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Just Right or Perfectly Wrong?

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Just Right or Perfectly Wrong?

Rachael smiles, remembering her plans to open her own florist shop three years ago. Excited by what she'd learned in just four months at Tom's House of Flowers, she eagerly leaped for her dream.

She knew what was needed to get started. She felt she knew the basics. Hadn't she even done some ordering last week?

After sad goodbyes and with nearly $8,000 in savings, she began site searching, finding a small vacant storefront for $1,075 a month, little more than her apartment rent.

Back at her apartment, Rachael sat down to figure start-up expenses. Ready to finally open the supply catalogue Tom gave her a while back, she paused to answer her phone; the electricity would be off until 4:00 for repairs.

Science behind just right geometries

When you add heat (energy), ice turns to water and water turns to vapor and steam. These are "state" changes. New energies are coming into the planet from the universal source. We know increasing solar activity and global warming are transforming the state of our planet. Similarly, as we bring more of our spirit into our humanness, we can transform our state of consciousness.

Pushing aside the catalogue, she wrote out a deposit check and grabbed her keys. A man greeted her inside the marketing office. Unfortunately, the vacancy was filled three days earlier. He apologized when Rachael protested she'd seen the vacancy sign in her flower shop's window that morning.

Her spirits further sank that evening when she finished totaling expenses. Wow!

Don't we all dislike it when no matter we do, everything seems to be falling out of place? Oh, but we love the magical times when everything falls into place.

HeartMath calls this "just right geometries," positing that not only we as individuals experience them, but societies and our planet itself also are subject to this very natural process.

Your Life in Just Right Geometries

Like the geometry we can see and feel in the physical world, there is a geometry to consciousness. This movement of energies and awareness from one point to another similarly occurs in lines, angles, spirals, loops and other shapes.

Just right geometries occur when life arranges situations, people and events — synchronicities — such that they seem exquisitely designed and arranged exclusively for you and your growth; hence designer geometries, as they sometimes are called.

Conversely, just right geometries also can feel challenging, with life arranging everything in such perfect discordance that nothing seems to go right. Some people accept these geometries — the seemingly good ones and bad ones at face value — giving them little or no thought.

HeartMath theorizes that just right geometries originate from a universal source, manifesting as gifts from each individual's spirit. These gifts give a glimpse of a higher order of life working on your behalf — regardless whether everything seems to fall in or out of place.

As the term implies, just right geometries are no less gifts when it's the latter. Think of this in terms of buttons being pushed to help you see things in yourself you previously weren't aware existed.

Viewed from that perspective and with a willingness to observe, learn, appreciate and grow, wouldn't all the geometries in our life experience be just right?

We also experience animated geometries. HeartMath defines these as interactions and events that are so stark, or animated beyond the norm of usual experience that we can't help but notice them.

Consider, for example, however ill-conceived Rachael's floral shop venture may appear in hindsight, though foreseeable, it was not so vivid or animated as say, a runner who obliterates a state 10K record. She'd trained so hard, but never imagined this. The roar of the crowd paces her final lap, her name blares loudly every few meters. She thinks she can feel the infrared beam as she finishes. Other runners approach, embracing and congratulating her. It's so surreal, but she can visualize the great things that will follow, everything falling into place.

If only Rachael had, before quitting, paused to consider and appreciate what she had or didn't have, the pluses and minuses of the venture, her life.

She could have used a simple, powerful HeartMath tool, with practice learning to flow more smoothly, successfully and happily with her just right geometries.

Using Asset/Deficit List and Heart Coherence Gratitude

HeartMath's Asset/Deficit list and Heart Coherence Gratitude can help. Start by making a list of your assets, defining them by times when things fell into place just right, even beyond what your mind could preconceive or plan. Now define items on a deficit list by moments when life unfolded perfectly to produce results seemingly the polar-opposite of your dreams. Try this simple format:

Assest - Just Right or Perfectly Wrong Deficit - Just Right or Perfectly Wrong

When your Asset/Deficit list is complete, take 3 minutes to do HeartMath's Heart Coherence Gratitude:

Heart Focus: Focus your attention on your heart. Breathe a little deeper than normal, in for 5 or 6 seconds and out 5 or 6 seconds. You can place your hand over your heart to help maintain your focus there.

Heart Breathing: Now imagine while breathing that you're doing it through your heart. Picture yourself slowly inhaling and exhaling through your heart.

Radiate appreciation for your assets as you breathe in and out through the heart area. Be receptive to your heart's guidance and anchor what you receive by writing it down.

Consider how you responded to each item on your deficit list. What resulted when you used a tool or gained new insight from each experience?
  • How could your heart and spirit have designed these situations? What larger play of energy was at work to help you grow?
  • Appreciate what you can about any learning from your deficits. Breathe dignity and appreciation for any challenges and growth.
  • How does appreciation change your perception of those deficits? Note any insights.

Rachael continued smiling now when Tom asked, “What am I missing?” from the bouquet of orange roses, sunflowers and gladiolus he was arranging.

She eyed them and after a few moments, Rachael looked up and said, “Pink alstromeria!”

“Perfect!" Tom said. "I officially declare your apprenticeship complete." Rachael was anxious, until he continued: "How does Tom and Rachael's House of Flowers sound to you, partner?"

† Adapted from the HeartMath Appreciation Tool and Exercises. Click here for complete instructions.

I'd love for you to share your just right geometries experiences.