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Add Heart Podcast

Add Heart Podcast

An Awakening of the Heart

A New Opportunity for Humanity

Host Deborah Rozman and Guest Howard Martin

February 15, 2022 Episode #49 Add Heart Podcast Past Episodes

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This forty-ninth episode is an excellent way to sustain your own personal heart-practices. We also hope it will be a supportive tool for you to offer to your clients, patients and colleagues.

In current times people re-evaluated their priorities and connected with deeper values regarding their relationships with family and work. A recent Harris Poll reported: "Sweeping research suggests the future is bright and we are rethinking, resetting, and reimagining our futures for the better. Hope and optimism are increasing, connections with friends and family are strengthening and we are re-prioritizing towards what matters to us most."

In this episode, Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., our Add Heart® Podcast host, and her guest, Howard Martin, Executive Vice President of HeartMath Inc., talk about the awakening of the heart that is occurring around the world. They discuss a new opportunity that humanity has right now to sustain the awakening of compassion and heart connection. It’s in the heart that people access feelings such as compassion, care, kindness, forgiveness, and appreciation that lift us above separation, judgments, and blame.

In the new edition of their book, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Heart’s Intuitive Guidance for Effective Choices and Solutions, released in February 2022, Deborah and Howard share how we can build trust in our heart’s intuitive guidance and how each person’s heart intelligence (heart’s intuitive guidance) can help them connect to higher choices and untapped potentials.

The episode closes with a heart meditation that we can use daily to energize our commitment to adding more heart to all of our relationships and connections knowing that we are each contributing to a shift in humanity’s energies from separation to cooperation, resulting in higher solutions to our global, social, and economic problems.

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