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Financial Report / 990 Form

The generosity of HeartMath Institute’s supporters is critical to its success. The work we do every day to educate people about living life from the heart and making a deeper connection with each other is directly tied to that support.

Our Caring Initiatives and sponsorship funds are helping to ensure the mental, emotional and physical well-being of students, teachers, veterans, community services and programs among others. HMI’s research and studies not only improve people’s quality of life, but also contribute valuable insights to the scientific community.


Did you know 100 percent of the contributions revenue the HeartMath Institute receives goes directly toward programs and research projects? Licensing and sales cover administration and fundraising costs so 100 percent of your donation supports projects to help people. HeartMath’s contributions come from individuals, foundations, other nonprofits, corporations and a wide variety of public and private institutions and organizations.

The caring and hopeful spirit of contributors like you is present every time HeartMath touches someone’s life. We truly appreciate your generosity.

2022 HMI Expenses $3,704,175

  • Education Programs $1,905,946
  • Research Programs $1,169,401
  • *Management/General $407,805
  • *Fundraising $221,023

* All Fundraising & Management expenses are paid for from sales of products or training programs.

2022 HMI Revenue $2,835,190

  • Donations & Grants $725,804
  • Programs $1,430,331
  • License Fees & Royalties $144,749
  • Learning Program/Sales (Gross) $393,546
  • Other Revenue $140,760

If you would like a detailed look at the institute’s 2022 revenue and expenses, please view the HMI 990 nonprofit statement at Candid website. Simply complete the free registration on that site to view this document.

HeartMath Institute Annual Report

We invite you to review HMI’s activities and financial performance during the previous year.

We greatly appreciate the caring, compassion and generosity of our supporters, and we want to share how HeartMath Institute is using your contributions to gather vital scientific knowledge, educate people about the intelligence of their hearts and provide transformational programs and services to improve health, performance and well-being.

Take a look at how HMI uses your contributions in Stories We Love to Share.