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Finding Our True Self and Life’s Purpose

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Finding Our True Self and Life’s Purpose

In a world that can be chaotic, noisy, and full of distractions, it’s common to lose sight of who we truly are. Deep down inside ourselves, we all have a true self, a core essence that is unique and authentic. Finding our true self requires us to slow down, quiet our minds, and tune in to our heart’s inner voice.

One way to reconnect with our true self is to spend time in nature; it has a way of calming our minds and reminding us of the beauty and simplicity of life. Another way to find our true self is to engage in activities that bring us joy. This could be anything from writing or playing music to volunteering or helping others in need. When we do things that align with our true selves, we feel a sense of purpose and meaning.

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Increasing Our Hope By Strengthening Our Care blog

Increasing Our Hope By Strengthening Our Care

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Increasing Our Hope By Strengthening Our Care

Love generates hope, and hope is the window of future possibilities that serve the highest good for the whole.

Often, the light in our hope dims and is obscured by chaos and our own mental and emotional blocks, such as fear, judgment, prejudice, and separation. As we practice heart qualities like love, care, compassion, kindness, and cooperation, along with becoming more responsible for our personal energy expenditures, we can become architects of a new sense of hope and live according to our deeper values and higher quality choices.

As more people connect with their own heart’s intelligent guidance and practice the qualities of the heart, we can individually and collectively experience more peace, happiness, and satisfaction in our lives. This makes a valuable contribution to the whole and creates more hope for each other and planet earth.

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Inner Stillness red sun and rocks blog

Inner Stillness

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Inner Stillness

Many spiritual cultures agree inner stillness creates an energetic environment for supporting our advancing consciousness that can unleash the transformational power of our love.

HeartMath tools and coherence technologies have been designed to monitor and facilitate easier access to stillness and its connection to the natural inner wisdom and guidance of our heart.

A coherent alignment between our spiritual heart, mind and emotions can lead to a new way of perceiving, thinking and relating. When practicing heart coherence, we experience a distinct quieting of the inner noise generated by the normal stream of unregulated mental and emotional activity. When you’re in a still coherent state, your nervous system is more aligned, your hormonal and immune systems are getting rebalanced, and your mind and emotions are connecting with more of your spirit’s practical guidance.

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Importance of Anchoring Your Insights man

The Importance of Anchoring Your Insights

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The Importance of Anchoring Your Insights Acting on Intuitive Inspirations and Insights Before the Initial Energy Fades

Global stress is on the rise. Waves of emotional turbulence modulate throughout the planet, resulting from our collective emotional responses to droughts, floods, hunger, world stage instability and on. These stress waves get powerfully stirred and amplified by the media, which sustains a collective uneasiness that can dampen how we think, feel, and respond to life’s interactions – especially on the emotional level. The internal turbulence caused by these waves of stress can be offset.

We can help with this by getting into a quiet space and asking our heart daily to draw to us inspirations, tools and common-sense insights for reducing our stress. We often get inspirations and intentions to use certain techniques we already know that could help prevent and reduce our stress load. Yet it is easy to fall short of grounding them via practice.

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The Spiritual Heart, A Scientific Inquiry

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The Spiritual Heart, A Scientific Inquiry

In her article, The Spiritual Heart, Micheline Anderson applies HeartMath science to a correlation of spiritual practices. She suggests that the heart may be the temple of the soul, and that the related emotional keys of spiritual aspiration reflect increased longevity and wellness. Given the historical association between the metaphorical qualities of the heart and the many spiritual practices throughout history, there is increasing evidence that substantiates physical well-being with identification and appeal to a transcendent being, including our personal and collective higher self.

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Ease - An Active, Calm Way of Being

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Ease – An Active, Calm Way of Being

The state of ease is a highly regenerative state that helps us flow more easily through challenges and builds our resilience capacity. It is not merely a state of relaxation. It is characterized by a balance between the mind and emotions, which allows us to access a sense of inner stillness and make intelligent choices while on the move.

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Patience, A Stress Preventer Overlooked

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Patience, A Stress Preventer Overlooked

Most all of us have struggled with impatience from time to time. Patience supports our ability to manage our energies from a state of ease, especially when things don’t move to suit our mind’s pace. The speed of change can make life seem like it’s on fast-forward which can amplify impatience, irritation, and frustration. These assumed small energy leaks often turn into blockbuster energy deficits over time, if we don’t reset and transform them into patience, resilience, and flow.

Rushed, impatient energy diffuses our capacity for favorable outcomes. When we push energy, this cancels the experience of flow and creates hiccups in our intentions. It’s our mind that tends to rush energy; our heart chooses balance, rhythm, and flow. This cooperation reduces resistance and increases our desired outcomes with much less stress and the energy deficit that accompanies it.

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Heart-Based Living Blog

Heart-Based Living

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Heart-Based Living

What does HeartMath mean by the term, Heart-Based Living?

Heart-Based Living is only a convenient reference term which implies the practice of qualifying our thoughts, feelings and actions through our heart for more effective choices and guidance. Some people prefer the terms, Heart-Focused Living, or Heart-Centered Living. All of these terms suit the purpose – it’s just a matter of individual choice.

The important point is that many people are sharing that they are being encouraged more to "follow their heart" as a result of practicing Heart-Based living.

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Power of Heart Intention Musical orchestra playing blog

Documentary Explores the Power of Heart Intention in Musical Performance

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Documentary Explores the Power of Heart Intention in Musical Performance

The conductor abruptly waves, signaling the orchestra to stop playing. "People, please," she says, "when you play this piece, try to imagine, feel the emotion this great composer intended. Play each and every note from the heart. Again, from the beginning."

Words to that effect have been uttered by thousands of conductors and music instructors through the centuries. They are not words with which Dr. Kathleen Riley of California would disagree. The concepts they suggest are integral to her unique approach to helping musicians and clients in all professions achieve optimal performance and overcome related anxieties.

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