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Helping Children Manage Stress

Timothy Culbert, M.D. and Jeff Goelitz

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Children experience more stress today than ever before. They live in a world that often seems to move at a dizzying pace, in a world whose problems are many and complex. Along with family, academic and peer pressures, children are subjected to a constant buzz and barrage of an endless array of devices and diversions in the digital, cell phone and computer age.

Join behavioral and developmental pediatrician Dr. Timothy Culbert, and facilitator Jeff Goelitz, an education specialist with the HeartMath Institute, for the Helping Children Manage Stress webinar. They will discuss these and other concerns and offer strategies parents, educators and other care providers can employ to help today’s youth live happier and more stress-free childhoods.

Culbert and Goelitz will also discuss how you can integrate these new strategies such as teaching children habits of the heart, into your daily lives that will benefit children immediately and into the future.

Webinar Topics:

  • Why now is so unique for children.
  • Recognizing the many faces of stress.
  • Different stressors for different children.
  • The crucial influence of adults.
  • Strategies for helping children lower, manage stress.
  • HeartMath self-regulation tools and technologies.