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Our Next Episode:

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Latest Episode:

Episode #68September 19, 2023

Unlocking Brain Resilience with Longevity Expert

Guest: Scott Noorda

The Add Heart® Podcast is designed to power-up our intentions to add more heart to our world and incorporate heart intelligence into your day-to-day experiences and interactions.

  • Each episode highlights a restorative heart quality and how to apply it to empower your life and especially prevent stress overload.
  • The host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath® President and CEO, and an expert guest will share how they add heart to different themes of life, such as work, family, relationships, decision-making, etc., and the benefits they experience.
  • Each episode closes with a heart meditation to create a reservoir of collective heart energy that supports each individual’s intentions for the next 30 days.

These 30-minute episodes, published on the 3rd Tuesday each month at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time, offer time-relevant practices, suggestions and a 6-minute guided, heart-focused meditation.

The Add Heart Podcast provides insights and deeper access to our heart’s intuitive guidance for more peace and favorable outcomes as we deal with the complexities of this time. As we renew our heart intentions together, we can better add heart to the world as well as to ourselves.

Next Episode:
Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Latest Episode:

Unlocking Brain Resilience with Longevity Expert

Episode #68September 19, 2023Guest Scott Noorda

Dive into an enlightening conversation, as we sit down with Dr. Scott Noorda, a dedicated Longevity Physician who draws on Functional Medicine’s approach to cultivating resilient brain health.

Drawing from his extensive experience working closely with Alzheimer’s patients in memory care, Dr. Noorda sheds light on a topic close to many hearts: Alzheimer’s Disease and brain health. Amidst the shadows of uncertainty, he shares hope, revealing there’s more we can do than we might think to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Through personal anecdotes and professional insights, Dr. Noorda dismantles the notion of accepting brain decline as inevitable. Having witnessed a family member’s battle with Alzheimer’s, he embarked on a mission to specialize in brain health, arming himself with knowledge and strategies to empower everyone to take charge of their brain’s vitality.

In an intimate heart-to-heart with our host, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., Dr. Noorda unveils his own daily rituals, painting a vivid picture of how each of us can craft a routine that fuels our brain’s resilience. The discussion delves into the profound impact of stress on brain health and showcases the transformative potential lying within our very own hearts. With wisdom and simplicity, he offers practical suggestions on unlocking these benefits and integrating them into our lives.

The episode closes with a heart meditation to help us align with our heart’s guidance about the areas we need to give more care and attention to for improved wellness, and energize our commitment to follow through on it.