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Monthly Giving

HeartMath Institute initiated the Monthly Giving program for the convenience of our supporters and to insure future resources for research and sponsorship projects. Among other areas, this research includes the interconnectedness of all things, emotion-self regulation and strategies for increasing energy and resilience and reducing stress. Monthly Giving allows HMI to better plan and provide the programs and services people rely on to improve their lives.

Become a HeartMath Monthly Giver – Even small amounts each month are significant. As little as $5 a month is truly appreciated and helps people connect with who they truly are. Those who contribute monthly to HeartMath Institute will receive a free one-year HMI membership as a thank you gift of appreciation! Click here to make your monthly gift online, or call Del Walker toll free at (800) 711-6221.

Monthly donors of $5 or more for the HeartMath Institute Research Projects will receive a free one-year HMI Membership. Your donation supports HMI’s interconnectivity, heart-coherence, resilience and human-intuition research. Learn more or donate.

Monthly donors of $5 or more for the the HeartMath for Global Coherence Initiative will receive a free one-year HMI Membership. Your gift helps educate people on how to increase personal and global coherence and supports the Global Coherence Monitoring System.Learn more or donate.

Monthly donors of $5 or more for the Heart-Based Education Sponsorship Project will receive a free one-year HMI Membership. Help provide children with the emotion self-regulation and self-awareness skills they need for future success. Learn more or donate.

Monthly donors of $5 or more for the the HeartMath for Communities Project will receive a free one-year HMI Membership. Your contribution is helping to provide training and tools to nonprofit organizations, families and individuals who are being challenged by the many stressors today’s communities face.Learn more or donate.

Monthly donors for the HeartMath Military Service Appreciation Project will receive a free one-year HMI Membership. This project provides an array of services, programs and technology to veterans, current members of the military and their families as well non-profit organizations that care for them before and after deployment.Learn more or donate.

Monthly Donors of $5 or more for Our Adopted Scientist will receive a free one-year HMI membership. Donations to the Adopted Scientist fund help to continue funding for a data analysis scientist with HMI’s Interconnectivity Research Project. Learn more or donate.

How does Monthly Giving work?

With Monthly Giving, you may designate that your contribution amount be charged to a credit card or debited from your checking account. HMI will process this secure transaction between the 15th and 20th each month. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a single summary of your contributions, including a tax receipt. Monthly contributions are flexible and can be changed or canceled at any time.

Why give monthly?

Monthly giving helps donors spread contributions over a year. The program is flexible: Donors may increase, decrease, postpone or stop donations any time.

  • $10 a month helps HeartMath Institute conduct the kinds of research projects for which has become known worldwide.
  • $25 a month covers the cost of providing programs and services to 50 people facing serious life challenges.
  • $50 a month helps 100 at-risk students improve focus, comprehension and confidence.
  • $100 a month provides training programs and technology to hundreds of veterans experiencing mental, emotional and physical challenges.

Benefits of becoming a HeartMath monthly giver

  • Affordability: Large annual gifts are easier when spread over 12 months.
  • Convenience: Your gift, deducted from your credit card or checking account, appears on your statements and you receive an annual summary of all your monthly donations.
  • Flexibility: Choose the right donation level for you. Increase, decrease or suspend your gift any time by calling Del Walker toll free at (800) 711-6221.

Monthly Giving Options

  1. Credit or debit card: Complete and mail the Donor Form to HMI or call Del Walker toll free at (800) 711-6221 or direct at (831) 338-8502 with your card information. 
  2. Checking account: Fill in a signed check with the amount you wish to donate monthly. This check will be your first month’s contribution and the amount each month thereafter until you change it. Complete the HMI Donor Form and mail it and the check to:
  3. Del Walker
    HeartMath Institute
    14700 West Park Avenue
    Boulder Creek, CA 95006