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Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

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Welcome to the free course on Coherence – Increasing Self-regulatory Capacity: The Scientific Basis of The Coherence Model.

Rollin McCraty Ph.D., HeartMath Institute’s director of research, explores many of the key concepts embraced by the term coherence and the science that underlies the 10 key aspects of the Physiological Coherence Model. While the main focus is related to the physiology of how heart coherence is related to improved physiological, mental and emotional self-regulator capacity, it also includes an introduction to social coherence.

  • So much of this information, we already know in our hearts! HeartMath has shown, through the scientific method, that our inner knowledge not only makes us feel better emotionally, but improves our physical health. By following these methods of attaining coherence, and adjusting our personal sphere, the effect expands outward to the people with whom we interact, and spreads exponentially. We make peace in the world by starting with ourselves…. And it all begins with our hearts…

  • June

    I’m afraid I can’t understand him – he does not speak clearly to my mind. I have good hearing, good speakers (Bose) and have turned the volume up full blast both on my speakers and on my computer.

    • Mark

      Actually I think he speaks quite clearly to my mind but I do hear a problem in the sound levels. I work in a recording studio and I notice that the overall sound level is low. In a perfectly quiet room I can hear it all well. But if there is any noise around it gets drowned out very quickly even with all volume levels turned up to the max. Somebody should fix this. It’s not that hard. Hope somebody is monitoring these comments.

      • Please accept our apology for the sound being too low. We are looking into how to fix the volume and should have it fix within a few days. Thank you for letting us know.

    • Shan Lavell

      ear buds can help, or head phones, I find, as a hearing impaired person myself.

      • June

        Thank you – will try your suggestion.

  • Julessauk

    Thank you for this valuable information! I am most appreciative of the time and effort you have put into this free resource for us.
    I am struggling with the low volume level though!
    I have it on maximum, with no background noise, and am straining to hear. I am eager to continue, however I will continue once the sound has been adjusted.

    • We have raise the volume to a higher volume level. Please try again. Thank you for your patience.

      • Patricio Ahumada

        Do you bring a diploma for these online courses?

  • I love the work you do. I am, and will be getting more involved with your work. Thanks for all you do.

  • Irene E Koyada

    Feeling grateful for the work done and shared.

    • Patricio Ahumada

      Hi Irene, have you recieved a diploma or something like that?

  • Dennis Bovine

    I found this course very educational. I was able to keep up with it because I have B.S degree in Psychology. I would not recommend this to someone lacking a background in anatomy and physiology. The course needs more practical examples.

    • Patricio Ahumada

      Hi Dennis, have you recieved a digital diploma for this course?

      • Irene OA

        Hi Patricio,

        I remember of digital documents. Can I help you with something?