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Educator’s Guide to emWave® Technology

Jeff Goelitz and a panel of educators

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Join a panel of distinguished educators and facilitator Jeff Goelitz for the Educator’s Guide to emWave® Technology webinar.

The emWave technology is used widely today by educators across North America in thousands of schools and universities. Since its introduction eight years ago, it has helped a countless number of students and children successfully address test anxiety, anger management, ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, academic performance, conflict, sports and overall health and well-being. The best practices that have emerged from these interventions have been applied in a broad range of educational settings, where educational professionals have observed significant improvements in student performance.

You will hear firsthand stories from educators who regularly utilize the emWave technology in their classrooms and other educational settings. They will explain in detail how they use this innovative technology with their students, including how they introduce it, the needs they are addressing, when they use it and suggested tips and applications. The last 10 minutes of the presentation will cover preselected questions from the webinar audience.

Webinar Topics:

  • Introducing and implementing the emWave technology with students and children.
  • Needs the emWave technology addresses.
  • How often and over what time period the emWave technology typically is used.
  • How students can benefit from the emWave technology.
  • Typical challenges educators experience with the emWave technology.