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The energetic resilience, joy and fulfillment living from the heart activates are precious gifts members of the Institute of HeartMath enjoy each day. We are an organization that relies upon one another and kindred spirits around the world to navigate the planetary challenges of our time. Become a member and explore the possibilities of personal and global coherence.

Join IHM Membership We hope you will become a member or renew your membership and join the HeartMath Community to receive member only benefits and help IHM expand its mission.

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The Institute of HeartMath appreciates that we all need a special place, so we’re giving you a personal Member Page. We’ve designed it for you to spend some quality time learning about yourself, the IHM Community and the principles of heart-based living. Download e-booklets, scientific monographs, members-only Webinars and more.

Member Benefits

Membership with the Institute of HeartMath has many free benefits beyond supporting an organization dedicated to improving people’s lives and creating planetary peace, harmony and coherence.

Here are the benefits that come with membership:

  • Two Exclusive Webinars: Each contains one of HeartMath’s life-changing tools and techniques. Details…

  • My Member Page: Enjoy your own personal place within the HeartMath Community. Details…

  • Member Journey: An in-depth series of insightful, inspiring and informative messages with specific life-enhancing actions you can take to help you actualize your personal growth goals.

  • e-Program Downloads (PDF and Audio): Free downloads of the e-booklets, MP3s, scientific papers and e-musicDetails…

  • Special Discounts: Receive substantial product discounts periodically. Details…

  • Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal: Receive a complimentary one-year online subscription, a professional journal bridging cutting-edge healthcare approaches and an emerging new global community. Details…

  • Webinar Archives: Exclusive in-depth Webinars free for members only. Details…

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Be part of the Institute of HeartMath and help people worldwide reconnect with and express the qualities of their hearts. Choose your own membership fee, knowing it helps the institute educate children and adults about the power of heart-based living to improve their lives. Click here to become a member today. (Your membership is one year.)

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