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Heart-Coherent Parenting Resources

You’ll find many articles covering a range of topics in the World of Kids section of HMI’s Articles of the Heart Blog, which has ideas and tools for those who raise children.

HeartMath’s scientists have designed unique easy-to-use technologies that help children and adults address a variety of issues in a short amount of time by tapping into their heart intelligence.

Home School

The HeartMath Institute recognizes the growing need to make resources available to home-schooled children, whose numbers have greatly increased in recent decades. We have specialized heart-based learning programs, articles, webinars, games and other resources to help parents with children who learn at home. Here are some.

Social and Emotional Learning

Horizon Interactive Award (Silver)
Communicators Award (Gold) Communicators Award (Silver) Omni Award (Bronze)

Winner of Omni Award (Bronze)

2018 Communicators Award (Gold & Silver)

2018 Horizon Interactive Award (Silver)

Cognitive and social development and self-regulation of stress, emotions and behavior are extremely important for your children’s growth, and heart-coherence skills are essential for these. HMI’s science-based programs, tools and technology for children will teach them how to build and sustain heart-coherence throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Special Needs Children

Children with special learning needs such as those with autism, ADHD/ADD, reading or other issues have long been a focus of research at the HeartMath Institute. We have many resources parents and educators can use to teach and stimulate children, whether they learn at home or in a classroom setting.

  • Kids Beyond Limits: Breakthrough Results for Children with Autism, Brain Damage, ADHD and Developmental Delays webinar, with Anat Baniel and Jeff Goelitz.

    Click to view or download.

  • The Autism Revolution: Whole Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be webinar, with Martha Herbert, M.D., Ph.D. and Jeff Goelitz.

    Click to view or download.

  • emWave Technology Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum article.

    Click to read.

Discipline and the Coherent Heart

Children require love and care throughout their development, but they also need discipline. We at HMI believe combining these helps children be and do their best. Take a look at these resources for loving and caring strategies that promote well-behaved and well-disciplined children.

For Parents

Loving, caring and patience are "musts" for raising children, but a frequently overlooked must is self-care. Successful and happy parenting depends on not allowing the inevitable stresses and strains wear you down and drain your energy. HMI’s parenting self-care resources help you take care of your needs so you can take care of your children’s.

For Grandparents, Extended Family

The bonds between children and grandparents and other relatives can mean so much, especially when they are based on sincere heart connections and heart-connected communication. The following are some of HMI’s resources for these special relationships.