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Institute of HeartMath Caring Initiatives

Welcome to HeartMath’s Caring Initiatives

INTRODUCTION: The Institute of HeartMath maintains several Caring Initiatives in conjunction with its commitment to give back to the greater community. We are actively engaged in helping individuals and organizations in need of special assistance by providing grants for HeartMath programs, training and technology.

HeartMath for Communities Project

HeartMath for Communities Project

HeartMath is offering scholarships to individuals such as firefighters and parents and caring, compassionate organizations like senior care facilities, social-service agencies and service clubs. Click here

HeartMath's Military Service Appreciation

HeartMath’s Military Service Appreciation Initiative

The men and women serving in the Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in the world endure hardships and trauma that are the focus of this Caring Initiative. Click here

Heart-Based Education Sponsorship

HeartMath Education Projects

Students, teachers and other educators may apply for scholarships from this caring initiative for a variety of needs such as improving academic performance or classroom behavior, conducting studies related to heart-based education and more. Click here

Global Coherence Initiative

Global Coherence Initiative

Individuals and groups in an array of disciplines have come together for this project, which is venturing beyond the boundaries of modern science to promote global coherence, social harmony and planetary healing. Click here