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Military Service Appreciation Initiative

Military Service Appreciation Initiative Veteran

Our service men and women, whether stationed in hostile environments, foreign lands at peace or within our own borders, are true heroes of our nation. Their sacrifices are innumerable and sincerely appreciated. That's why more than six years ago Heart Institute (HMI) launched the Military Service Appreciation Initiative (MSAI). This special donor-supported fund was created to give back to those who've given so much by awarding scholarships for HeartMath services, programs and materials to veterans in need of assistance.

Support HeartMath's Military Service Appreciation Initiative

One-time gifts of even $10 can help a veteran begin to learn the energy — and resilience-building skills to help them succeed in life after service to their country.

Recurring donations provide both contributors and HMI flexibility. Donors who participate in Monthly Giving can provide ongoing support while managing an amount that works comfortably in their household budgets. Monthly Giving also ensures the future of the HeartMath Military Service Appreciation Initiatives by affording the ability to plan ahead, which greatly enhances our outreach efforts.

Military Service Appreciation Scholarships

Scholarship awards may be used for HeartMath's science-based tools, technology, services and selected programs designed especially for current and former military personnel and spouses. Eligible recipients also include professional care providers and care facilities, veterans services centers and military installations and training facilities.

Click here for the Military Service Appreciation Scholarship Application Form.

Active personnel and veterans participate in skill-building programs and emWave® emotion-regulation and resilience-building technology for lessening mental, emotional and physical suffering. Thousands of personnel today need relief and solutions for hardships, among them PTSD, traumatic brain injury, amputation, depression, anxiety and inability to reintegrate following service. These programs, services and materials aid them in transforming hopelessness and helplessness to optimism and renewed desire to lead full and productive lives.

Following are examples of the many MSAI scholarships awarded:

  • Charlotte, NC — Department of Veterans Affairs, for soldier returning from Iraq.
  • Forestburgh, NY — for soldier being deployed.
  • Savannah, GA — Hunter Army Warrior Transition Unit, Hunter Army Airfield for 140 soldiers with anxiety.
  • San Francisco, CA. — Trauma and Stress Recovery Center, for returning combat soldiers.
  • Richmond Hill, GA — Tuttle Army Health Clinic, for active-duty soldiers.
  • Savannah, GA — Hunter Army Airfield, for active-duty Army, Aviation, Rangers, National Guard and Marine personnel with anxiety issues.
  • Bainbridge Island, WA — Neurofeedback therapy for veterans.
  • Israel — biofeedback practice for Israeli military.
  • Mosul, Iraq — 528th Combat Stress Control, for combat stress conference in Baghdad.
  • Goodyear, AZ — for veterans with PTSD; waiting for facility approval.
  • Fort Knox, KY — Department of Behavior Medicine, for emWave® Desktop and emWave® Personal Stress Relievers to help with anger management for veterans.
  • 10th Congressional District, PA — for therapist setting up therapy clinics for veterans.
  • Columbia, SC — for emWave PSR's and HeartMath's Transforming Series books for library, for use by soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who have PTSD.
  • Woodland, CA — for emWave PSR for retired Army lieutenant colonel.
  • Los Osos, CA — MHN Government Services contract with Department of Defense for emWave Desktop and emWave PSR to serve returning soldiers.
  • New York State — Department of Veterans Affairs, for a clinician/veteran to conduct therapist intervention.
  • Charlottesville, VA — emWave PC and emWave PSR for speech-language pathologist doing cognitive rehabilitation therapy at veterans brain injury center.