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Add Heart Podcast

Add Heart Podcast

Authentic Power – Aligning Personality With Soul

Host Deborah Rozman and Guest Gary Zukav

August 15, 2023 Episode #67 Add Heart Podcast Past Episodes

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This sixty-seventh episode is an excellent way to sustain your own personal heart-practices. We also hope it will be a supportive tool for you to offer to your clients, patients and colleagues.

Gary Zukav, author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers, including the widely popular, The Seat of the Soul, shares his wisdom on the topic of aligning your personality with your soul or higher self, embracing your authentic power, and stepping into a vibrant life of purpose and love.

Gary and podcast host, Deborah Rozman, talk about authentic heart power that is fueling a transformational consciousness emerging in millions of people. Through the episode, Gary discusses evolving from perception through our five senses to multisensory perception and the significant role our heart plays in this awakening.

Gary and Deborah explore why it’s important to recognize the parts of our personalities rooted in love and the insecure or fear-based parts that prevent us from accessing our authentic soul-self. Gary offers genuine encouragement about how we can direct our attention towards nurturing the loving aspects while compassionately challenging the fear-based aspects.

They encourage us to embrace our authentic heart power, granting us greater agency over life experiences and inspiring responsible, heart-directed choices in our actions and interactions.

This deeply inspiring episode closes with a heart meditation to help us connect more with our authentic power and ask our heart’s guidance for clarity or direction in our next steps for living a more authentic life.

About Our Guest

Gary’s gentle presence and wisdom have inspired millions. He is a teacher and author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including the globally popular Seat of the Soul. Gary has been a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show with over 30 appearances. Conveying complex insights in a language all can understand, Gary is dedicated to an unprecedented transformation in human consciousness. He is a Harvard graduate with a degree in International Relations.

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