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The Zones of Regulation

Leah Kuypers and Jeff Goelitz

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Leah Kuypers will discuss the importance of self-regulation, a key topic in her recently published book, The Zones of Regulation.

The Zones provides a system similar to road signs to help students from preschool through adulthood to classify different states of arousal, feelings and emotions into four easily identifiable, distinct color-coded zones. Through different strategies and skills, including what Kuypers calls sensory supports, calming techniques and thinking strategies, students can recognize and better manage their emotions, ultimately improving their ability to solve conflicts. Ultimately, students are able to move away from prompting by school staff to regulate their emotions, and instead take personal responsibility for emotion self-regulation.

Webinar Topics:

  • What is self-regulation?
  • How various everyday stressors affect each individual’s self-control, including those with neurological and mental health disorders.
  • Sensory processing versus executive function: how well the brain and body organize information.
  • The Four Zones of regulation.
  • Three types of calming tools: sensory supports, calming techniques and thinking strategies.
  • The six sides of breathing.