closes with a heart meditation on becoming a heart citizen scientist of your life and empowering your commitments.

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The Heart‑to‑Heart Connection Between People and Pets

September 20, 2022 Episode #56 Guest: Dr. Allen Schoen

Some of our deepest heart connections are with our pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, hamster, or another animal, the love and care we exchange with our pets is supportive and healing for us and them. This undeniable energetic heart exchange with pets is the focus of this episode.

In this episode, Dr. Allen Schoen, a pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine and recognized as one of the most influential veterinarians worldwide for introducing an integrative approach to veterinary medicine, and our host, Deborah Rozman, explore this amazing energetic heart connection between people and pets. The therapeutic benefits associated with human-pet bonding aren’t new. In fact, research has shown this powerful bond can help decrease stress, regulate breathing, lower blood pressure, and release oxytocin – a hormone associated with love.

Dr. Schoen’s research exploring the heart-to-heart connection of the human-pet bond suggests that without the healing power of the love of animals that uplifts people’s lives, the world would be an even more stressed-out place. Animal lovers will enjoy hearing about the heart-rhythm synchronization that happens when people send love to their pets. Deborah explains these findings that come out of the HeartMath Institute.

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Dr. Schoen also talks about Transpecies Field Theory: An energetic field created by the thoughts and emotions of humans and animals interacting with each other. This episode will leave you with a deeper appreciation and understanding of how we benefit energetically from the love we share with pets and how this can contribute to a healthier, happier, more conscious, and harmonious world.

The episode closes with a heart meditation on how our collective heart energy can help increase understanding and cooperation between humans and our animal friends.

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The Power of Collective Intention

August 16, 2022 Episode #55 Guest: Lynne McTaggart

At this time in history, there is an amazing opportunity for groups of people to harness the power collective intention to create sustainable change that can help humanity and our planet.

In this episode award-winning journalist and author, Lynne McTaggart and our host, Deborah Rozman, talk about collective intention and Lynne’s research in this area.

Currently, society is mired in many outdated paradigms that no longer fit today’s world. Many societal structures are falling apart, polarization between groups and inflamed biases have become more intense. The power of collective intention is not a new concept, yet we are reminded through examples that Lynne shares of how small groups throughout history have created significant changes that helped to improve and heal people’s lives.

Lynne shares her transformative results from bringing small groups of people with different beliefs and opposing views together to hear each other more deeply and to focus on an altruistic collective intention they all can agree on. Based on her research and HeartMath Institute’s research on collective heart coherence, Deborah and Lynne discuss how the new paradigms needed now for humanity to learn to get along with each other could very well come from small groups empowering a collective altruistic intention.

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This episode closes with a heart-focused meditation that walks listeners through HeartMath’s Shift and Lift™ Technique. This heart-based practice facilitates groups and teams in deeper listening to the hearts of each other.

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Your Heart's Intuitive Guidance

The Connection Between Heart and Spirit

July 19, 2022 Episode #54 Guest: Agapi Stassinopoulos

Spirit can mean different things to people. Some refer to their Spirit as their higher self, soul, or their connection with source. Whatever we call it, we’re acknowledging a source of wisdom that can guide us through the intuitive voice or feelings of the heart. Yet, it can sometimes be a struggle to make a quality connection, especially as life is much more complicated these days.

In this meaningful episode, the author of Speaking with Spirit, Agapi Stassinopoulos, and Add Heart Podcast host Deborah Rozman, discuss how we can deepen our connection to the wisdom of spirit and the heart’s intuitive guidance.

Agapi shares how she felt her heart was hurting and she felt lost not being able to connect with people during the pandemic as she was accustomed to doing. She talks about what helped her transform her pain and sadness was a connection with Spirit that helped her find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Deborah talks about research that demonstrated we access intuitive guidance first through the heart – and then this information is transmitted to the brain/mind which translates intuition into words or images that we can understand.

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Deborah and Agapi share how we can draw on the connection with spirit to keep our hearts open and manage our empathy and compassion for others’ suffering in today’s world without the emotional drain that can affect our happiness and joy.

The episode closes with a meaningful and inspiring heart meditation to enrich our connection with our heart’s intuitive guidance.

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Adding Heart to Resilience

The Power to Recharge and Reconnect to Our Heart Values

June 21, 2022 Episode #53 Guest: James O’Dea

What do you think of when you hear the word resilience? Many people associate the word with strength, adaptability, or a toughness that can overcome the fiercest of challenges and unexpected change.

In this episode we’re talking with James O’Dea, former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, former Washington office director of Amnesty International and former executive director of the Seva Foundation.

James joins our Podcast host, Deborah Rozman to discuss why resilience is so key to both our personal growth and to humanity’s collective healing. They talk about the qualities of resilience we all need today in the face of growing personal, social, and global stress and uncertainty.

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James has witnessed the terror of war, massacre, civil upheaval and coup d’état. He has also witnessed the personification of resilience in people with a tremendous courage to uphold their heart values regardless of their circumstances.

James explains in this episode why resilience isn’t just the ability to bounce back after a toxic disrupter or a stressful time – that resilience is an energy we build in our system through honoring and living heart values, such as care, compassion, kindness and generosity.

This episode closes with a Heart Meditation to build resilience in our life and to co-create a reservoir of regenerative heart energy that we can access anytime to reduce stress and increase our capacity to remain resilient.

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Adding Heart to Integrity

The Way of Integrity and Aligning with Your True Self

May 17, 2022 Episode #52 Guest: Martha Beck

Integrity is a highly valued quality. Integrity is the practice of being honest and truthful. Integrity manifests when we align with and act according to our values, beliefs and principles.

At this time in the world we are witnessing a global loss of integrity. We see this in intentional disinformation in media reporting that’s impacting public perception, politics, climate change, and so much more.

In this episode, Add Heart® Podcast host Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., talks with Martha Beck, a life coach, speaker, columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine, and author of several bestselling books including the newly released title, The Way of Integrity.

Martha and Deborah discuss how the word integrity means wholeness and is developed as we live more from our core heart values – such as honesty, openness, trustworthiness, reliability, care, compassion, respect and more. Integrity aligns us with our true self. Martha also talks about learning to make 1 degree turns to align with our deeper values and our true self.

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As we develop integrity, we learn to distinguish the difference between our heart’s intuitive promptings, our mind’s reactions and our emotional pulls. Martha also talks about learning to make 1 degree turns to align with our deeper values and our true self.

This episode closes with a heart-focused meditation to help each of us identify areas in our lives where we can act more from our deeper heart values and integrity.

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Your Brain Is Always Listening

April 19, 2022 Episode #51 Guest: Dr. Daniel Amen

Globally, mental health issues are on the rise. A new poll from the American Psychological Association found that a large majority of Americans are reporting high stress levels due to financial concerns, inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Stress and mental health are important topics anytime, but especially now with so much uncertainty happening in our world, this time-relevant episode will give you some valuable suggestions and direction for these times.

High profile athletes and celebrities, including Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka, and Prince Harry, have courageously gone public about their own mental health challenges, making it more acceptable for any of us to seek help.

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Dr. Daniel Amen discuss the dynamic heart-brain connection in this episode, and simple strategies to reduce and prevent stress and increase happiness. Health care professionals and individuals alike, can benefit from the brain tools that Dr. Amen recommends – and the heart tools developed at HeartMath to improve mental and emotional health.

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Dr. Amen also talks about mental health during these times and how we can take charge of our brain health. Dr. Amen is a physician, psychiatrist, professor and 10-time New York Times bestselling author. He is a double board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and founder of Amen Clinics, Inc., with ten clinics across the country. Dr. Amen’s latest book is titled, You, Happier, released just before this podcast was aired.

This episode closes with a heart-focused meditation to get our heart and brain in sync to help release stress and connect with what’s important to you to support your mental and emotional well-being.

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The Scientific Impact of Global Compassion

March 15, 2022 Episode #50 Guest: Roger Nelson, Ph.D.

For many years Roger Nelson, Ph.D., has studied the global effect of collective meditations, Earth Day, Peace Day, etc., where people are focused on heart-based emotions such as compassion, care, and gratitude. He also studied the effect of holidays such as New Years which bring people together in a celebratory emotional state, as well as events where a significant number of people are experiencing fear, anger and anxiety, such as acts of war and large natural disasters.

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Roger Nelson, Ph.D., will discuss how humanity’s collective emotional response impacts how the Random Number Generator (RNG) data collection network responds.

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Events that embody or evoke compassion and love show statistically significant larger effects than other emotions. The more compassion evoked by the event, the larger the RNG network effect. Roger will share how these findings indicate that compassion is a powerful connecting emotion, a bridge that’s connecting people globally, that we are all connected and the connecting fiber is compassion.

Increasing our compassionate care for each other at this time can contribute to a global energetic field to help lift the consciousness of humanity. The episode closes with a heart-focused meditation to energize our individual intention to practice more compassionate care and build a collective reservoir of compassionate care we can each draw from as needed when challenges arise.

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An Awakening of the Heart

A New Opportunity for Humanity

February 15, 2022 Episode #49 Guest: Howard Martin

In current times people re-evaluated their priorities and connected with deeper values regarding their relationships with family and work. A recent Harris Poll reported: "Sweeping research suggests the future is bright and we are rethinking, resetting, and reimagining our futures for the better. Hope and optimism are increasing, connections with friends and family are strengthening and we are re-prioritizing towards what matters to us most."

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Howard Martin, Executive Vice President of HeartMath Inc., talk about the awakening of the heart that is occurring around the world. They discuss a new opportunity that humanity has right now to sustain the awakening of compassion and heart connection. It’s in the heart that people access feelings such as compassion, care, kindness, forgiveness, and appreciation that lift us above separation, judgments, and blame.

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In the new edition of their book, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Heart’s Intuitive Guidance for Effective Choices and Solutions, released in February 2022, Deborah and Howard share how we can build trust in our heart’s intuitive guidance and how each person’s heart intelligence (heart’s intuitive guidance) can help them connect to higher choices and untapped potentials.

The episode closes with a heart meditation that we can use daily to energize our commitment to adding more heart to all of our relationships and connections knowing that we are each contributing to a shift in humanity’s energies from separation to cooperation, resulting in higher solutions to our global, social, and economic problems.

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The Heart, a Transmitter of Information to the World

January 18, 2022 Episode #48 Guest: Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.

For humanity to learn to get along with each other, it will require more heart. Despite the seemingly unsolvable separation and polarization between people and groups that we see, there is also an amplification of the collective heart throughout the planet. More people are realizing that we are all interconnected and we need to help each other through increasing kindness and care. The omnipresent virus, climate change and extreme weather events, and an uncertain future are waking us up to our interdependence with each other and with nature.

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D., a systems scientist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Founder-Director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research in Italy, discuss the critical importance of this time and the essential role of the heart for the future of humanity.

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Ervin talks about his systems research and the quantum field and how the heart is a transmitter of information to the world, and explains how the heart helps us feel part of nature and the universe and enables us to know that all things have to work together. Ervin and Deborah inspire us with their perspectives on how we can connect more with our heart day to day to uplift our own life experience while simultaneously adding more heart to the world.

Deborah closes the episode by leading us through a heart meditation that we can use to energize and deepen our intentions to add more heart to our world throughout the new year.

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Add Heart to Emotional Well‑Being

December 21, 2021 Episode #47 Guest: Nick Ortner

Mental and emotional well-being perhaps has never been more important than it is right now. As a result of the pandemic and ongoing challenges it’s created, nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults say they have experienced an increase in headaches, fatigue, feeling anxious or overwhelmed, sleep challenges and so on.

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Nick Ortner, best-selling author of The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living, and CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC, will talk about how we can better support our mental and emotional well-being during these uncertain times.

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Deborah and Nick have both made their life’s work about helping others learn how to release anger, anxiety and depression and experience more renewing and uplifting emotions. They will share some of the hopeful research and provide helpful information along with a technique you can start using right away to increase your emotional well-being. They will also share insights that can help address some of the compounding pressures we may be experiencing at this time.

Podcast closes with a guided heart-meditation to activate your heart power and create a reservoir of heart energy you can draw from any time you need an emotional uplift.

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Add Heart to Gratitude

November 16, 2021 Episode #46 Guest: Erwin Valencia

Gratitude is a powerful heart quality that provides a sense of warmth and lift. When we feel gratitude, we’re naturally more connected with our true self.

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Erwin Valencia, life coach and world-renowned physical therapist for the New York Knicks, will discuss gratitude in this fresh light. They will also talk about how the science of gratitude is being used as a biohack by experts like Erwin, who specialize in the neuroscience of human performance in athletes and performance artists.

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Deborah will share how we can add heart to repurpose the energetics we feel from gratitude towards people, projects, and issues that we care deeply about.

Erwin will share what gratitude means to him and how he has integrated gratitude into his training with athletes. He’ll share how he helps people learn to harness its power to increase their resilience, focus and performance.

Deborah closes the discussion with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to our experience of gratitude and to increase the effectiveness of our care.

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Add Heart to Leadership

October 19, 2021 Episode #45 Guest: Marilyn Tam

What does it mean to be a leader with heart? Heart-centered leadership means to lead others with authenticity, transparency and humility.

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Marilyn Tam, discuss why in our present environment, the heart needs to be part of a leadership role – whether we’re leading a company, a team or group, or a community. They also talk about why caring for people first needs to be a priority in all roles of leadership.

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Marilyn Tam, formerly President of Reebok/CCM and President of Aveda, and voted one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers in the world by Inc. Magazine, discusses with Deborah the vital importance of adding heart to leadership.

Deborah closes the discussion with a heart-focused meditation that we can each practice to lift our personal commitment to lead from the heart.

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Add Heart to Peace

September 21, 2021 Episode #44 Guest: Kingsley L. Dennis

Humanity is in a period of profound change. Though this transformation period can be challenging, we must not lose sight of that which connects us as one human family.

During this month’s Add Heart Podcast episode, host Deborah Rozman and guest Kingsley L. Dennis, sociologist, researcher, and acclaimed author, talk about adding heart to peace and why peace is a product of heart-directed living. They discuss what it means to put the heart first and why it is the foundation for experiencing inner peace – and ultimately creating world peace.

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They will talk about how peace is first an inside job that starts with the heart, and an increasing collective heart opening on the planet that will help dissipate separation and conflict between people and nations and draw hopeful solutions for the many challenges humanity is experiencing.

We’ll close with a heart meditation to energize putting the heart first in our lives to increase our inner peace and to give peace a chance in how we interact with each other.

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What It Means to Add Heart and Why It’s Important

August 17, 2021 Episode #43 Guest: Howard Martin

Internal pressure has built-up due to so much change and instability happening in our world today. We wonder if there ever will be a new normal.

During this month’s Add Heart Podcast, host Deborah Rozman and guest Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, talk about why adding heart is important in today’s world. They provide practical examples of how people are adding heart to everyday situations and the benefits they are experiencing.

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Deborah and Howard also share an effective technique to add heart as a way to prepare yourself for each day and how this can uplift and add to your mental and emotional wellbeing – as well as help others.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize our intention to add more heart to our life, to situations that need energetic support, and to our environment.

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Summer Play

July 20, 2021 Episode #42 Guest: Peter Fox

After over a year of restrictions due to the global pandemic, many of us are excitedly looking forward to taking some time to get outside, relax, recharge and connect with the playful part of our self this summer.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, host Deborah Rozman and guest Peter Fox, the leader in online sports instruction, Managing Director of SportsEdTV’s Learn to Win peak performance training, powered by HeartMath research and technology, and founding Executive Producer of ESPN, talk about how adding heart to sports or play increases the benefits and the fun.

(more…)Read more

Peter shares how he trains people from elite athletes to couch potatoes to use HeartMath coherence techniques and provides tips that listeners can use right away. Peter also shares how professional athletes and teams are improving their skills using Heart-Focused Breathing® and Quick Coherence® techniques.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to build a reservoir of heart energy we can each draw on to add heart to our exercise program and play over the next month.

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Increase Patience with Our Self and Others

June 15, 2021 Episode #41 Guest: Charlene Johnson

Patience isn’t just a virtue – it’s a necessity, especially during times of change and uncertainty.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, host Deborah Rozman and guest Charlene Johnson, Nurse Manager of Perinatal Services at Kaiser South Sacramento, talk about why, in today’s uncertain energetic environment, it’s prime time to increase our patience baseline and make it an essential part of our new norm.

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Charlene sees patience as a key component of resilience and shared why patience has been an important quality for her and the people she serves, especially throughout the past year of the pandemic.

Deborah shares an exercise we can all use to replace impatience with patience, and how as we replace impatience with inner ease and patience, our responses will play out with more balance, resilience, and clearer discernment.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to our intention to practice a deeper patience with our self and with others over the next month, and to creating a reservoir of heart energy we can each tap into whenever we need a patience booster.

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Soften Your Energetic Environment

May 18, 2021 Episode #40 Guest: Owen Ward

Tapping into higher heart qualities that embody both strength and softness, allows us to rise up and meet each situation with kindness, care, love, compassion, and more clarity.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, host Deborah Rozman and guest Owen Ward, HeartMath Chief Strategy Officer, talked about a ‘softener energetic’ and how we can access it to help us find more flexibility and ease through whatever life presents. They also explained what it means to soften the energetic environment within and around us – making it easier for others to access their hearts and experience increased clarity and discernment and a deeper connection.

(more…)Read more

As a business executive and parent of two young boys, Owen shared how adding a softener energy helped him better handle business complexities, and how it has helped him and the family during times of frustration and anxiety through the COVID-19 restriction period of the past year.

They closed the event with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to softening our personal energetic environment and the global energetic field environment. We will also build a reservoir of soft heart energy we can each access as needed during the next month.

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Our Planet Earth

April 20, 2021 Episode #39 Guest: Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

Earth Day is a special day to honor and appreciate our beautiful planet. Scientific research has confirmed what most of us feel – that we are deeply interconnected with nature and Earth. Our heart and brain rhythms are influenced by Earth’s rhythms and magnetic fields.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath President and CEO, and guest Jude Currivan, Ph.D., cofounder of Whole World-View and author of the book Gaia: Her-Story, talked about why healing our human relationships and loving each other is essential to healing our relationship with Earth, and how as we honor our heart connection with Planet Earth, we facilitate humanity in creating a new story.

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They also shared how the practice of intentionally adding heart-coherent energy to Earth’s energetic fields not only helps us as individuals but uplifts all living beings and Earth herself.

They closed the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize our personal commitment to add more heart and gratitude to our beautiful planet Earth and to healing all our relationships.

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The Movement of Heart Awakening

March 16, 2021 Episode #38 Guest: Gavin Andrews

While separation, mistrust and misunderstanding continue to create chaos within societies and between nations, there’s a stronger force emerging with an even greater momentum that force is the heart and it’s awakening in millions of people around the world.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath President and CEO, and guest Gavin Andrews, Managing Director of HeartMath in the UK and Ireland, talk about a growing heart-directed movement that’s currently happening throughout the world. People wanting to connect more with their own heart and with the hearts of others is what inspired Gavin to start the "WeAddHeart" initiative, an international momentum of small groups coming together, online, to experience simple but powerful heart-focused meditations and practices.

(more…)Read more

Deborah and Gavin also discuss their observations of the momentum of heart awakening and how people’s hearts are saying now is the time to bring our lofty, idealistic dreams of peace and equality down to earth and into reality.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize this growing heart awakening and our personal role in this momentum through our deeper care and connection.

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Care and Connection

February 16, 2021 Episode #37 Guest: Claudia Welss

From one perspective it may seem as though the human race is more divided than ever. 2020 was a year of events that amplified racial and political separation. And the global pandemic forced much of the world’s population into physical separation, creating divisiveness and fear. These and other global challenges are awakening many more people to the realization that we finally have to cooperate and care more to find solutions.

During this month’s Add Heart Call, host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath President and CEO, and her guest Claudia Welss, Chairman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, discuss the global movement toward deeper care and connection. They share ways we can each broadcast or radiate love into the energetic field environment to create more care and connection in our personal lives and help the planet at the same time.

(more…)Read more

They also talk about a growing global initiative that is empowering people to connect with their hearts and the hearts of others—to live more fully from the heart and to add more heart to the world.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to deeper care and connection and to our personal commitments for greater compassion and love.

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Help Raise the Planetary Vibration

January 19, 2021 Episode #36 Guest: Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Most of us have experienced being near someone whose energetic vibration or presence helped us feel more comfortable and at ease. Now research is helping to explain how our vibrational energies, especially our moods and emotions affect others and the implications for humanity.

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, when virtual meetings and physical distancing are expressions of care, new research is indicating how even while being apart we can energetically support and lift each other’s vibration and the planetary vibration at the same time.

Deborah Rozman and her guest, HeartMath Institute Director of Research, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., discuss exciting research findings on how heart-to-heart synchronization between people located miles apart and not in phone or online contact can occur. They also talk about new findings on how our heart’s rhythms can synchronize with the resonant frequencies occurring in the Earth’s magnetic fields, and how collective heart-focused intention may help create a reservoir of coherent heart energy that can redirect planetary consciousness toward harmonious solutions.

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They closed the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize our intentions to add more heart to increase our personal and social coherence and help raise the planetary vibration.

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Uplift Your Spirit

December 15, 2020 Episode #35 Guests: Howard Martin and Owen Ward

As we look back on 2020 and prepare for 2021, we know that our world is different now and changing in unpredictable ways. This is leaving many people feeling anxious, depressed or fearful of the future.

Host Deborah Rozman and guests, HeartMath LLC’s Executive Vice President Howard Martin and Chief Strategy Officer Owen Ward share how they and the HeartMath team used the power and intelligence of their hearts to uplift their spirit as they navigated often tumultuous ups and downs of this past year. They also describe how using tools like the power of neutral, higher dignity and wholeness inclusive care along with their heart’s intuitive guidance created what we call "turn-arounds." This uplifted their perceptions, prevented much energy loss and magnetized new opportunities.

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They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize our heart powered intentions to create new opportunities for a new year.

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Appreciative Inquiry

November 17, 2020 Episode #34 Guest: Jon Berghoff

The holidays are approaching and people are rethinking how to celebrate given the pandemic and increasing stress levels. One powerful and effective way we can support our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, is to practice sincere appreciation for the good things in our lives that we value.

Host Deborah Rozman, CEO of HeartMath, talk about appreciation as a powerful core heart quality that can quickly uplift us and those we care about. Special guest, Jon Berghoff, founder of the XCHANGE Approach, a scientific approach to unlocking collective wisdom in any group, shares a process called "Appreciative Inquiry" that we can use during our virtual or in-person holiday gatherings, or anytime and in any conversation that allows for wisdom, intelligence and strength to be unlocked together.

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They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize our intentions to add more heart to our own appreciation and reap the benefits during the next month.

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The Power of Neutral

October 20, 2020 Episode #33 Guest: Sandy Travis

There’s so much happening in our world on many different fronts. Current events and issues are exposing divisiveness, polarized perceptions, truths and non-truths. It’s all swirling around like energetic cyclones that can wreak havoc on our emotional and mental resilience.

Host Deborah Rozman, CEO of HeartMath and special guest, Sandy Travis, international HeartMath Certified Trainer and HeartMath coach, share how to use the power of the heart to access a state called "Neutral" to maintain an active calm which builds our resilience capacity, and how this has been invaluable to Deborah throughout her nearly 2-month evacuation experience as a result of recent California wildfires.

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Deborah also talks about how the power of "Neutral" has been invaluable throughout her nearly 2-month evacuation experience as a result of recent California wildfires, and how during a crisis, using the power of neutral enabled her and others at HeartMath to more effectively sort incoming data and information as the situation was unfolding.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to energize our intentions to add more heart to our practice of Neutral over the next month of political and global changes and to areas of our personal life where practicing Neutral could give us more objectivity and less energy drain.

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Helping Children Manage Pandemic Stress and Anxiety

September 15, 2020 Episode #32 Guest: Jorina Elbers, M.D.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many unexpected changes for all of us, including our children. The experiences of sheltering-in-place, isolation, virtual learning and ongoing uncertainty have created anxiety for children and parents alike.

As the school year opens in its various forms, parents and children of all ages continue to experience anxiety and depression that need heart support.

Host Deborah Rozman, CEO of HeartMath and special guest, Jorina Elbers, M.D., a neurologist specializing in pediatric neurology, formerly an assistant professor at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and Director of the Trauma Recovery Project at the HeartMath Institute, discuss how parents can find balance during these times, and how they can recognize signs of distress in their children.

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They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to Add Heart to children and families, and help create an energetic heart environment of love, security and stability to help them navigate these times with more ease and balance.

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What’s Making a Difference in Communities

August 18, 2020 Episode #31 Guest: James Miles, Ph.D.

Many people are feeling a heart prompting to make a difference in our communities – and ultimately the world. We want to contribute to a sustainable shift that reflects the true values of heart-based living.

Host Deborah Rozman, CEO of HeartMath and special guest, James Miles, Ph.D., an expert in community engagement working to heal and empower African American communities, disucss what’s working and already making a difference in communities that need to heal and overcome separations and inequalities.

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For real change to happen, James has found, requires a change of heart, not just a change of regulations and topical adjustments. He shares inspiring stories from his work with inner city youth and adults, and how he has integrated HeartMath’s emotional self-regulation and resilience tools into the work he is doing.

James also shares inspiring stories from his work with inner city youth and adults, and how he has integrated HeartMath’s emotional self-regulation and resilience tools into the work he is doing.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation that can help each of us identify how we can show up within our own communities and contribute to making a sustainable difference.

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Help Heal Communities

July 21, 2020 Episode #30 Guest: Michael Nila

During this unprecedented and challenging time of global protests, COVID-19 resurgance, and divisions within communities, it’s important to add heart to help ease the separations and promote healing.

During this 30-minute live call, guest Michael Nila, managing partner of Blue Courage, shares his experience and what he thinks it will take for communities to start healing from long standing divisions and injustices.

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Michael is the managing partner of Blue Courage – facilitating the HeartMath Institute in bringing HeartMath’s tools to police departments and community service agencies. He re-engineered police departments from being traditional police agencies to community-oriented departments. Blue Courage focuses on the heart and mind which represents the foundation to making good decisions and enhancing the capacity to serve honorably.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to Add Heart to the healing process of all communities and to the necessary changes that will help to bring our communities together in compassionate cooperation.

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The Role We Play in the Emerging Values of Community

June 16, 2020 Episode #29 Guest: Steve Havill

The past few months have illuminated the importance of community. Sheltering at home meant changing roles and deepening community within the family and having more quality time together. We’ve been connecting more with neighbors or online with friends, co-workers or clients.

Many of us have experienced virtual meetings as an opportunity for intimate, caring and effective connections. It’s not that we didn’t already know we need each other, rather the pandemic has moved us to reach out and care more, to be vulnerable about what we’re going through, and realize how grateful we are to have each other.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Steve Havill, HeartMath Certified Professionals Activation Facilitator, talk about heart-based communities as a foundation for a new world and how these communities are creating the new normal where we recognize we can get along more and appreciate each other for who we really are.

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They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to Add Heart to Community – to the emergence of new heart-based communities throughout the world.

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The Power of Heart to Help Ease Stress and Challenges

May 19, 2020 Episode #28 Guest: Gayle Novack

Many countries and states in the USA are easing restrictions and allowing businesses to re-open while others are still on lock down or "sheltering in place" to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The financial consequences have been devastating. At the same time, healthcare workers on the frontlines are concerned about a second wave of COVID-19 patients if restrictions are eased too soon.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Gayle Novack, Chief Nursing Officer, talk about how HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage™ tools are helping health care workers. Gayle also shares stories from the frontline, and how healthcare workers are utilizing HeartMath techniques to help themselves and COVID-19 patients.

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They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to send our compassion and appreciation to health care workers for their selfless care.

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Healthcare Workers Share Tools to Manage Stress and Fatigue

April 21, 2020 Episode #27 Guests: Robert Browning and Sheva Carr

Healthcare workers around the world are selflessly putting themselves at risk as they treat patients affected by the coronavirus.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guests Robert Browning and Sheva Carr, Co-Directors of HeartMath Healthcare, talk about how they are facilitating hospital staff with the use of HeartMath’s in-the-moment stress relief tools during this global crisis.

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Learn how leaders, nurses, doctors and others on the front lines of healthcare are using heart-focused techniques to help manage stress and fatigue, and support their patients. They also discuss how we can use these same techniques ourselves and share them with our families to support each other during "Shelter in Place".

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to send compassion and appreciation to healthcare workers throughout the world for their selfless care.

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Developing Heart Values in Children – 100,000 Coherent Kids Initiative

March 17, 2020 Episode #26 Guest: Jeff Goelitz

Now, more than ever, children need every advantage to access their heart’s intelligent guidance to effectively navigate through our ever-changing world.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Jeff Goelitz, HeartMath Institute’s Education Specialist, talk about the purpose of the 100,000 Coherent Kids Initiative and how it’s teachings can be applied at any age.

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You will learn about the initiative launched by the HeartMath Institute, to provide free access to a new online program: The HeartSmarts® Adventure. Offered globally, the kind of ideas and life-affirming practices taught in this fun, engaging course are part of a growing worldwide movement to help transform the lives of children and families.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to amplify our intentions to weave more heart qualities into our daily lives, and re-energize our commitments to adding heart to our families, neighbors, community, our global family, and our planet.

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Creating Deeper Heart Connection and Improving Relationships

February 18, 2020 Episode #25 Guest: Dr. Lise Janelle

Compassion helps raise the vibration of the individual and collective environment. It helps us connect with our higher reasoning capacity to make smarter choices while managing the infectious waves of stress and insecurity that are on the rise. Latitude is an attitude that includes qualities such as being less critical and more patient and tolerant with each other yet not having to agree with or condone another’s views or actions.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Dr. Lise Janelle, coach and author of Conversations with the Heart and You are Loved, talk about two HeartMath keys for creating deeper heart connection and improving relationships – Deep heart listening and Compassionate latitude.

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Lise also shares how she works with clients to connect with the power of their heart to heal relationships and the importance of leading with the heart to create successful relationships.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to amplify our hearts connections and re-energize our commitments to increasing our compassionate latitude and deep heart listening in our relationships.

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The New Human Story

January 21, 2020 Episode #24 Guest: Gregg Braden

As the often repeated quote of Albert Einstein says, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

It’s now heart time on the planet, and individually and collectively we have the opportunity to write the next chapter of what it means to be human. This will be a story based on compassion, kindness and a deep care for each other and our collective awakening.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Gregg Braden, internationally renowned as a pioneer bridging science, spirituality and human potential, talk about how we have new power to change the way we think about ourselves, our relationships, our purpose and what it means to be alive at this time of exponential change. They also discuss why heart intelligence is key to re-wiring human consciousness and reshaping our collective story.

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They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to amplify our connection to our heart’s intelligence in the New Year.

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Lift Global Consciousness

December 17, 2019 Episode #23 Guests: Howard Martin and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

It’s the holiday season – a time when people throughout the world celebrate holidays and connect more in the heart as they share kindness and care.

Research findings have shown that we influence each other more than we may realize through energetic fields that surround each of us. Though invisible to most, these fields are generated from our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

During this 30-minute live call, HeartMath Leaders Howard Martin, HeartMath Inc., Rollin McCraty Ph.D., HeartMath Institute, and Deborah Rozman, HeartMath Inc., discuss the energetic fields that surround us and the unique opportunity to utilize the amplification of the holiday energies to add more heart coherence to help lift our personal, social and global consciousness.

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Research findings have shown that we influence each other more than we may realize through energetic fields that surround each of us. Though invisible to most, these fields are generated from our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to amplify our intentions to practice more care, compassionate latitude, patience and kindness during the holidays. Doing this helps lift the energy field, making it easier for others to feel their own heart and a lift in spirit. With a little practice, this can become our way of life – the new normal – in the new year.

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Refresh and Amplify Gratitude

November 19, 2019 Episode #22 Guest: Marci Shimoff

There are moments that draw our appreciation. Acknowledgement for our efforts on a project, a warm smile from someone passing by, a surprisingly quick moving check-out line at the grocery store. We’re grateful for a beautiful day and for loved ones in our life. When we give appreciation to others it uplifts them and us. Appreciation and gratitude are qualities of the heart that bring happiness.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author of Happy for No Reason, and Love for No Reason, discuss how we can refresh and amplify our gratitude and appreciation as a daily practice.

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Marci shares how gratitude affects our happiness set-point, and why it’s so important to consciously practice appreciation or gratitude. They also discuss scientific research on the impact of gratitude on our health and offered several powerful daily practices that can increase our experience of gratitude in life.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to refresh our connection with gratitude and appreciation – and set our intention to energize these heart qualities.

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Power Up Resilience

October 15, 2019 Episode #21 Guest: Claudia Weber

In today’s rapidly changing world, resilience is a must-have skill. HeartMath defines resilience as the ability to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Claudia Weber, an Information Technology Manager at Intel Corporation and a Certified HeartMath Corporate Trainer and Resilience Coach for Intel, talk about how we can build more self-awareness of draining behaviors and how this can save our energy. They also discuss simple yet effective practices that can help us power up our resilience capacity.

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They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to set our intention to add more heart power to resilience over the next month.

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The Vision of Peace: Creating Peaceful Societies Begins in Our Own Heart

September 17, 2019 Episode #20 Guest: Sheva Carr

People hope and pray for world peace; yet more are recognizing that peace must begin within our own hearts. Peace is not something we seek but rather something we can create with an alignment of heart, mind and emotions.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah and guest Sheva Carr, founding Executive Director of Heart Ambassadors, The Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids, talk about how adding heart power can create more peace within our own lives and in the world.

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Sheva also shares some of the extraordinary (and courageous) grass roots movements happening around the world in service to and as a heart stand for peace.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to Add Heart to our own inner peace and to the many heart-based peace initiatives happening on the planet.

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The Growing Trend of Adding Heart to Companies

August 20, 2019 Episode #19 Guest: Robert Erdbrink

September is around the corner and it is the month that the world acknowledges the shared desire for International Peace. But how can we have peace collectively if the individuals that make up the collective are suffering from extreme stress?

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and guest Robert Erdbrink, Director of HeartMath Benelux, discuss how Robert is helping companies in Europe understand heart-mind-body connection and providing them with tools and technology they can use in the moment to reduce stress and burnout. The results are so significant that the entire Dutch police force has adopted this heart-based program.

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Robert also shares inspiring stories of what the HeartMath Benelux team is achieving with companies and the opening of heart that is occurring in Europe.

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to increase the care in businesses and communities.

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Using Social Media to Uplift Humanity and Add More Heart to Your Connections

July 16, 2019 Episode #18 Guest: Mari Smith

Social media is a major influence in the lives of many people. It is an avenue for self-expression, a place to connect with others, and be swayed by other’s likes and posts. Social media isn’t just a place for videos, memes and small talk. It often shapes how people view the world. Social media is an important avenue to add heart and nurture our personal connections or causes we care about. It has the potential to create networks of people who want to help uplift each other and humanity.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and guest Mari Smith, Social Media Expert, discussed how to use social media in positive ways that connect us more deeply with each other and the planet. Mari is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on social media. She is a Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer, author of The New Relationship Marketing and co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

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They close the event with a heart-meditation to add heart to increase the heart we’re adding to our connection within and with each other.

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How to Add Heart to Health

June 18, 2019 Episode #17 Guest: Tim Culbert, M.D.

When it comes to our health or the health of someone we care about, it’s important to create a healing environment where heart qualities of care, kindness and compassion are part of the healing plan.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and guest Tim Culbert, MD, Medical Director of Integrative Services at Prairie Care Medical Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota, discuss how Tim "adds heart" to his own personal wellness practices and how he teaches his patients, whether adults or children, to do the same with amazing benefits.

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Tim also shares self-management skills and tools for increasing heart power and coherence to give us a sense of control over our health journey and process, and how heart-intelligent strategies elevate our ability to heal our self, our family or our patients from a foundation of love, care and compassion.

They close the event with a heart-meditation to add heart to your own health and to the health of those you care about.

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A Growing Need for Compassionate Latitude

May 21, 2019 Episode #16 Guest: Gavin Andrews

Sparking this month’s Add Heart Call discussion is the growing need for "compassionate latitude" for others and for ourselves. In a just-released Gallup poll, more than half of Americans are reporting record levels of stress and worry. Rising stress levels are also occurring in the UK and Europe with uncertainty about the future of Brexit and polarizing politics of separation vs. inclusiveness.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Gavin Andrews, director for HeartMath UK, discuss the importance of having "compassionate latitude" during these times, what that really means and how to practice it to the benefit of all. Gavin also talks about the changes he sees happening in the UK and simultaneously a new awakening to heart awareness and connection that’s bringing hope to many.

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They close the event with a heart-meditation to lift our vibration and add heart-powered intention to our practice of compassionate latitude in all our interactions, including how we interact our self.

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Why Today’s Stress Is Different and How to Stay Resilient

April 16, 2019 Episode #15 Guest: Heidi Hanna, Ph.D.

Have you found that your efforts to relieve stress don’t seem to be working as well as they used to? Perhaps it’s because today’s stress is different than even a few years ago.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Heidi Hanna, Ph.D., executive director of the American Institute of Stress and a HeartMath Certified Trainer, discuss why being aware of our stress is important and shared strategies that allow us to take charge of stress from the inside out. They also talk about about simple and proven ways to prevent and release today’s stress accumulation by opening the heart, reducing drama and practicing compassion and self-compassion.

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They close the event with a heart-meditation that you can use anytime for releasing and preventing stress, and in making effective choices.

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How to Recharge Your Inner Battery

March 19, 2019 Episode #14 Guest: CDR Rich Diviney, Navy SEAL (Ret.)

Each day we start out with a fresh charge to our personal energy – much like the battery in our phone. As we go through the day we encounter many things that use up our personal energy. Some situations drain our energy, such as heated conversations, worry over people or situations we care about, frustration and impatience regarding projects at work or issues in our personal lives. How fast we run through our personal energy has a lot to do with our ability to recover and recharge our inner battery in real-time.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Rich Diviney, former Navy Seal Commander and a HeartMath Certified Trainer, discuss the unique and powerful recovery tools that Rich provides leaders to quickly recover and recharge their inner battery. He also shares how he introduced his Seal Team to "micro-recovery" using heart coherence skills to manage their energy and destress after being ramped up in a highly charged state. You will be able to apply what you learn in this Add Heart Call to your own charged situations.

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They close the event with a heart-meditation that provides insights and deeper access to our heart’s intuitive guidance for more peace and favorable outcomes as we deal with the complexities of this time.

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Celebrating the Heart in All of Us!

February 19, 2019 Episode #13 Guest: Dr. Jean Watson

It’s hard to imagine a world without heart. Qualities such as care, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and patience, uplift and connect us all. In fact scientific research is showing that it’s the lack of genuine heart qualities that’s behind much of the stress that we create personally and within teams and groups.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Dr. Jean Watson, founder of the Watson Caring Science Institute, an international non-profit organization created to advance the philosophies, theories and practices of Human Caring, discuss how qualities of the heart can heal and neutralize feelings of stress and overload when things get tough. They also talk about how daily practice of heart attributes gives us a deeper sense of self-security and balance, and acts as a first line of defense against stress and overwhelm.

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They close the event with a heart-meditation on deepening our practice of heart qualities of patience, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and care.

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Personal Reset – Energizing and Renewing Important Commitments and Insight

January 15, 2019 Episode #12 Guest: Steve Havill

Reset, a simple, yet powerful process that can assist us now and throughout the year. A personal reset can be used in several ways. We can reset to start fresh after closure on an issue. We can reset daily or throughout a week to re-energize important commitments. We can reset when things seem to be off-track or when we need to refocus and draw in more clarity.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Steve Havill, a conscious business leader and HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Coach/Mentor, discuss how they use reset and what resetting for the new year means to them. Deborah also talks about a collective reset that is building around the world and how we can individually contribute to it.

(more…)Read more

They close the event with a heart-meditation for using reset throughout the month and new year for resetting and for making higher choices.

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Creating Social Coherence During the Holidays

December 18, 2018 Episode #11 Guest: Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

The holiday season is here and many of us will be participating in social gatherings and celebrations. This is prime time to go deeper into our hearts to understand other’s concerns and amplify our care.

HeartMath Institute is researching the power of social coherence and seeing evidence of a positive feedback loop as individuals and groups intentionally create heart coherent energy fields, which increases our connections with each other.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Rollin McCraty Ph.D., HeartMath Institute’s Research Director, discuss why during holiday social gatherings is prime time to go deeper into our hearts to understand other’s concerns and amplify our care. They also talk about the research behind social coherence and how intentionally creating heart coherence energy fields increases our connections with each other.

(more…)Read more

They close the event with a heart-meditation for social coherence. Everyone aligned their hearts and minds and connected with the higher heart frequency of compassion for the collective and sent unconditional love to family and friends and all of humanity this holiday season.

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Gratitude to Activate the Brain’s Feel‑Good Reward

November 20, 2018 Episode #10 Guest: Gregg Braden

This thought-provoking discussion will add an uplift to our intentions as we focus on gratitude for our family and friends this holiday season.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author, internationally renowned speaker and HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee member, discuss gratitude as a higher brain state that releases a self-rewarding feel-good neurotransmitter. They also talk about recent evidence from brain-imaging studies that shows the brain’s "reward center" lighting up when we’re feeling grateful.

(more…)Read more

They close the event with a heart-meditation to align our heart and mind and connect with the higher heart frequency of gratitude and appreciation.

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Transforming Insecurity and Creating Self‑Security

October 16, 2018 Episode #9 Guest: Owen Ward

All of us need care to thrive – whether we’re receiving or giving care – it is vital to our existence. The ability to express love through our care is one of the highest attributes we have. And like most anything, care has a balance point.

Whether it’s personal, family, social issues within our community, or global issues that affect us all, when our care turns into overcare or insecurity, our energy quickly drains. This hinders our ability to be effective, even when our intentions are to care.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Owen Ward, HeartMath Chief Strategy Officer at the HeartMath Institute, share how balanced care has helped them become more attuned to intuitive intelligence to guide their choices in different situations.

(more…)Read more

They close the event with a heart-meditation to align our heart and mind and connect with our balanced care as a replacement attitude for insecurity, worry and other forms of overcare.

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Finding the Gifts Within Stillness

September 18, 2018 Episode #8 Guest: Robert Browning

Stillness is an ancient practice, but so easy to dismiss in modern times. Contrary to what the mind and to-do list might have us believe, taking stillness breaks each day is especially important when we have a lot of responsibilities and priorities. Going to Stillness allows our heart, mind and emotions to experience a time-out from competing against each other and enjoy some casual peace together.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and special guest Robert Browning, HM's Dir. of Org. Programs, talk about why it’s especially important in an emotionally-charged and rapidly changing world to create space for inner stillness and how to do it. The simple inner stillness practice they share with you allows heart, mind and emotions to experience a time-out.

(more…)Read more

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to create a reservoir of inner stillness.

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The Value of Pause for Creating Flow and Inner Balance

August 21, 2018 Episode #7 Guest: Jeff Goelitz

Many of us learned the value of pause from our parents and even passed it on as wisdom to our children. However, as life’s demanding pace keeps increasing, the memory to pause often fades, especially when we are under pressure.

There are numerous situations where we sacrifice our wellbeing because we allow the hurry of life to usher us into quick decision and actions. Many times, this can cause us to miss our heart’s intuitive signal to pause before an important and sensitive engagement.

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and guest Jeff Goelitz had a lively discussion about the value of Pause and share suggestions on how to instate this valuable practice more often. They also talk about how to engage in the choice to Pause to create the most flow for restoring our inner balance and clear direction.

(more…)Read more

They close the event with a heart-focused meditation to add heart power to our own and each other’s practice of Pause to release old habits that disconnect us from flow and increase our flexibility, resilience and personal empowerment.

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The Human Story Is Changing

July 17, 2018 Episode #6 Guest: Gregg Braden

It’s an inner confidence that allows us to take control of our lives and see beyond problems or roadblocks to create solutions. It’s being able to self-regulate our mental and emotional reactions. It’s the ability to transform anxiety and fear by staying closely attuned to our heart’s intuitive guidance. Humans are self-referencing beings so when the world we know starts to change we immediately ask how will this affect me?

During this 30-minute live call, Deborah Rozman and guest Gregg Braden discuss the new level of self-empowerment needed to embrace our changing world in a healthy way. They also talk about the significant shift that’s happening in the human story and provided some heart-based practices that can build our self-security.

(more…)Read more

They close the event with a heart meditation for self-empowerment to release old fear or anxiety imprints, gain a more objective view and access intuitive direction for responding to change.

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Interconnectivity – How We are Connected to Each Other

June 19, 2018 Episode #5 Guest: Robert Erdbrink

We’re constantly exchanging unseen information with all living things through our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Traditionally, during the summer months most of us spend even more time connecting with family, friends and nature. Learn how you can "Add Heart" to the unseen energetic exchanges you share with people and with nature, and how we can lift each other’s vibration and renew our connections with all of life.

During this 30-minute live call, join Deborah Rozman and meet her special guest Robert Erdbrink, Director of HeartMath Benelux, discuss what "Add Heart" means to Robert and some of the ways he adds heart to our world.

(more…)Read more

Deborah closes the call with an Interconnectivity heart meditation we can use over the next month to deepen our connections and support each other’s forward movement.

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Finding Your Inner Rhythm

May 15, 2018 Episode #4 Guest: Howard Martin

As a former rock-and-roll drummer, Howard has a keen awareness of rhythms and how all aspects of life have different rhythms. We experience them in dance and music, we observe them in the ocean’s tides and changing seasons – and course we live by our heart’s rhythm. Right now many people are enjoying the changing rhythm of nature moving into spring weather after a long winter. We can find rhythms in just about everything within us and outside of us.

Learning how to shift our inner rhythms can help life feel a lot less stressful and more balanced. Connecting with our inner heart rhythm helps us sense right timing and enjoy increased care and sensitivity in our relationships and engagements with life.

During this 30-minute live call, special guest Howard Martin, Executive Vice President of HeartMath Inc., talk about how we can tune into the inner rhythm of daily life and find more flow. You’ll learn suggested ways to prevent the impatience of the mind from overriding the sensitive and intuitive whispers of your heart’s direction.

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Call closes with a heart meditation on finding your inner rhythm and create a reservoir of heart energy to support each other’s intentions to find more rhythm and flow through life during the month.

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How Science Validates Ancient Spiritual Traditions About the Heart

April 17, 2018 Episode #3 Guest: Gregg Braden

During this 30-minute live call, we draw on HeartMath research and techniques while focusing on a restorative heart attribute that can help minimize stress and overwhelm while adding an uplifting energetic focus to your heart-directed intentions.

This month, special guest Gregg Braden shares how science is validating the core principles of many ancient, spiritual traditions about the heart and what "Add Heart" personally means to him. He also explains why he first goes to his heart and how this allows him to be more present and really serve others.

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Raising Our Vibration to Access Our Higher Potentials

During this 30-minute live call, we draw on HeartMath research and techniques while focusing on  a restorative heart attribute that can help minimize stress and overwhelm while adding an uplifting energetic focus to your heart-directed intentions.

This month our live Add Heart Call focuses on Raising Our Vibration to access our higher potentials, how thoughts and feelings operate in different vibrations and ways to intentionally raise your vibration.

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Inspiring Forward Movement and Heart Powered Intention

During this 30-minute live call, we draw on HeartMath research and techniques while focusing on a restorative heart attribute that can help minimize stress and overwhelm while adding an uplifting energetic focus to your heart-directed intentions.

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