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HeartSmarts Adventure

Adventurer Hall of Fame

Stories from HeartSmarts Adventurers who wanted to share their adventure with our worldwide community!

Beth McNamee

HeartSmarts Adventurer

Thank you, Beth, for participating in the 100,000 Coherent Kids Initiative and submitting your story!

Beth McNamee

I wanted to let you know how much my grandson (Davis) and daughter (Meg) have enjoyed HeartSmarts Adventure!

Davis will be 4 in June. He played with the program for an hour and 15 minutes before Meg had to stop and take care of his younger sister. Meg said he loved the "Kids Talk" on feelings and had her repeat it 8 times. He also loves the owls and the games. He danced to the music and had fun learning about healthy foods.

Meg is happy to be introducing Davis to the HeartMath tools and re-familiarizing herself with them. I’m happy too.