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Military Service Appreciation Initiative

INTRODUCTION: Our service men and women are deployed in combat zones, hot spots and on aid missions worldwide. HeartMath provides active personnel and veterans with skill-building programs and emotion-regulation technology for lessening mental, emotional and physical suffering. Active-duty military, their families and veterans need relief and solutions for hardships they have suffered during their service, and HeartMath is proudly helping them transform hopelessness and helplessness to optimism and a renewed desire to lead full and productive lives through its Military Service Appreciation Initiative.

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Among the great tragedies of warfare are the devastating effects it can have on the mind and emotions far beyond the battlefield. HeartMath provides programs and services nationwide to combat personnel suffering from PTSD to help them gain some relief and return to normal lives.



The nearly 1.5 million active-duty personnel and 850,000 reservists in our Armed Forces often endure great mental, emotional and physical rigors during and after their service. HeartMath’s tools, technology and programs have proved highly effective in helping soldiers build resiliency during and following their service.



The number of doctors, social workers, psychologists and other veterans services providers recommending HeartMath programs and emWave® technology to patients is growing. Veterans needing assistance may apply themselves or through providers to the Institute of HeartMath, which offers sponsorships for its programs and materials.



For many thousands of soldiers, finding their way back after spending years away from family and friends, often under adverse circumstances, is among the most difficult challenges they have ever encountered. HeartMath is showing many of them the way home through its reintegration services.



The days and weeks ahead of deployment to combat zones can be among the most stressful of a soldier’s tour. HeartMath training programs are teaching stress-management strategies and resilience-building techniques to soldiers before deployment. HeartMath training can be beneficial long before a soldier’s service.



Among the many ways HeartMath is helping our returned military men and women is providing its unique technology and services to amputee centers. The emWave® technologies are helping amputees learn to control pain, manage emotions and stay balanced through the surgery and recovery process.

VA Centers

VA Centers

Requests for HeartMath’s services have greatly increased in recent years at veterans centers, especially because of ongoing wars and global hot spots where our Armed Forces have been deployed. HeartMath is responding by providing its programs and technology and developing new intervention strategies.

How You Can Help

Your contribution to the Military Service Appreciation Initiative has the power to reach so many who’ve given so much for their country by providing training programs, tools and technology that have proved effective with soldiers before and after combat duty and veterans with long-term problems. Helping those who have served you can be a rewarding way to express your gratitude.

Ways to Help

Donate to the Military Service Appreciation Initiative about HeartMath’s work helping soldiers connect with the power of their hearts and positive emotions. You can help a soldier begin healing the mental, emotional and physical wounds of war through this special initiative, whose continued success depends on the generous contributions of members and supporters like you.

Please consider making a Contribution In Honor of someone whose work, kindness or generosity you wish to recognize. Whether it is a tireless volunteer, a co-worker who always seems to brighten the workplace or that special person who offers a heartfelt hello and caring smile to all they encounter, we invite you to honor them with your donation.

Join your Company/Corporate Matching Gift Program to support HeartMath’s work with veterans centers. Many employers will match employees’ contributions to the Institute of HeartMath, so this is an easy way to double the value of your gift. You can find out if your company participates in a matching gift program by contacting your human resources department.

Send a Postcard of Care to a U.S. soldier anywhere in the world. Write a brief message or select a prewritten note to send in an e-postcard to cheer up a soldier. This is a wonderful opportunity to offer your care, gratitude and a kind word to those who have cared enough to offer their service to you.

Losing a family member, friend or special person is a difficult time in all of our lives. Through your In Memoriam contributions, you can remember and honor them, while at the same time helping our soldiers build the resiliency they need to begin rebuilding their lives after finishing their years of service.

By making the Institute of HeartMath a partner in your Planned Giving you’ll help us continue the kind of research and development that a number of military installations and many care providers currently incorporate in their services for active and former military personnel. You will be ensuring that HeartMath is able conduct this important work for generations to come.

Military Service Appreciation Initiative Brochure PDF Download (4-color)Military Service Appreciation Initiative Brochure PDF Download (black & white)

Download the Military Service Appreciation Brochure

H.E.A.R.T. Training DVD

The HeartMath Education and Resilience Training (H.E.A.R.T.) DVD and booklet is free for military service members, veterans or spouses. The H.E.A.R.T. DVD incorporates research-based self-regulation techniques and technologies to give you a better understanding of managing emotions and building resilience. This 3 ½ hour DVD provides you with practical tools to increase personal resilience, greater mental focus and improve performance and decision-making. The DVD presented by Retired Army Maj. Robert A. Bradley and Dr. Rollin McCraty discuss the unique challenges facing veterans and military personnel. The H.E.A.R.T. DVD will be available May 2012. If you are interested in receiving a free H.E.A.R.T. DVD for a military service member, veteran or spouse of one of these, click here for form.

Soldiers and Veterans Testimonials

Active-duty soldiers and veterans at military installations, veterans centers and other locations are using the intelligence of their hearts, the power of emotion self-regulation and other skills to help with PTSD, pain and other conditions. HeartMath’s Military Service Appreciation Initiative is making this possible. Here is what some initiative beneficiaries say:

"I have noticed a decidedly calmer presence about myself, especially when confronted with stressful situations or emotional moments. Before, I would go into a PTSD rage/reaction mode. Now I am able to put some time between the flash and bang, and in most cases manage not to bang at all."

– Soldier

I have been using the emWave PSR handheld with soldiers returning from combat and have been more than pleased with the results. The emWave surpasses all of my expectations, as it is very sensitive … and ensures that my clients are emotionally congruent to their words and able to leave sessions more relaxed. Thanks for a great tool! It has become an essential part of therapy with the soldiers."

– Counselor at an Army Community Hospital

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Military Service Appreciation Initiative Application

Scholarships in the form of HeartMath’s training programs and emWave technologies are awarded to applicants who need, but cannot afford to purchase them.

Eligible applicants include active-duty military personnel and their care providers such as doctors, therapists, social workers, etc.; veterans services facilities, including hospitals, clinics and care centers, etc.; and military installations – bases, training facilities, etc. Please click here to learn more about these scholarships and complete the application for the Military Service Appreciation Initiative.

Applications are reviewed quarterly and will be granted based on the need and capacity of applicants to implement the institute’s training programs and use its technology in their environments.

HeartMath Military Service Appreciation Initiative Recipients

Our military scholarship award program, now in its third year, is maintained through the generosity and support of our donors and supporters. Active-duty military personnel and veterans, their care providers and an array of care facilities such as hospitals, clinics among others, and military installations within and outside the United States are taking advantage of the scholarships available for HeartMath training and technology.

  • Charlotte, N.C. – Department of Veterans Affairs, for soldier returning from Iraq.
  • Forestburgh, N.Y. – for soldier being deployed.
  • Savannah, Ga. – Hunter Army Warrior Transition Unit, Hunter Army Airfield, for 140 soldiers with anxiety.
  • Richmond Hill, Ga. – Tuttle Army Health Clinic, for active-duty soldiers.
  • San Francisco, Calif. – Trauma and Stress Recovery Center, for returning combat soldiers.
  • Savannah, Ga. – Hunter Army Airfield, for active-duty Army, Aviation, Rangers, National Guard and Marine personnel with anxiety issues.

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