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Donations FAQs

Question: What is HeartMath Institute’s nonprofit status? Is my donation tax-deductible?

Answer: We are a 501(c) 3 exempt nonprofit organization. Yes, your gift is fully tax-deductible.

Question: How does your 100% Model work?

Answer: HMI is structured to use 100% of your contributions to fund initiatives and public programs, including research projects. We use product sales and licensing fees to cover overhead costs. HeartMath’s contributions come from individuals, corporations, other nonprofits and a wide variety of public and private institutions and organizations, and 100 percent of these contributions go directly toward our programs.

Question: Do you have a general fund to which I can donate?

Answer: Yes, we have general donation initiatives for HeartMath Institute and the Global Coherence Initiative. Here are links for each.

HeartMath Institute Initiatives

Global Coherence Initiative

Question: Do you have an annual report?

Answer: Yes. Click the following link to view our latest annual report:

HMI 2016 Annual Report.

Question: Where does my contribution go?

Answer: The HeartMath Institute strives to use your contributions wisely to help people manage stress levels and their emotions; tap the wisdom and intelligence of their hearts to improve their health and quality of life; and to promote personal and global coherence and the principles of heart-based living around the world.

Question: What current projects or major initiatives does HeartMath Institute have? How can I get involved?

Answer: HMI, besides striving to stay at the forefront of research and cutting edge of development, is committed to being of service to our members, supporters and the greater world community through our Caring Initiatives. Click any of the links to learn more: HeartMath for Communities Project, HeartMath Military Service Appreciation Initiative, HeartMath Education Projects.

We’re undertaking a lot of exciting projects and important work at HeartMath and we’d love for you to be a part of it all. You can get involved in the following ways: Promote the principles of personal and global coherence and heart-based living with yourself, family, friends and co-workers.

Question: Where can I read about people who have used the HeartMath System or who HeartMath Institute has helped?

Answer: We hear from and write about lots of people who have benefited from HeartMath’s tools, techniques, technology, programs and services in our Stories We Like to Share section, which you can visit by clicking the link.

Question: What types of research studies and projects does HeartMath Institute conduct and how can I make a donation to further your research?

Answer: The HeartMath Institute researches heart-brain interactions and communication, intuition, heart rate variability, coherence, human energetics and the interconnectedness of all things. Our researchers conduct these studies in relation to human health, stress management, increasing coherence and deepening our connection to self and others. General donations to further HMI research studies and projects can be made at I support HeartMath Research. You also can contribute to our special Adopted Scientist Fund.

Question: Where can I learn about HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) and the Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS)?

Answer: Visit our Global Coherence Initiative section to learn how GCI is helping individuals and groups work together, synchronistically and strategically to increase the impact of their efforts to create positive global change. Go to Global Coherence Monitoring System to read about the research being conducted and data being collected from GCI’s worldwide system of magnetic Sensors Sites.

Go to Research Projects to make donations for HMI and GCI research projects and Sponsor a GCMS Sensor to contribute directly to the Global Coherence Monitoring System scientific research work.

Question: It would be much more convenient and easier on my budget if could I make my donation to HeartMath Institute in installments. How can I do this?

Answer: The HeartMath Institute has a Monthly Giving Option for donors who would like the convenience of spreading their contributions over the year. If you wish to make your contributions online on our secure website, check the Monthly Giving option box, which you will find for any of our projects and initiatives.

Question: How should I make my contribution? On the Internet or by regular mail? Is it safe to donate on the Internet?

Answer: You may use one of the following methods to make your contribution:

  • Cash donations online may be the most convenient way for you to contribute to HeartMath Institute. If so, simply click this link, Donate online, and use the form to make your donation today. Our website is a secure site, so you may be confident your information and privacy are protected.
  • Donations, by check, also may be mailed to the following address: HeartMath Institute 14700 West Park Ave. Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Question: Do you have someone I can talk to about giving a donation?

Answer: You may make arrangements to donate with Katherine Floriano at (866) 221-6339; international callers use 1 (831) 338-8717.

Question: Do you have a program that allows people who purchase products to choose you as their charity so HMI receives a percentage of the purchase prices? If so, how can I sign up for this?

Answer: Yes, we are affiliated with two programs for this purpose: We are active in the Amazon Smile program,, and we participate in Goodsearch,, where HMI can earn donations when visitors search or shop on the site.

Question: Do you have a memorial and in-honor-of donation option?

Answer: Yes, fill-out the mail-in contribution form, or call Katherine Floriano at (866) 221-6339; international callers use 1 (831) 338-8717.

Question: Do you have Planned Giving?

Answer: Yes, please visit our Planned Giving section.

Question: Do you have a Corporate Matching Funds program?

Answer: Yes, visit our Corporate Matching Funds Program page.

Question: Where can I view your financial report?

Answer: Yes, we invite to view revenue and expenses for a breakdown.

Question: Are you on Guide Star?

Answer: Yes, and we invite you to review HMI’s 990 nonprofit statement at

Question: Do you have a volunteer program?

Answer: Yes, we have a virtual volunteer program. If you interested in being a virtual volunteer, have any questions or would like to speak with someone about the program, email or call Dan Bishop at (831) 338-8721.