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HeartMath for Communities Project

HeartMath for Communities Projects Firemen

HeartMath Institute has been committed to helping our communities in a variety of ways for many years. The HeartMath for Communities Project Fund has provided our generous contributors unique opportunities for supporting communities and giving people in need a caring hand. Among the people this special fund supports are nonprofit organizations, senior care facilities, social-service agencies and rescue, police and firefighter personnel.

Whether you are able to give a one-time or recurring donation, your gift will be used to improve someone’s quality of life.

  • You could help a police officer, firefighter or emergency services worker receive HeartMath’s resilience training to improve focus, composure and performance in stressful situations.
  • Today’s caring nonprofits aiding the underserved are severely overburdened and understaffed. They could benefit greatly from a HeartMath professional training program to reduce organizational stress.
  • You could provide a senior HeartMath’s life-affirming heart-focused tools to help her experience the joy of renewal through improved mental, emotional and physical health and well-being.

One-time gifts of even $10 will help someone begin to make a transformation by learning to reduce stress and anxiety, master emotion self-regulation skills or gain the ability to increase and sustain internal energy.

Support the HeartMath for Communities Project

Recurring donations provide both contributors and HMI flexibility. Donors who participate in Monthly Giving can provide ongoing support while managing an amount that works comfortably in their household budgets. Monthly Giving also ensures the future of the HeartMath for Communities Project by affording the ability to plan ahead, which greatly enhances our outreach efforts.

HeartMath for Communities Scholarship

Many of the deserving individuals and organizations touched by the generosity of HMI’s contributors have expressed their sincere appreciation for the scholarships awarded by HeartMath for Communities. These scholarships, which individuals and organizations can apply for, may be used for HeartMath’s science-based tools, technology, services and selected programs. Program scholarships are awarded for the HeartMath Certified Trainer Program, training in HeartMath Interventions for licensed health professionals and participation in the Personal Resilience Mentoring program.

Apply for the HeartMath for Communities Scholarship