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Your Dollars at Work

Welcome to Your Dollars at Work

The goal of the Institute of HeartMath is to ensure that every dollar our members and supporters contribute accomplishes the greatest possible good, and we are committed to keeping you informed about how we are achieving that. This Your Dollars at Work page provides an overview of research, educational programs, outreach services and other activities in which the institute is engaged.

The Financial Pie charts at bottom of this page provide a quick breakdown of the institute’s major revenue and expense categories.

Easing Through Difficult Times

IHM is maintaining its focus on easing the pain, frustration and stress so many millions of individuals are continuing to experience in these difficult times of economic and social dis-ease.

Since IHM founder Doc Childre’s De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times was published in late 2008, more than 100,000 people around the world have received The Kit and its message of hope, encouragement and tools for coping with the great challenges of our times. Originally published in English, this inspiring work has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, French and German and is available on this Web site.

The generosity of our donors enables IHM to offer lots of free services and information on its Web site that are only a link or two away to help people reconnect with their hearts, achieve heart coherence and begin experiencing the joy and fulfillment of heart-based living.

Hope for the Future

More than $32,000 from the Heart-Based Education Scholarship Fund helped 4,000 students in more than 25 schools around the world to participate in HeartMath learning programs in 2009. These programs helped to raise test scores and overall academic performance, increase their confidence at school and even improve their relationships and social lives among peers, friends and family.

Below are some examples of Heart-Based Education Scholarship Fund grants in 2009. For others, go to more scholarship recipients.

  • Seattle high school transition liaison and vocational rehabilitation counselor Karen Clack used a grant to help students with autism spectrum disorder to transition from high school to the workforce.
  • Psychotherapist Christina Sung Aie Choi reported significant progress using HeartMath techniques and the emWave® technology with troubled children at two South Korean orphanages, one in Seoul and the other in Busan.

Helping Those Who Serve Their Country

Over $15,000 in grants from the Institute of HeartMath’s Military Service Appreciation Fund provided HeartMath intervention materials to therapists working with deploying and returning soldiers. More than 800 troops were trained in the use of HeartMath techniques and technology to help them reduce stress and self-regulate emotions during very difficult circumstances.

HeartMath programs are in use across the country in over 50 facilities assisting active-duty personnel and veterans. Soldiers and other military personnel, health providers, social workers and others have received grants from the Military Service Appreciation Fund. Here are some examples of how grants have been used:

  • Amputee centers – The emWave® Desktop and other HeartMath programs help military amputees learn to control pain, manage emotions and handle the stress of surgery and recovery.
  • Psychiatric services facilities – Troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are practicing with emWave technology at these facilities to develop skills for dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, anger and anxiety, as well as the reintegration and transition processes.
  • Substance abuse programs – Veterans learn HeartMath techniques and technology to overcome substance abuse.
  • PTSD clinics – Veterans in support groups at these clinics are learning HeartMath techniques to assist with emotion management and coping with PTSD.

Intuition Research

The Institute of HeartMath is continuing its exploration of the power of human intuition, which people have accepted and believed in for ages. The institute’s intuition studies have confirmed previous research and shown evidence that the heart plays an important role in prior recognition of information and events.

Completed and Published Studies

IHM and other related entities have accumulated extensive, cutting-edge data over many years of research and development and have published papers and scientific abstracts that include basic research, clinical, organizational and educational studies on diverse subjects. Please feel free to review these documents in IHM’s research publications.

Global Coherence Initiative

With a worldwide membership expected to surpass 25,000 sometime around mid-2010, the Global Coherence Initiative’s quest to unite people in heart-focused care and intention is very much on track. The GCI Web site lets members participate in care alerts and global experiments, to download a number of Webinars by key GCI figures and participate in shared coherence activities with others from around the world in the virtual Global Care Room.

Since June 2009, researchers with the Global Coherence Initiative have been testing their magnetometer, Maggie, one of a dozen anticipated sensors intended to measure fluctuations in the earth’s geomagnetic field to determine the influence of the earth’s magnetic field on patterns of human collective behavior and the effect of collective human emotions on the earth’s magnetic field.

GCI publishes on its Web site Commentaries that explain a lot of the science behind the Global Coherence Initiative. These commentaries also look at many fascinating topics related to our natural world, the atmosphere and ionosphere, earth-sun interactions and much more. The following GCI Commentaries were published in 2009:

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