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HeartSmarts Adventure

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Kelley’s Photo
Every hour of the week, I teach a different class of kids from pre-K all the way up to 5th grade students. I teach them heart-coherence breathing techniques along with dancing and singing to the music in HeartSmarts Adventure. I find that the concepts stick a lot more with my students because of the music.

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Kelley’s Photo

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When you use music, it helps students remember the concepts you are trying to teach. Because that student sang out the lyrics, it helped lighten the mood for the rest of the class.

Kelley G.

Adventurer of the Month Apr 2024

A local champion of health recommended HeartSmarts Adventure for use with our 4 year old along with our two older children. Our 4 year old really took to the program.

Damany H.

Adventurer of the Month Oct 2020

After starting the program, I can say that HeartSmarts Adventure is AWESOME! The kids loved it. It kept them engaged the entire time.

Julie J.

Adventurer of the Month Sep 2020

My granddaughter casually turned to me and said very calmly, "Heart focused breathing, Grandma. Heart focused breathing." This certainly put an end to my frustration.

Meg is happy to be introducing Davis to the HeartMath tools and re-familiarizing herself with them. I’m happy too!

My great-niece loves the science most of all, but the songs and games are a hit, too. She has fun singing the songs with her 3 year old twin sisters.

I decided to become the visiting teacher … and offer the children some resilience skills to navigate not only this challenging time but resource them for life.

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