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Children Growing Up in the Digital Age: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Linda Stone and Jeff Goelitz

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We live in a remarkable time when the use of technology among children has exploded.

Most children today are better at surfing the Internet or using a smartphone than swimming or making their own breakfast. Five-year-old children are able to Google when they want to know something. The iPhone and iPad are at the top of holiday wish lists for children aged 6 to 12. Seventy-two percent of teens are text-messagers, with 1 in 3 texting more than 100 messages per day.

Stone, a thought leader and visionary, and Goelitz, who also is a HeartMath trainer, will discuss how these changes are affecting the lifestyles of children, parents, educators, employers and today’s culture. They’ll talk about the advantages and pitfalls of this technological and communications boom and some healthy ways parents can address too much screen time.

Webinar Topics:

  • Pew Institute technology stats for adults and children.
  • Opportunities and pitfalls.
  • Continuous partial attention and multitasking.
  • E-mail apnea and shallow breathing.
  • Wisdom of the body.
  • Conscious computing.
  • The autonomic nervous system, emWave® technology and breathing.
  • Suggestions for parents and teachers.