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INTRODUCTION: Combining heart-focused intention and science, the Global Coherence Initiative is empowering people worldwide with knowledge, tools and a collective will to mobilize love, care and compassion to create a better world. Already, people spanning the globe are engaged in elevating personal and community coherence, teaching family, friends, colleagues and others how to ease through the current paradigm shift. Ultimately, the GCI’s quest is global social and environmental harmony. An IHM special initiative,

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Care Focus

Care Focus

So much of humankind desperately needs not only the basic material necessities of life, but also the emotional necessities of the heart and spirit, like care, compassion and love. GCI members worldwide send care, compassion and love daily to areas of need around the planet.

Earth Monitoring (GCMS)

Earth Monitoring (GCMS)

The advanced sensing technology of the Global Coherence Monitoring System can observe subtle changes in Earth’s magnetic field. The GCMS will test the GCI hypothesis that mass human emotion affects Earth’s field. GCMS is being developed at IHM’s Research Center and will consist of 12 sensor sites strategically located around the world.

Social Coherence

Social Coherence

We know emotions such as care, compassion and love promote personal coherence, but researchers say they also promote social coherence by causing the heart to broadcast a frequency wave into our environment. This heart-field environment propels coherence into the consciousness field of those around us.

Global Consciousness

Global Consciousness

The GCI is helping people worldwide infuse our global consciousness – how we view ourselves individually, collectively and relative to all life and the living planet – with a purpose toward the greater good of all as we navigate through the great global challenges of our time.

Ways To Help

Donate and Monthly Giver: Your donation will help the GCI team of scientists and continue working on this international effort to shift global consciousness toward care and planetary healing. By becoming a Monthly Giver, your contribution, even a small amount, each month will ensure the initiatives’ continued success.

Adopt a Scientist: Help IHM’s Global Coherence Initiative move the world closer to understanding the why and how solar and magnetic activity affect human health and behavior. Our goal is to hire a data analyst scientist with expertise in signal processing, statistical analysis and in geomagnetic and solar processes. Donate $50+ and receive your free Solar Revolution DVD. Learn more.

In Honor Of: Our paths in life cross those of so many special individuals, and we often do not express our gratitude. Perhaps you’ll consider recognizing someone’s work, volunteerism, kindness or generosity with an In Honor Of donation to the GCI.

Become a member of GCI: Join with the thousands of people from around the world who are members of the Global Coherence Initiative. You’ll be among a community of individuals committed to personal and global coherence and improving the well-being of each other and our planet. GCI membership is free.

Sponsor a Sensor Site: Here is a wonderful opportunity to support GCI and cutting-edge technology that measures planetary rhythms. GCMS sensor sites stationed around the world will monitor changes in Earth’s electromagnetic field. This ultrasensitive scientific equipment requires sponsors such as individuals, corporations, schools, community organizations and other entities.

In-kind contributions to support the Global Coherence Initiative are welcomed and may be more convenient for you than monetary gifts. Cars, boats, paintings or other works of art, antiques, collectibles and many other personal property items would be warmly accepted. Contact Dan Bishop at (831) 338-8721 or e-mail him at if you wish to donate in-kind contributions.

GCI Members’ Testimonials

So many of the world’s people long for a greater purpose in their lives, to set out upon a path toward global peace and harmony, and millions have turned to communities and organizations with these goals. The Institute of HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative soon will reach the 25,000-member threshold. Here is what some people are saying about the GCI:

"The Global Coherence Initiative is perhaps the greatest experiment in the history of the world."

– Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, co-author of The Success Principles™, and founder of the Transformational Leadership Council

"This project, it is a big step in the evolution of people on earth and is the closest plan I’ve seen leading to world peace that will actually be successful."

– Kevin Hunter, security, Naples, Fla.

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GCI Care Focus and Global Care Room

GCI members around the world gather in a special place on the GCI Web site for synchronized heart coherence sessions. The Global Care Room has three daily sessions during which participants focus heart care and compassion on a situation or issue somewhere on Earth. Wherever there is a need such as a natural disaster, war, poverty or other states of incoherence, GCI broadcasts an alert for a special Care Focus. Members, either on their own or while they are in the Global Care Room, send love and compassion to these areas of focus. (The link to the Global Care Room is in the upper right section of all pages. You must log-in to access.)

The following are among the many GCI Care Focus members continue to observe:

  • Chile Earthquake
  • Haiti Earthquake
  • Planetary Radiance
  • Children of the World
  • Iran
  • International Economic Crisis