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Trauma Education for Humanitarian and Emergency Responders

Free Online Mini-Course for Trauma Informed Self-Care

The HeartMath Institute has designed a FREE 1-hour online mini-course that teaches evidence-based self-regulation techniques to help responders build resilience, protect against burnout, secondary traumatization and help themselves and others after critical incidents or natural disasters.

Responding to each crisis or disaster, are people on the front lines: 9-11 dispatchers, firefighters, police and paramedics, along with hundreds of average people who find themselves helping without any training at all. While this work can be incredibly gratifying, it also carries the risk of depletion, burnout and secondary traumatization.

With the apparent increase of natural and humanitarian disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or mass shootings, the need for responder resilience is greater than ever. Trauma informed self-care helps responders harness the power of their own hearts, helping maintain more composure and calm as they help others.

The free online Trauma Education course will:

  • Help you understand how traumatic incidents affect your body and nervous system.
  • Help you recognize a traumatic stress response.
  • Give you evidence-based tools to help increase your personal resilience to protect against burnout and secondary traumatization.
  • Give you an effective trauma informed technique that you can use with community members experiencing emotional dysregulation immediately following a critical incident.
  • Give you a simple technique to help community members reduce the intensity of an emotional reaction.

Although designed for first responders, humanitarian workers and volunteers, this free trauma education course is open to anyone.

What People Are Saying

"Good practical teachings to assist us in grounding ourselves and providing some comfort to others in distress."

"The presentation of the material was excellent. The instructor was articulate and pleasant while delivering powerful tools in the context of trauma. I feel anyone could take this course and with practice, could effectively apply these techniques without further instruction."

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