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HMI Member Audio Library

Solving Sleeplessness – MP3 audio file

From HeartMath
Whether from overextending ourselves, information overload, fear or anxiety, sleeplessness/insomnia affects millions of us. This HeartMath guide and the Heart Lock-In® can help you achieve restful nights and daytime balance.
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Quiet Joy e-Music

By Doc Childre
Enter the state of Quiet Joy with these serene compositions and align the heart’s beauty and intelligence through the power of mind, body and spirit. Improve your nervous system, hormonal balance and immune-system response.
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Successful Decision Making – MP3 audio file

From HeartMath
Raising heart coherence using two key HeartMath science-based techniques can increase access to your intuitive intelligence and the flow of awareness and insight necessary for effective decisions.
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Transforming Stress – MP3 audio file

From HeartMath
Excessive stress is unhealthful and pervasive. Engage your heart to lose old stress-producing patterns and create new healthy ones.
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